O'Brien, Αντι-χειραγώγηση και η αυγή

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Recognizing the counter-manipulation at work in the resistance to health totalitarianism and transform oneself – by Benjamin Bourgeois.

From Fiction to reality

In George Orwell’s 1984, Love is forbidden. Hate is manufactured, fear is instilled, materialism is crowned by a deified Big Brother. Winston, the hero, wakes up to this situation, and falls in love with Julia, also awake. Alone in the face of a system of total espionage very similar to today’s, they try to live their love. Then, one day, O’Brien appears. O’Brien who gives Winston a book describing all the secrets of Big Brother’s manipulation, from the modus operandi to the unstated goals. The why. The how. Winston and Julia are ecstatic. They finally understand. The absurd makes sense. And above all, they discover that others have understood. They are no longer alone. Perhaps they will even be able to act. To act!

I’m now going to give away the ending of the book. They join the “Brotherhood”, a secret association that has sworn the doom of Big Brother’s regime. O’Brien is one of its leaders. But it turns out that the Brotherhood and O’Brien are actually working for Big Brother. Winston and Julia are arrested, tortured to the point of denying their love, and getting to worship the mustachioed lie that ruthlessly controls their lives through the screens: Big Brother.

Many cite this book as prophetic. Yet I have never seen a single article reflecting on O’Brien’s role in this massacre.

At the end of 1916, in the middle of the First World War, Woodrow Wilson, the charismatic and idealistic president of the USA, was re-elected with the slogan: “We will not go to war!” As soon as he was elected, or probably even before, he turned to Edward Bernays, nephew of Sigmund Freud, with this question: How to turn public opinion around in order to enter the war? Early 1917, Conscription. The US sends its youth to taste bullets, mustard gas and experimental vaccines in Europe.[i]

Bernays will write down his technique in the little book “Propaganda”.

“The conscious and intelligent manipulation of the organized habits and opinions of the masses is an important element in democratic society. Those who manipulate this unseen mechanism of society constitute an invisible government which is the true ruling power of our country …We are governed, our minds are molded, our tastes formed, our ideas suggested, largely by men we have never heard of.”

From Propaganda, 1928

And just think that back then, there was no television! Not to mention Facebook, Netflix and Google! Over the last hundred years, these techniques have been refined to the extreme. The basic requirement for this mass manipulation remains the same: people must not be aware that there is a will to manipulate them. But despite all this finesse, Orwellian manipulation still has a hard time gaining full control. Lincoln was right:

“You can fool some people all the time, and all the people some time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time.”


There will always be a segment of the population that will resist manipulation. The solution is therefore simple, you just have to play your joker: O’Brien! The art is to manipulate the resistance as well. A counter-manipulation, prepared from the birth of the manipulation to gather in a second net those who escape the first one.

Just one example. March 20, 2003, in the common room of my college residency, I watch in disgust the U.S. invade Iraq, despite the blatant evidence of their lies about untraceable weapons of mass destruction. I am not alone: the streets of Europe are filling up like never before, “PACE” flags are blazing and adorning the windows. The resistance is such that part of Europe, led by France, Belgium and Germany, refuses to share the adventure.

A few years later, however, we are forced to note that the invasions of Arab countries have taken place, the powers of the Near and Middle East have been destroyed, many peoples sent back to the Stone Age, and the oil plundered under the smiling eyes of the opponents of the war in Iraq.

How did they do it?

The “Arab Spring”. Trained by NGOs working for the American and British secret services [ii],local actors unleashed the crowds thanks to a clever use of social networks. At home, an equally skillful preparation had taken place to demonize these same regimes. Thank you Avaaz, Amnesty, Human Rights Watch in Syria, and Obama-Peace-Nobel-Prize. The accusing index of your holiness have succeeded in turning the hearts of those who were in the streets during the invasion of Iraq. Counter manipulation.

Getting to know today’s O’Brien

What about today?

Let’s not be foolish. If the manipulation is there, so is the counter-manipulation. The question is, how do we recognize O’Brien?

There are two types of O’Brien. The first type knows he is a traitor. He knows his mission, he is a Judas. When he is discovered, he is hated, easily lynched, because he crystallizes in his person the evil that lives diffused in us. However…

The other type is the one who collaborates or organizes the counter-manipulation without being aware of it. He does not realize that he is working exactly in the direction of what the totalitarian government wants. He is both counter-manipulator and counter-manipulated. This one is in each of us.

