Does Black Goo link all Paranormal Phenomena?

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Nanotechnology. It is one of the most important technologies of today and the future. You are probably reading these lines on a device with a semiconductor chip whose components are only a few nanometres in size. About the size of three strands of DNA lying next to each other. At this size scale, one encounters new domains and new physics that do not occur at any other size scale: the paradoxically acting quantum field. Then there is the Black Goo. Programmed matter on the nanoscale. An intelligent black oil that can take possession of man and matter. Is it a spiritual or a technological phenomenon? What does it mean and where does it come from? Is it alive? And does it play a role in the current transformation process of humanity?

Nanofabrikator – The ‘Santa Claus Machine’

Technological progress in our world is not an organic development. It is a product of concentrated power and is controlled by an invisible hand. It has an end goal and a purpose. And it is usually different than it appears at first glance. We’ll look at nanofabricators and programmable matter, discuss the Gray-Goo apocalypse scenario, and see the fascinating story behind a secret operation in the Falklands War. You will see how Black Goo is the glue that holds all paranormal phenomena together and that Hollywood has always been full of Black Goo symbolism. We will learn the true agenda behind chemtrails and what Morgellions are. We will see what all this has to do with vaccinations and 5G-7G. The alchemical transmutation process will appear to us in a new light and we will see the truth behind the Gray aliens.

Where did they come from and what does it all have to do with this mysterious black liquid, the Black Goo?

The first drink from the cup of natural science makes one atheistic; but at the bottom of the cup waits God -Werner Heisenberg

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“Something is going to happen in the next forty years that will change things that way, probably more than anything since we left the caves. “– James Burke

James Burke has a vision for the future. He believes that by the middle of this century, perhaps as early as 2042, our world will be determined by a new device: the nanofabrication.

These tiny factories will initially be large, like early computers, but soon you will be able to buy one that fits on a desk. You put in a few raw materials – maybe water, air, dirt and, if necessary, a few powders of rare elements – and the nanofabrication gets to work. Powered by flexible photovoltaic panels that encase your home, it breaks down the molecules of the raw materials and manipulates them at the atomic level to … create anything you want. Eat. A new laptop. A copy of Kate Bush’s debut album “The Kick Inside”. Anything, provided you can give him both the raw materials and the blueprint to create it.

That sounds like science fiction – albeit less than before with the advent of 3D printers in recent years. Burke, who hosted the BBC show “Tomorrow’s World,” in which he introduced the audience to all kinds of technologies, has decades of experience with technological predictions. He’s not the only one who sees the nanofactory as the technology that will change the world forever. Eric Drexler, considered by many to be the father of nanotechnology, wrote in the 1990s on molecular assemblers, hypothetical machines capable of manipulating matter and constructing molecules at the nano-level, orders of magnitude one billionth of a meter.

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Richard Feynman, the famous inspirational physicist and bongo-playing eccentric, gave the lecture that inspired Drexler back in 1959. Feynman’s lecture, entitled “Plenty of Room at the Bottom”, speculated about a world in which it would be possible to move individual atoms. This is considered more difficult than molecular manufacturing, which involves manipulating slightly larger chunks of matter, but to this day no one has been able to show that such machines violate the laws of physics. Watch here.

In recent years, progress has been made towards this goal. We may well make faster progress by mimicking the processes of biology, where single cells, optimised by “billions of years of evolution”, routinely manipulate chemicals and molecules to keep us alive.

But the dream of the nanofabricator is not dead yet. What is perhaps even more amazing than the idea of having such a device – something that can create anything you want – are the potential consequences it could have for society. Suddenly, all you need is light and raw materials. Starvation will no longer be a problem. Because what is actually food? Carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, phosphorus, sulphur. Nothing you couldn’t find with a little dirt, a little air and maybe a little biomass to increase efficiency.

Similarly, you don’t have to worry about not having medicines as long as you have the recipe and a nanofabricator. After all, the same elements I listed above could just as easily be used to make insulin, paracetamol and probably the better drugs of the future.

What the internet has done for information – sharing, transmitting and duplicating it with ease, instantaneously – the nanofabricator would do for physical objects. Energy will be available in abundance from the sun; your Santa machine will be able to generate new solar panels and batteries to harness and store that energy whenever it is needed.

Suddenly, only three goods have value: the raw materials for the nanofabricator (many of which, depending on what you want to make, are plentiful in the world around us); the nanofabricators themselves (unless they can self-replicate, in which case they are just a simple “conversion” of raw materials away); and finally, the designs for the things you want to make.

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The Danish tech start-up Atlant is already developing the first nanofabricator prototype. Atlant is an ancient term for Atlantis. And of course the company’s logo is a one-eyed pyramid – the fingerprint of Lucifer. Read here.

