Ernst Wolff: The Coup d’Etat of the Digital Financial System?

Is the disastrous handling of the Covid 19 crisis a sign of the final stultification of the ruling elites of the world, or does it correspond to a perverse intention, according to the motto “the worse, the better”.

Targeted Destruction of the World Economy

In a half-hour lecture, Ernst Wolff documents the traces of a deliberate destruction of the world economy, i.e. the fulfillment of the “Grand Reset” as described and intended by the WEF in Davos. But implemented by a globalized caste that stands with its back to the wall and takes refuge in radicalization.

Ernst Wolff draws hope from this observation: the uprising of the people, which has begun, can make a concerned power give in. This is the continuation and conclusion of the lecture by attorney Reiner Fuellmich in the context of the trial against those responsible for the Covidian crisis.


On the Way to a Programmable Currency

And we already know what this system is supposed to look like. It involves the complete disappearance of cash, banks in their current form and the introduction of digital central bank money. The goal is for each of us to have a single bank account through which all transactions are processed. This account will no longer be held by a commercial bank, but by the central bank.

The reason for this plan is that digital central bank money is programmable (18:44). Since a central bank can create unlimited amounts of money, negative interest rates can be introduced without destroying the system. However, this is far from the only feature of digital central bank money. It would allow the state to monitor all transactions (19:12), apply differential tax rates to us, and impose fines on us individually.

The state could tie certain sums to an expiration date, force us to spend certain sums within a certain period of time (19:33). It could also make the money available for a specific purpose, obliging us to use certain sums only to buy certain goods, or to spend it only in certain areas. Most importantly, it would be able to cut us off from all transaction flows with a single click of the mouse, cutting us off financially (20:04). Digital central bank currency would be the most effective social control mechanism in human history, completing a universal dictatorship through money (20:25).

The Tactics of Subversion

However, all of this is subject to one major obstacle: expected popular resistance. It is very likely that a large part of the population would not accept this form of payment and that the introduction of digital central bank money would lead to serious social unrest.

And it is precisely this difficulty that has led the digital financial complex to think about reversing the problem of introducing this currency (21:07). Instead of introducing this central bank digital currency gradually and thus risking a lot of resistance, they went the opposite way, namely to throw society into chaos, in order to make the central bank digital currency appear as the solution to all problems, namely in the form of universal basic income (21:35).

For those who now think that this is just another conspiracy theory that has appeared out of nowhere, I recommend taking a close look at what we have seen in the last eighteen months. Under the pretext of fighting a disease, devastating and irreversible damage has been caused, be it health, economic or financial, the effects of which we have yet to see (22:09).

At the same time, work is being done every day to exacerbate this damage. At the same time, divisions in society are systematically deepening and the differences between people are widening. All this leads us in one direction: towards social unrest and civil war all over the world. And all this is exactly what is intended according to all the information I have (22:46).

What we are witnessing now is an attempt to provoke the greatest social chaos by every conceivable means, to wait until the chaos has reached its maximum intensity, and then, with the help of a panacea called “universal basic income”, to move from a situation of maximum chaos to one of total control (23:12). There is a second reason why a universal income is necessary from the point of view of the powerful.

We are in the midst of the fourth universal revolution, and in the coming period we will see millions upon millions of jobs lost to the use of artificial intelligence. In other words, millions of consumers will be lost, and the demand for consumer goods will decline more and more. Since the current economic model is based on consumption, it is necessary to prevent the descent down this fatal path in order to keep it alive. And this can only work if money is distributed to unemployed consumers, even if they are unemployed (24:09).

A prepared and planned Apocalypse

So we see that what we have witnessed over the last eighteen months and what we are witnessing now is clearly following a plan; and that plan can be formulated as follows: Dismantling the current system for the benefit of the elite, bringing about maximum economic and social chaos, and establishing a new system for the benefit of the elite under the pretext of providing humanitarian aid (24:42).

This plan is found in two books, The Fourth Industrial Revolution and The Great Reset, by Klaus Schwab, in which the World Economic Forum plays a key role in developing and implementing this agenda. The WEF has managed to become one of the most important platforms of the digital financial complex over the last 50 years, bringing together first business leaders, then politicians, then media representatives, and later still the high aristocracy and the entertainment world, and subjecting them to targeted training starting in the 1990s (25:33).

Today we know that since 1992 the “Global Leaders of Tomorrow” and since 2005 the “Young Global Leaders” have been systematically and increasingly trained and that it is precisely these people who are now in the driving seat. Whether Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos or Jack Ma from the digital sector, whether BlackRock CEO Larry Fink, IMF head Kristalina Georgieva or former Bank of England director Mark Carney from the financial sector, or Emmanuel Macron, Sebastian Kurz or Angela Merkel from the political sector, they have all been trained by the WEF or sit on its governing bodies (26:38).