How do we recognize O’Brien, within us as well as outside? Let’s make a short list of his characteristics:

  1. O’Brien reveals the truth, or at least part of it, to bring people together and stir up anger. He tries through the information given and the tone used to create determined feelings. Repetition, bias and slander serve this purpose.
  2. O’Brien uses a discourse based on them and us. The others (government, vaccinated, doctors) are stripped of their humanity (“traitors!”) while we are haloed by warrior virtues. “Enemies”, “struggle”, “deserved punishment” are frequent in his mouth.
  3. O’Brien promises but does not promote peace.
  4. O’Brien confirms and locks you into a victim Unforgiving victims make the best executioners. Again, the goal is to divide.
  5. O’Brien is charismatic and channels the majority of upset people. He is a natural leader who has formed an institution (“Brotherhood”) and gives a sense of community to the outcasts. Yet this community is an empty shell (a website or Telegram channel is not a community). Moreover, this warlike community gradually forces you to give up your own freedom.
  6. O’Brien uses social networks to create highly emotional events (demonstrations, etc.) where the group dominates over the individual.
  7. O’Brien is designated by the regime as the enemy within, thus giving him discreet publicity. In addition, the regime leaks timely bits of truth into its media to sway angry people towards O’Brien.
  8. O’Brien promotes technology (= social distancing that does not say its name) as a solution for the future (Crypto-currency, Blockchain, social networks,…).
  9. O’Brien is a materialist. He avoids as much as possible any reference to spirituality, to the spiritual evolution of Humanity or of the Individual.
  10. If O’Brien has to refer to it, the spirituality he proposes will be superficial and derived from not verificable revelations (“It is Pachamama taking her revenge”; “The gods are in fact aliens”). It will be selfish (“all the blind ones will die, but you who are awake will slip through the net and develop a new community of a higher level of consciousness”) and anti-christian (equating Christ’s message of Love with the misdeeds of the men who call themselves Christians). This spirituality gives ready-made solutions and does not encourage people to think for themselves.
  11. O’Brien will probably not publish this article.

What to do?

It can be a bitter experience to realize that even the protest movement in which we have all our hopes is probably a mousetrap. Like the Covid manipulation, one is tempted to not want to believe it. “No, it can’t be that many people are being deceived!” Really?

What if, for example, even the protests against the health passes were planned long ago to list us, make us violent and ultimately militarize the situation? Who can we trust if everyone who has the courage to speak out and stand up to the lies could be an O’Brien?

The realization of the existence of a counter-manipulation can break us down.

Yet, once the bitterness is digested, this realization carries with it z great potential to transform the situation. Thus, it allows O’Brien to be eradicated from your own soul. For behind him, it is the “demon of Evil” that we have to recognized.[iii] He is that tendency to centralize decisions among a few, depriving the others of their freedom. It is that tendency to dualize, divide, condemn, ostracize. It is that call to violence and control. It is that lack of forgiveness and understanding. It is that duplicity.

To what extent does it live in me? To what extent do I project it onto the other? To what extent do I absolve myself of any responsibility, comforting myself in the role of innocent victim?

To what extent am I a promoter of understanding, compassion and love?

My action can only be successful if it is based on deeply moral impulses.

It is fundamental to identify Evil beyond the Big Brother Trinity (Big Pharma, Big Tech and Big Gov). The attack on humanity aims above all to dehumanize everyone. Orwell was right; Love is the unstoppable enemy of the dominator-destroyers. Unstoppable, but slow. Slow like the water that dissolves limestone. Oh, it would be so tempting to blow them up, all at once! Boom! Yet… Nothing can be born from rubble, while water laden with minerals carries life. Such is Love, it requires Patience, Courage, Lucidity and Hope. Compassion. It brings, drop by drop, Truth in thoughts, Harmony in feelings and human relationships and Morality in action.

What to do then? Concretely! What can we do when a world is collapsing, when we feel like we are back in 1939, shouting in a desert of ostriches? What to do when even those who present themselves as lambs are wolves?

I’m not going to sugarcoat what I see coming. I think violence should be avoided at all costs. It can only be a catalyst for the implementation of “health” totalitarianism. With regard to demonstrations, we must also be aware that there is a great risk that they will become part of the counter-manipulation; that it is very easy to turn a crowd violent. Police provocations, undercover agents, false flag attacks[iv],  perhaps even 5G technology… the techniques exist and are well known to the powers that be.

I believe that civil disobedience can do much more, and is safer than confrontational demands. To stop recognizing as masters those who rule over democracy, and to start building now what they fear most, human communities based on Love. A Love whose spiritual dimension must be investigated individually.

However, it will not be a miracle solution. I often hear: if no one obeys the health pass or vaccine mandate, they won’t be able to arrest us all and we will win. That is true. But how realistic is it? To what extent do our societies have the strength, the people, to all get off the train and return to the previous slumber? For that is where many of us want to go back to.

To what extent should we not rather work to cushion an imminent and inescapable impact, already preparing the physical and spiritual seeds to replant afterwards?

Hope dwells in time. As I expressed at the beginning of the plague in my article “The Great Cancer and the Future[v]“, we are not victims, we have created by our selfish lethargy the conditions for the black flower of this day. The Hope is to be deeply aware of this and to work to change it. Humanity had to evolve, to get out of its old perverse habits. We failed to take the job in hand, so the crisis came. The winter of death and resurrection has begun, and humanity finds itself very much bereft. But there is no winter without an end. To recognize the twilight is also to glimpse the Dawn. The dawn that already lives in the flame that persists through the night.

With Trust  and Love,

Benjamin Bourgeois


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