In a world where material possessions are abundant for everyone, will anyone see a need to hoard these blueprints? What does “profit” mean in a world where you can produce anything you want?

As Burke puts it, “This will destroy the present social, economic and political system because it will become meaningless … every institution, every value system, every aspect of our lives has been determined by scarcity: the problem of distributing a finite amount of things. There will be no need for any of the social institutions.”

In other words: If nanofactories are ever built, the systems and structure of the world as we know it were built to solve a problem that will then no longer exist.

In some ways, speculating about such a world so far removed from our own reminds me of Eliezer Yudkowsky’s warning against trying to guess what a super-intelligent AI might make of the human race. We are limited to looking at things in our own terms; we might see a mouse as low on the scale of intelligence and Einstein as the high end. But superintelligence goes off the scale; it makes no sense to compare it with anything we know, for it is of a different kind. In the same way, such a world would be different from the world we live in today.

We too will be different in kind. More liberated than ever from the survival instinct, the great struggle of humanity. At least that is what is promised. Because nowhere is it written that this technology will be freely available to all and will not be used to control the masses. No human attempt at measurement can comprehend what is inside this black hole, the physical singularity. Similarly, no human attempts at prognostication can truly grasp what the future will look like behind the veil of this technological singularity. Or can they?

Programmable Matter – ‘Lucifer’s Sound’

Dynamic Physical Rendering (DPR) describes a sub-research area of ​​nanotechnology in convergence with robotics as well as the process of dynamically arranging intelligent material particles into real macro-bodies of any programmable shape. Also known as programmable matter . The Claytronics research group is the leader in the field of synthetic reality. It belongs to the Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh founded by the elite Carnegie family. Claytronics is an abstract future concept that combines nano-scale robotics and computer science to create individual nanometer-scale computers called claytronic atoms or catomes that can interact with each other to form tangible 3D objects with which a user can interact. In short: by creating artificial claytronic atoms, you can create any 3D objects and interact with them as if they were made of clay (German for clay) would be. There are any shape-changeable materials. In the lower CNN article from 2009, Intel shows how this “in the future” could look, so it has probably long been possible in the Black Budget programs.

Unlike the nanofabricator, this is a type of intelligent slime/clay that forms itself into objects by an external signal according to the programming. The applications for this are endless: you can make any object you want, video game characters could leave your TV, custom prosthetics would be possible, you could have a touchable copy of yourself appear to the call recipient when you make a call, you could build entire cities with it, and much more. The possibilities for the entertainment industry alone are enormous. But theoretically, once claytronics are the size of atoms, you could create a completely synthetic material world (if enough materials are available – rather unlikely). Watch here.

Another form of ‘digital clay’ is the ‘shapeshifting 3D table’ presented by Sean Follmer in a TED talk at CERN. With it, we can have digital objects appear instantly in 3D in front of us and people can collaborate ‘physically’ on projects at any distance. As if made for the era of the home office.

The name Claytronics is no accident. Where else have we heard the word “clay” in connection with our created reality?

But now, O Lord, you are our Father; we are the clay, and you are our potter; we are all the work of your hand. (Isahaia 64:8)

Behold, I am toward God as you are; I too was pinched off from a piece of clay (Job 33:6)

But who are you, O man, to answer back to God? Will what is molded say to its molder, “Why have you made me like this?” Has the potter no right over the clay, to make out of the same lump one vessel for honorable use and another for dishonorable use? (Romans 9:20-21)

The term clay is always used in the (English) Bible in connection with matter created/formed by God, especially with the creation of man (there are a bunch of other Bible verses). And that exactly the term CLAYtronics was used is an allusion of the cabal to this truth. The Bible also warns that humans/matter will be mixed with technology. In the book of Daniel it is prophesied that human seed (DNA) will be mixed with iron (technology).

“But that you saw iron mixed with clay means that although they will be mixed with man’s seed, yet they will not adhere to each other, just as iron does not mix with clay.” (Daniel 2:43)

With Claytronics, his clay, Lucifer wants to create the world in HIS image and overwrite Yahweh’s creation. At the end of this technological development is the synthesis of reality.

And of course, Hollywood’s predictive programming into programmable matter has been going full speed for years: from the shape-shifting robot T-1000 in Terminator, to Star Trek, Transformers, to the Disney movie Big Hero 6, and probably more. Please watch them all quickly.

Pay attention to ‘the future is now’ at 0:50 and to ‘dont you realize what the arctic find means’ at 0:55 … Will be important in the course of the article.

Similar to the Terminator T-1000, there is now, thanks to British scientists, programmable “shape-shifting liquid metal”.