And it is not just the 1,300 members of this small, tightly networked leadership elite who pull the strings worldwide. Since 1992, the WEF has brought together and networked another 10,000 global shapers under the age of 30 who are now working to influence the world in the right direction (27:08). Anyone who wants to know what that world should look like should read the works of the WEF’s founder, Klaus Schwab.

And if you are still not convinced that what we have experienced and are still experiencing has a plan, you should take a look at the publication date of Schwab’s “Great Reset.” Published on July 9, 2020, barely four months after the global lockdown, the book already contains detailed instructions on how COVID-19 can be used to, in Schwab’s own words, “creatively destroy the world and build a new one,” laying out a vision of man reminiscent of the darkest days of Nazism (28:02).

I know, it is all terrifying, like a meticulously prepared apocalypse. And in fact the agenda that is being pursued here is not only obviously planned, but can hardly be surpassed in malice and deviousness. Who would have ever imagined that the world economy would be collapsed under the pretext of protecting people from the effects of a disease, that people would be deprived of the freedom to travel, to assemble, to speak and to express their opinions freely, and that more than 100 million of them would be condemned to starvation, all supposedly for the protection of their own health.

And who would have thought that a declared eugenicist by the name of Klaus Schwab could find himself in a position not only to spread his infernal vision of the fusion between man and artificial intelligence throughout the world, but also to find 10,000 helpers to advance it (29:18). These are all extremely disturbing events that we have to live with and suffer through, the details of which should make the blood run cold for any normal thinking and feeling human being.

Folly leads to Failure

But – and now I come to the most important message I want to deliver tonight – there is another side to all this, a very different side, a side that should give us enormous impetus and strength in abundance for the tasks ahead. The plans of the elite, and the vision of Klaus Schwab, are indeed doomed to failure, for several reasons (30:11). The main reason is that the narrative of a deadly virus, which would threaten humanity’s very existence, will not be sustainable. We can already see how the scaffolding of lies is crumbling before our eyes, and how, to justify it, ever more absurd arguments and ever more furious slander are being used (30:39).

At this point, it is important to understand that the vehemence that the media sets in motion is not a sign of strength but of weakness. He who, with increasing insistence, spreads ever more preposterous lies such as the “unvaccinated pandemic,” who declares healthy people to be the number one risk factor in society, who brings an entire country to a standstill because of a handful of sick or tested positive people, is only doing so because he is at the end of his rope and, in his desperation, is lashing out blindly at those around him (31:21)

Abraham Lincoln said: “You can lie to some of the people all the time; you can lie to all of the people some of the time; but you cannot lie to all of the people all of the time. This is exactly what is happening in our time. And this has, of course, an immense significance for us. For it opens, ironically, what Klaus Schwab calls “a window of opportunity” – except that it opens with exactly the opposite dynamic (32:07).

Indeed, thanks to the disintegration of the narrative, the credibility of those who have brought us to this situation is being undermined more deeply every day, opening a window of time for a powerful and far-reaching campaign of enlightenment for all of us. The objective conditions for enlightening people about the real facts behind the so-called pandemic, about the real power relationships in the world, and about the real threats we face have never been better than they are today (32:51). And they are getting better every day, because the other side has to get more and more entangled in less and less believable lies.

And even if the digital financial complex were to succeed in introducing the new currency, it would still not be the end of the world. Indeed, the digital central bank currency can only work in conjunction with a complete system of constraints. New price controls will have to be constantly introduced, the universal basic income will have to be constantly increased, and permanent inflation will have to be vigorously generated, which in turn will lead to a continuous impoverishment of the population and to a permanent conflict with the state and the authorities (33:49).

What we need to know is this: we are definitely on the threshold of a period of turbulence and danger. But we have a historical advantage: it lies in the fact that those on the other side do not act in accordance with the laws of reason, but are driven by motives such as greed and the thirst for power, and for this reason can do nothing but get themselves into more and more trouble (34:21).

We must take advantage of this and keep this in mind: the other side may have more money, more goods and all the weapons in the world, but its power does not lie in its money, its goods or even its weapons, but in one and only one factor: the ignorance of the majority of the people, or to put it another way, the fact that the majority does not see through the game that the minority is playing with it (35:01).

Whatever atrocity the digital financial complex has committed over the past eighteen months and continues to commit with its minions, it has locked itself into a situation from which it will not be able to extricate itself, and in which it must, in its desperation, cross more and more red lines (35:25). For all of us, this means that we should, in this exceptional situation, simply: keep calm, resolutely unmask the lies, and thus show people, piece by piece, why and by whom they are being deceived.

If we do this, and if we remember the strength of our arguments, then we will not only be able to solve the current problems, but perhaps achieve something much greater, namely: to use one of the deepest crises that humanity has ever faced to turn the tide of world history, and thus open the door to a new era at a stroke. I thank you for this.