Who is Dr. Louis Fouché?

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Dr. Louis Fouché is an intensive care physician and anesthesiologist in France. He has a social and anthropological view of the world and of patient care, which makes him work on an alternative approach to today’s ultra-technological medicine.

He has been very involved in the communication around the coronavirus, proposing a more humanistic and pragmatic approach. He is fighting to give the French back their lost freedom. He wants the health care system to focus on detection, isolation and treatment of patients. All this is done by applying techniques at home that avoid hospitalisation as much as possible.

” The government is implementing measures disproportionate to the danger of the disease. There is no reason to be afraid of all this. You have to be aware, so you can get into action.”

Advocating an interdisciplinary approach, Fouché likes things to be connected. He wished to bring together carers for a fair and proportionate health policy in the face of this health, but above all political, crisis. In this way, he intends to wage “an information war”.

For this purpose, he founded in autumn 2020 ‘Réinfo Covid’, a collective of healthcare professionals, doctors and university scientists, united around one idea: the need for a fair and proportionate health policy for France. Joined by citizens wishing to play an active role in resolving the crisis facing the democracy, plurality is added to expertise to constitute the greatest strength.


They created the ‘Conseil Scientifique Indépendant’ (Independent Scientific Council – CSI)’ made up of scientists, doctors, pharmacists, researchers and sociologists gathered together to reflect on and investigate the covid issues with the idea of highlighting the scientific reality and, above all, helping our political leaders to find solutions adapted to the population.


Today, he continues to fight, explaining that wearing a mask or getting vaccinated can only be an expression of adherence and participation in the “Sanitary Dictatorship” and the government’s secret plans to control the population. He is now fighting against the Health Pass established in France and denounces a “paranoid totalitarian movement” from the government, which has earned him criticism from many doctors.

“We are not in a war, war is what our president has declared to his people, we are in a fight!”

Recently, the hospital where Fouché works announced the departure of the doctor, deploring his positions “contrary to the moral and ethical principles” of the institution. Formally, the institution did not dismiss Louis Fouché, but it did take care, in an unequivocal press release, to completely detach itself from the doctor.

Louis Fouché is a great doctor and a great resistance fighter. He gave courage to millions of French people and they will continue the fight at his side!

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