Wil McCarthy is an American science fiction writer who wrote several non-fictional books on the subject of programmable matter. His 2003 book ‘Hacking Matter’ is about the following:

“Programmable matter is probably not the next technological revolution, maybe not even the one after that. But it is coming, and when it does it will change our lives more than any other invention. Imagine if you could program matter yourself – with the click of a mouse, change it from hard to soft, from paper to stone, from fluorescent to super-reflective to invisible. With the support of companies such as Levi Strauss, IBM and the Ministry of Defense, solid-state physicists are currently developing arrays of microscopic components, so-called “ quantum dots ” in laboratories at MIT, Harvard, Sun Microsystems and elsewhere“That can behave like programmable atoms. They can be electronically configured to mimic the properties of any known atom and then altered as quickly as an electrical signal to preserve the properties of another atom. Soon it will not only be possible to incorporate unnatural properties such as variable magnetism, programmable flavors or exotic chemical bonds into solid matter, but also to change these properties at will. “

Hm – interesting. The quantum dots of the vaccination patch are therefore also a crucial component of programmable matter. You see that this programmable matter acts on the most basic mechanisms of matter.

Nano-Assembler and the Gray-Goo Apocalypse Scenario

Kim Eric Drexler is an American engineer, pioneer and visionary in molecular nanotechnology. A scientist from MIT, he was the first to earn a PhD in molecular nanotechnology in 1992, and he was the first to put forth the idea of a so-called assembler in his book Engines of Creation (1986). In molecular nanotechnology, an assembler (also molecular assembler) is a hypothetical small-scale robot (nanobot) that manipulates individual atoms and molecules. This could be used to create molecular structures that do not occur in nature. Assemblers can be programmed and are self-replicating, so they reproduce much like nature’s assemblers (bacteria and protozoa) whose programming is determined by genes. An assembler can make complete copies of itself with the correct blueprints and with the appropriate input of raw materials and energy. When these copies have made more and the number has grown exponentially for a certain time, they are reprogrammed to make another product. An assembler is preferably made of carbon in its diamond form. Drexler was also the first to describe a hypothetical doomsday scenario created by self-replicating nano-assemblers in his magnum opus Engines of Creation: The Gray Goo Scenario (German: Grauer Schleim).

This scenario depicts the uncontrollable growth of self-replicating nano-assemblers programmed to produce new nano-assemblers from organic matter, which then follow the same procedure again ad infinitum. Thus the number of microscopic nano-assemblers grows exponentially and after a short time these thermite-like nano-bots have completely and forever destroyed all biomass of the world – earth, plants, animals, humans. In less than 10 hours, a single one would have grown to 68 billion, in less than a day they would weigh a ton, and in less than two days they would have swallowed the entire mass of the Earth. Every atom was transformed into a nanobot, there would be no chance to stop this process of ecophagy or to escape. It would be the final end for everything and everyone.

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This is what the process could look like.

What sounds like science fiction at first is actually taken very seriously by the world. Even though Drexler distanced himself from his hypothesis years later, because in his opinion it was possible but not very probable and the resulting paranoia was detrimental to his field of research, the Foresight Institute he founded calls for the embedding of controls in molecular machines. These controls would be able to prevent any intentional misuse of nanotechnology and thus avoid the Gray Goo scenario. Even Prince Charles in 2004 called on the Royal Society to produce a detailed report on the dangers of nanotechnology and a potential Gray-Goo scenario. Read here.

At that time, however, the Royal Society concluded that the technology was still too far in the future to conclusively assess the potential dangers. But 17 years have passed since then, the technology is here and still unregulated. The Center for Responsible Nanotechnology also warns against the Gray-Goo scenario and assumes that it cannot happen by accident, but would have to be specifically planned. More likely and more threatening, however, are other uses of nanotechnologies as weapons and the resulting nano-terrorism and nanoweapons arming.

“Molecular manufacturing opens up the possibility of terribly effective weapons. As an example, the smallest insect is about 200 micrometers in size; this provides a plausible size estimate for a nanotechnologically manufactured antipersonnel weapon capable of seeking out and injecting venom into unprotected humans. The lethal dose of botulism toxin to humans is about 100 nanograms, or about 1/100th the volume of the weapon. Up to 50 billion toxin-carrying devices – theoretically enough to kill every human on Earth – could be packed into a single suitcase. Guns of all sizes would be much more powerful, and their bullets could be self-guided. Aerospace equipment would be much lighter and more powerful; it would be built with minimal or no metal and would be much harder to detect on radar. Embedded computers would allow remote activation of any weapon, and a more compact power supply would allow greatly improved robotics. These ideas barely scratch the surface of what is possible.

A swarm of nanobot assemblers from the movie ‘The Day the Earth Stood Still’.

On a transhumanism advocating website there is a long list of transhumanist terminologies along with their explanations. Interestingly, there are several “Goo” terms for different uses of nano-bots/assemblers. In addition to the Gray-Goo scenario already described, there are the following other Goo scenarios: Read here.

