Did China’s Military Bioaerosol trigger the COVID-19 Pandemic in October 2019?

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China’s military bioaerosol research and a test that may have triggered the COVID-19 pandemic.

Test Outbreak of the Virus

In a recent article published on The Gateway Pundit, a source who was in China during the early stages of the COVID-19 pandemic and is familiar with the operations of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA) claims that a test outbreak of the virus was conducted during the 2019 Military World Games, held in Wuhan from October 18-27, 2019. Loe siit.

According to this source, the subsequent outbreak in Wuhan was completely unexpected. That is, there was no accidental leak in the laboratory, but the unintended spread of COVID-19 in the Chinese population of Wuhan, the transmissibility of which had been widely underestimated by the PLA.

Should the PLA test COVID-19 in the environment, whether at the 2019 Military World Games or elsewhere, expertise in environmental microbial surveillance and viral disease spread analysis in human populations would be essential.

In recent years, the PLA has made extraordinary efforts to meet these needs. The first was the merging of military and civilian bioaerosol research, which was initiated at a joint symposium between the PLA and Peking University on January 8-9, 2017. Loe siit.

No distinction between military and civilian research

Everyone should accept the fact that there is no difference between military and civilian research in China. The merging of these research and development fields was prescribed in the 2016 Thirteenth Five-Year Plan of the Communist Party of China.

The January 2017 meeting, titled “Peking University Military-civilian Fusion Bioaerosol Symposium,” was organized by Mao-sheng Yao of Peking University and Shun-xiang Huang of the PLA’s Institute for Chemical Defense.

Yu Wei Gao and Xianzhu Xia

The news report on the symposium cites more than two dozen Chinese universities that have joined with the PLA Institute of Chemical Defense, PLA Veterinary Institute, PLA Academy of Military Medical Sciences, and PLA 302nd Hospital to develop a strategic plan for military-civilian integration of bioaerosols and opportunities for collaboration.

If COVID-19 was test-released into the environment and triggered the pandemic, Mao-sheng Yao and Shun-xiang Huang were likely involved.

Mao-sheng Yao is an expert in monitoring and measuring microorganisms in the environment, who incidentally was trained exclusively at American universities: He earned a master’s degree at the University of Alabama, a doctorate at Rutgers University, and completed a postdoctorate at Yale University.

In December 2019, Mao-sheng Yao was granted a Chinese patent titled “Method for rapid on-site detection of pathogenic microorganisms in air and respiratory tract.” Vaata siit.

Shun-xiang Huang is an expert on the spread of viral diseases in human populations. In December 2020, he and his colleagues at the PLA Nuclear, Biological and Chemical Institute published an article on how an influenza epidemic would spread in the United States. Loe siit.

Both Mao-sheng Yao and Shun-xiang Huang have received high honors and awards from the PLA, demonstrating the importance China places on military bioaerosol research and development.


China’s Bioweapons Program

China’s military-civilian bioaerosol research consortium, which includes Chinese commercial enterprises, is closely linked to the PLA’s Military Veterinary Institute in Changchun and its affiliated research centers, which we have previously identified as key elements of China’s clandestine military bioweapons program and their potential role in the development of COVID-19.

The contribution of the PLA’s Military Veterinary Institute to China’s bioweapons program and its affiliated U.S. universities funded by the National Institutes of Health and the U.S. Department of Defense has been described in previous articles. Siin ja siin.

China 3 2

Yu-Wei Gao of the PLA’s Military Veterinary Institute has filed no fewer than nine patents in the past eight years dealing with various aspects of microorganism aerosols.

Together with other colleagues at the PLA’s Military Veterinary Institute, such as the institute’s director, General Xianzhu Xia, Yu-Wei Gao conducted animal experiments testing the airborne transmission of influenza viruses that can infect humans and genetically modified the same viruses to increase their infectivity. Vaata siit. Ja siin.

Clearly, the PLA was able to conduct an environmental test with COVID-19. The task now is to gather evidence of COVID-19 to corroborate the information provided by the Chinese source who claims that such a test actually took place.

This investigation and an analysis of Chinese military documents are currently underway.