Golden Goo: The idea is to use nanomachines to filter gold from seawater. If this process gets out of control, we would get heaps of golden goo (the “sorcerer’s apprentice problem”). A little more manageable than the Gray Goo scenario, but still problematic.

Green Goo: Nanomachines or bioengineered organisms used for population control of humans, either by governments or eco-terrorist groups. Would most likely work by sterilizing people through otherwise harmless infections. Nick Szabo, a computer scientist believed to have been involved in the development of Bitcoin, wrote an essay in 1993 about the Green Goo scenario. He describes that it is possible to modify viruses to kill or render infertile only humans or a certain group of humans, something similar is already being done to exterminate certain animal species and it would be a humane way to deal with the alleged overpopulation problem.

Red Goo: Plays into this and refers to a deliberately released nanotechnology to kill many people wantonly, as opposed to accidentally releasing it (Gray Goo).

Kakhi Goo: Military nanotechnology.

Blue Goo: Nanomachines used to protect against Gray Goo and other destructive nanomachines, possibly even for law enforcement (Nanarchy). According to the Jargon File entry, it is sometimes used to refer to any form of benign nanotechnology in the environment.

Then there are the less serious About Goo (During the Singularity, only non-transhumanists are killed by nanomachines) and Pink Goo (“Pink Goo refers to the Old Testament apes that see their purpose as being fertile and reproducing to fill the cosmos with many more such apes that have not been altered.”). The latter, however, reminds me of Ghostbusters II, a movie about a paranormal pink slime that spreads through New York and feeds on negative human emotions… Truth in plain Sight? Read here.

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So self-replicating and programmable nano-assemblers could have existed for a long time, and they have long been shown in fiction. But they are actually always shown in pitch black there. The Cabal, the invisible hand behind the scientific community and the entertainment industry, uses works of fiction to feed the masses with ideas that serve their agenda and to give their plans a shield of deniability. Let’s take a look at the most important “goo” in reality and fiction: the black goo .

Black Goo – The Falklands War and the Realities

The past has shown time and again that monstrous and unimaginable experiments take place in the laboratories of the intelligence community. Probably even at this very moment. Intelligence agencies and the military hoard vast amounts of scientific advantage, have tremendous funding that would make any scientist in the public sector green with envy, and at the same time almost every project is bound by secrecy agreements. We are but small and replaceable civilians who, if we saw something we shouldn’t have, can be eliminated without batting an eyelid. And if you’ve seen something that’s hard to explain, like supernatural technology or a supernatural being, how do you bring it out into the open without being made fun of?

It is extremely difficult in a world where we have numerous science fiction films and that is also an important part of their existence. Let’s say you even know the lab where this is going on and you’re trying to get the creature out and present it to the public. Who would believe you? To quote a fantastic passage from the Netflix series Stranger Things. The main character Nancy has found a secret government lab and even an audiotape recording that proves the complicity of a high ranking person in a shocking experiment. They take it to local ‘conspiracy theorist’ Murray who believes their story. The following conversation takes place between Nancy and Murray:

– “You don’t believe us, do you?

-I believe you. But that’s not the problem. Oh, you don’t have to convince me, you have to convince THEM. Your priest, your mailman, your teacher, the whole world. They won’t believe any of this.

-That’s why we made the audio tape.

-Ah, that’s easy to bury. EASY.

-He admits it. You heard it. He admits complicity.

-You’re naive, Nancy! Those people out there… they’re not wired like you and me, okay. They don’t spend their lives seeing what’s behind the curtain. They like the curtain. It gives them stability, comfort, definition…. but that would open the curtain and open the curtain behind the curtain, okay. The minute someone with an ounce of authority calls this bullshit, everyone will nod their heads and say, “SEE! HA. I KNEW IT! IT WAS BULLSHIT!” That’s if you get their attention at all.”

image 5

Murray connects the dots and recognises a pattern.

This fictional dialogue from Stranger Things contains a sobering truth about our world. People love their ignorance, they love the status quo and they don’t even want to know the truth. Because our world is one castle of lies and the truth would simply be too painful and too overwhelming for most people and is blocked before it can be integrated into their being. If they have the capacity to listen at all. But you wouldn’t be here if you didn’t have the courage to look behind the curtain. Even a proof video in HD and with sound would be denied by most people, because we are at a point today where you can fake anything you want with little effort and no costly resources. Creating convincing computer generated animations is easier today than ever before. In addition, anyone can now create deceptively real-looking fake videos with the Google AI Deepfake and thus put arbitrary words into the mouths of people in their video recordings, you can turn old photos into videos with DeepNostalgia and thus “bring the dead back to life” and you can fabricate absolutely convincing photos of non-existent and thus synthetic people through artificial intelligence. Watch here. And here.

All these technologies are improving day by day and are widely available. So any leaked image evidence can be denied as fake by governments, intelligence agencies and the media. And they themselves can pass off anything as real, because they enjoy a leap of faith with the masses. Evidence has long been relative.

And if you upload a proof video on the internet, only a few mindless comments would come like: “Man, you watch too much X-Files” or “So fake!” and it would be buried in the algorithm. The only people who would take this evidence video seriously would be the secret services, because they would recognise that it’s real and they would know who uploaded it through the automatic tracking and this original uploader would automatically put himself in danger. No, definitive proof on the internet that wakes up the masses will never happen. Not only because of censorship, but mainly because people would not even be able to recognise the truth if it was right in front of their eyes. Because mankind has been deprived of its sixth sense: Their intuition. If you want to prevent certain facts from leaking out, swamp humanity in an ocean of fictitious and real information so that the distinction between truth and lies becomes almost impossible. That is why, for example, we can never be quite sure whether these KGB recordings of this being here are real or not. Listen to your intuition.

So does this Black-Goo exist? This black, living, liquid mass that consists of programmed nanobots? Or is it made of something else?

There is one person who actually claims to have seen full containers of it. He is a British veteran of the 1982 Falklands War and came forward under the name ‘John D.’ with a talk at the ufology forum The Bases Project. Watch here.

The Falkland Islands are located in the far south of South America off the coast of Argentina and are owned by the British Empire. In April 1982, Argentina unexpectedly attacked the barren and sparsely inhabited Falkland Islands, resulting in a two-month war with the British, which the Kingdom eventually won. John was stationed there and was part of Operation Keyhole where he saw something incredible. Something he could not forget for the decades that followed. He was a colonel at the time, his expertise was in explosives and he led a small group of comrades. They were sent on a mission to one of the small, windy, bitterly cold and uninhabited South Thule Islands of the Sandwich Islands group to blow something up. The South Thule Islands, sometimes just called South Thule, (South(ern) Thule in English), are a group of three small islands in the very south of the sub-Antarctic archipelago of the South Sandwich Islands, located just a few kilometres north of 60 degrees south latitude. So not far from Antarctica, whatever Antarctica may be.


Red circle: The Falkand Island, Red square: The Sandwich Islands with the lonely South Thule at the bottom….in other words: At the arse end of the world.

The name Southern Thule Island is particularly interesting. For example, the group of islands discovered in 1775 was not named after Thule by its discoverer Thomas Cook by chance. It is an allusion to the myth of Thule Island, which has existed since 375 BC by the Greek explorer Phytheas. Similar to Atlantis, Avalon and Camelot, this is a lost place that is the subject of many legends. In most myths, Thule was the northernmost point of the world. German occultists were convinced at the beginning of the 20th century that the Ultima Thule in the north, capital of the legendary Hyperboria, really existed and was the ancient origin of the Aryan race. This Thule Island was the spiritual father for the naming of the Nazi-Socialist secret society Thule-Gesellschaft, founded in Munich in 1918. It had a great influence on the later NSDAP, so the use of the Swastika as a symbol of the NSDAP and the Hitler salute can be traced back to the Thule Society, some even claim that the Third Reich was in fact directed by the Thule Secret Society. Does our history possibly have more connections to this myth?

image 9

Aerial view of the small South Thule Islands.

Arriving at the island, David and his men came across a long cave of blue ice that was extremely cold – so cold that he had the feeling it must have been additionally cooled. Inside were strangely shaped containers, stuck together like puzzle pieces and made of a strange plastic. He had never seen this kind of plastic before and never saw it again afterwards. A few dozen of these strange containers were in the cave. He and his squad helped to move the 2x1x1m containers out of the cave with heavy equipment. Outside, he saw soldiers of higher ranks checking the containers with Geiger counters and other equipment, but he was pushed aside when he tried to get a closer look. In addition to British and Argentinean soldiers, Americans were said to have been present during the operation. The containers were loaded onto civilian cargo ships, which he found very unusual for a military operation, and their task was to blow up the now empty ice cave. One of his colleagues said he was able to take a quick look inside the container because he simply opened the lid briefly. According to him, there was a black oil inside with a yellowish protective film over it. But what frightened him so much was that this oil moved slowly towards him until he quickly closed the lid again. It seemed to be alive somehow!

image 7 1

John D., former Royal Navy Colonel on the Bases Project in the UK.

John D. tells us that this extraordinary mission changed his life. Since 1982, many things have happened that he associates with the mission to South Thule. Afterwards, great opportunities opened up for him in the military, but when he went public years later, many unpleasant coincidences happened to him, so that he now believes he is being persecuted by powerful people. Of his colleagues at the time, all but one are now deceased. One died simultaneously from a stab wound and carbon monoxide poisoning.

The exopolitical researcher David Griffin, also British, also tells of unknown backgrounds to the Falklands War in the early 1980s. He has been in contact with insiders who were there over the years. According to his research, this war was about something completely different from what the public was told from the beginning. According to the Argentines, the British were less interested in earthly measurements. Rather, they are said to have had contact with humanoid blue beings from another world on Thule Island, and claim to have worked with the Black Goo in an underground base there.

image 12

David Griffin, founder of Exopolitics UK, in a lecture on Black Goo at this point refers to Alec Newald, a New Zealand engineer who is said to have been abducted by the Blue in 1989. Newald claims to have learned from his abductors that the Black Goo was once left on Earth by a malevolent ET group (they’re talking in the “aliens of alien planets” context here, but here we’re talking about the fallen angels/Watchers… they’re beings from a higher dimension who observe and control our dimension). The substance was supposed to enable them to terraform the Earth at the touch of a button; the trigger was supposed to be a transmitted signal. In the event that the “evil ETs” were driven out by a race other than Earth, they could make the planet uninhabitable for the potential conquerors through the terraforming process. So Griffin is describing here the contingency plan of the fallen angels should divine intervention occur? Or is there something else behind it?

According to Newald, the blue “ETs” understood the Black Goo as a planetary threat and tried to “render it harmless” – Newald speaks of de-engineering. They would have chosen the Falklands region for their experiments because the substance is better processed at cold temperatures and would multiply explosively in a warmer environment. Alec Newald has recorded the complete story of his abduction in his book “Coevolution”. It is subtitled “The true story of a man abducted to an alien civilisation for ten days” and was reprinted in 2011 as Newald was “reactivated” by visionary dreams. The New Zealander can be said to be one of the main players in our story, as the term “intelligent” or “conscious oil” seems to go back to him.

The theme of “blue ETs” or “blue non-terrestrial beings” is found in millennial myths as well as in modern abduction stories, but a discussion of their presence here would go too far – as would references to the myth of New Swabia, Admiral Byrd’s High Jump expedition and the British Antarctic operation Tabarin, which are often mentioned in this context. I can tell you something else about this if you are interested.

image 13

image 15

image 9 1 1

image 7 1 1

image 5 1 1

It was Newald who later learned from an informant from the South African secret service that the Black Goo captured on Morell or Thule Island was brought to England, where it ended up in the research laboratories of two armaments companies: Marconi Electronics (now sold to Ericsson and Telent ) and Plessey Telecommunications (now part of Siemens AG).

Little is known about the specific processes in the two companies. Newald’s South African informant claims to have learned from a former college colleague that they had started to experiment with the oil and wanted to program it via radio waves. One day the oil was “activated”, so there was a “disturbance of weather satellites” – an indication of the terraforming intentions of fallen angels?

image 11

Especially suspicious: the confirmed fact reached the public that there was an unusually high number of “suicides” and “accidents” of mostly young electronics and computer specialists within the next five years, all in the service of the two companies. “Their company is linked to ‘Star Wars’: British scientists’ deaths – suicides or conspiracy” was the headline in the Los Angeles Times at the time (by Star Wars is meant the space weapons programme under Ronald Reagan). Read here.

But it is not only the number that is remarkable, but even more so the circumstances of the deaths that attracted public attention. Some of these were bizarre: for example, a 26-year-old programmer decapitated himself by putting a noose around his neck, tying the other end to a tree, getting into his car and driving off with the accelerator on. Two of his colleagues were found dead at home three months apart with a plastic bag around their heads and rope or duct tape tied to them. The coroner assumed it was an “accident”. The individual stories are documented in the 1991 book “Open Verdict” by journalist Tony Collins, which lists a total of 25 victims. The GEC-Marconi conspiracy also got its own Wikipedia article. Wiki.

David Griffin believed that these deaths were mainly due to the fact that the British at the time, unlike the Americans, did not have the qualifications or the experience “to deal with these things.” Both he and Alistair Martin believe that companies such as Marconi and Plessey served as front organisations to conduct experimental research on the Black Goo – including on humans, without realising the consequences and, above all, to protect the test subjects from the potentially harmful effects.

From this point on, the trail of the oil is quickly lost. Alistair Martin claims to have heard from his landlord that at least the experiments in a London research facility were stopped in order to dispose of the Black Goo in the city sewers – which brings us back to Martin’s strange “transformation”.

While Martin was confronted with the Black Goo rather accidentally, it was to be administered to others specifically. We now enter the dark world of mind-control experiments and black magic rituals. Thus, 27-year-old Rachel Sara Adams reports in several interviews, (Here for example) to have been subjected for the first time as a seven and later as a 14-year-old together with hundreds (in another statement even thousands) of other children to various “experiments” and tortures carried out in a secret underground laboratory, and this partly even in the presence of the Queen of England and other high-ranking members of the British elite. She says she was born in a test tube in these underground laboratories and is a “genetically modified human being”. Among other things, the victims were also said to have been injected with Black Goo, which allegedly caused insane pain.

Rachel says that the Black Goo was injected directly into her bone tissue during an experiment in such an underground laboratory. Along with the searing pain came a feeling as if something intelligent was crawling through her body, and her nose began to bleed. As she hurried further into the washroom and looked in the mirror, her eyes were completely black. What followed, according to Rachel, was the feeling of being pulled into a black hole, combined with terrible fear and very intense discomfort. It seemed to her that the Black Goo not only amplified her negative emotions, but she no longer recognised them as her own – much like Alistair Martin. Read here.

image 1 2

As in this picture, Rachel is said to have seen the black stuff spreading in her eyes until they finally turned completely black.

image 3

The eyes are the gateway to the soul and this stuff fills your innermost being with darkness. Like that of the Grey aliens.

Rachel tried to fight the pull, which only made her condition worse. Eventually she gave up and focused on herself instead until she found an “inner peace”. Reaching that sense of calm even made her eyes suddenly clear again. Again she felt a creeping inside her that she associated with the injection, but this time it seemed as if the substance – the Black Goo – was trying to leave her body. The following evening, she again suffered from nosebleeds and vomited; it seemed to her that the substance was trying to “get out any way it could”.

Rachel reports that she was one of the few children who “grew stronger” through such experiences. Most of the children, however, are said not to have survived them. The purpose of the experiments was to test their resilience and survivability in order to possibly instrumentalise the “test subjects” later as brainwashed “super soldiers” – soldiers with outstanding physical and mental abilities. The children were therefore not randomly selected and abducted, but came from certain “(cabal) bloodlines” from all over the world. Rachel herself – like Alistair Martin – claims to be mediumistically gifted, i.e. to have telepathic and clairvoyant abilities. According to her, however, the survivors became too compassionate and open-minded after contact with Black Goo and thus unfit for war.

She goes on to say that the kidnappers were also interested in “sucking the energy” out of the children’s pain emotions by means of magical practices.

image 12 1

Interview with Rachel Adams.

According to her narratives, the Black Goo sounds like a spiritual and at the same time technological being that gains control over humans and invades their bodies and consciousness. Of all the statements I have found, she is one of the few who looks at the issue from a spiritual point of view, rather than the ‘advanced AI from alien galaxies’ narrative. Rachel once uses the term Black Smoke synonymously for Black Goo and tells of a dream in which she could see the whole Earth being swallowed up by this stuff and she says that this will happen soon and that we are near the end (here at about 28 min). This reminds me very much of the prophetic dream I had in October 2019 where black smoke came out of the ground of a wooded and mountainous area. This covered the world in a very short time and every person who came into contact with it became possessed by something and was driven completely mad with fear, similar to how she describes the Black Goo (I told about it here at the CERN agenda). The fact that I found Rachel’s testimony and she reports very similar things confirms to me even more that this could not have been a normal dream.

But Rachel is not the only one to tell of black eyes. In fact, the urban legend of the ‘Black Eyed Children’ has been around for many years, especially in the UK and the US. This ‘myth’ is about humanoids in the form of children and/or teenagers between the ages of 6 and 16 who ostensibly look like normal people at first, but stand out because of their completely pitch-black eyes. It is always claimed that they ring the doorbells of randomly selected houses at night and ask the surprised homeowner to let them in. Most of the time they would use an easy-to-follow pretext: They had to “make an urgent phone call” or “go to the toilet”. The victim, who is usually alone at home, becomes suspicious at the latest when he notices the completely pitch-black eyes of the visitor. A strangely pale skin colour is also reported. When the owner of the house tries to send the child/children away again, the latter sometimes behave obtrusively: despite polite expressions, they refuse to leave and try in various, often rhetorically skilful ways to persuade the owner of the house to let the children in after all or to give them further shelter. In the end, they would leave voluntarily and when the victim looked after them in the street, he would often see the children literally vanish into thin air before his eyes.

image 26 1

While tabloid coverage of these creatures has claimed that stories about black-eyed children have existed since the 1980s, most sources indicate that the legend stems from 1996 posts by Texas reporter Brian Bethel, who wrote on a “ghost-related mailing list” about two alleged encounters with “black-eyed children.” Bethel describes meeting two such children in Abilene, Texas in 1996, and claims that a second person had a similar, unrelated encounter in Portland, Oregon.

In 2012, Brian Bethel told his story on reality TV series Monsters and Mysteries in America. He wrote a follow-up article for the Abilene Reporter News describing his experience and maintaining his belief that it was legitimate. In 2012, the horror film Black Eyed Kids was produced with Kickstarter funding, its director commenting that the creepy kids were “an urban legend that’s been floating around the internet for years, I always thought it was fascinating.” A 2013 episode of MSN’s Weekly Strange, which featured reports of black-eyed children, is said to have helped spread the legend across the internet.

During a week in September 2014, the British tabloid Daily Star delivered three sensational front-page stories about alleged sightings of black-eyed children, in connection with the sale of an allegedly haunted pub in Staffordshire. Read here.

The newspaper claimed a “shock rise in sightings around the world”. In 2014, the Welt newspaper also reported renewed sightings of the black-eyed children. They write: Read here.

“It was in 1982 that she heard a girl screaming for help in the woods of Cannock Chase [England]. On a forest path she had spotted a six-year-old girl running away from her. When my aunt caught up with the little girl, she turned and looked deep into her eyes. Her eyes were completely black. But when the police combed the forest looking for the black-eyed girl, they found nothing. After the new sighting, Lee Brickley now wants to hunt for the black-eyed girl.”

Interesting. So the myth began in England in 1982, the very year the Black Goo was brought from the Falkland Islands to the British arms company Marconi and various employees died mysteriously. Did Black Goo experiments on children, such as those that happened to Rachel Adams, get out of hand and afterwards a few heads had to roll for it? Quite conceivable. If there is further interest, this site will report in detail about the Black Eyed Children, including interviews with Brian Bethel.

image 27 1

Crazy? No less than the rest of the story. But even crazier is that Rachel is not an isolated case and, like most of the other people involved, seems entirely credible, so the whole matter cannot simply be wiped off the table. Therefore, in order to enable further investigations later on, the Irish ex-radio journalist Miles Johnston has conducted hundreds of hours of interviews with abduction victims like Rachel Adams and similar witnesses since the 1970s. They can be found on the internet under the keyword AMMACH Project and in their entirety form a part of the big puzzle in which the Black Goo also seems to play an important role. Furthermore, since autumn 2014, testimonies about ritual child murders with the involvement of the Dutch royal family have been publicly accessible. Read here. Corresponding accusations are not new, but they have become more concrete and the actors are named. The “procurement” of the victims was organised under the project name Octopus.

Short insertion. The Octopus is a very important major symbol of the cabal. This has to do with the Octagon-Templer Order , which founded Switzerland. Switzerland is the international power centre of the cabal, all traces of power converge here in one hub. Not only was Switzerland in fact founded by the Knights Templar and the Knights of St John, it is also the only neutral state in the world. Switzerland has an intimate relationship with the Holy See of the Vatican and trains the Swiss Guard. The state is located exactly in the middle of the European continent, the centre of power on earth, and hosts more international power institutions than any other state in the world. Over 100 supranational organisations have their headquarters in Geneva, the birthplace of the rights of “human cattle” (Geneva Conventions). The first supranational UN-like organisation was the League of Nations, founded in 1920. It had its headquarters in Geneva, of course. The UN also has an office there today, the WHO, the World Trade Organisation, the World Economic Forum, the ISO, the International Red Cross and the vaccination alliance Gavi all have their headquarters in Switzerland…. to name just a few. In addition, the most powerful bank in the world, the BIS (the Central Bank of the Central Banks), has its headquarters in Switzerland and the world-famous Swiss banking secrecy, with which the cabal can ‘clean’ the financial traces of its crimes, is what enables it to remain in power. And of course one must not forget that (via Apollyon’s temple) the CERN site is also located in Switzerland, with which the Abyssos is to be opened and the ‘black smoke’ released into our dimension. And on top of that, it has long been rumoured that the actual headquarters of the CIA is located deep under Lake Genver in an underground base – accessible only via secret train tunnels from the CERN site. Switzerland lies directly above the Abyss and is one of the most important places for the cabal. I will write a separate article about this one day.

image 13 1

image 15 1



image 18

But let us try to follow the trail of the Black Goo. In order to show the extent to which the speculations about the mysterious substance have taken on, we have to go a little further and deal with a historical-mythological topic that those concerned – for example Rachel Adams – and relevant researchers repeatedly include in their reflections on the nature of the Black Goo: the archons.

Who or What are the Archons?

The term archons comes from ancient Greek and has different meanings depending on the context. One is “ruler”; the “ore” in the German “Erzengel” is derived from the English arch-angel. According to the Nag Nammadi writings, which are regarded as important testimonies of early Christian Gnosticism, however, no human rulers are meant, but inorganic-artificial beings with animal heads who boarded the earth in an early phase of the creation story and have since then acted in the background as our creators. Read here.

In the background because they usually act from a spiritual level, i.e. they are not materially real beings in the usual sense (demons). These actions include, for example, the abduction of people by their servants, who are described as “little grey beings”. The archons themselves are described by the early Gnostics as “spirit beings of evil”, who can also manifest themselves at least temporarily on our level of reality.

image 23

Artist’s impression of an Archon

image 25

The Arch-Angel, some of whom fell down to rule us.

Despite these existential limitations, the supreme archont (who is also blind; he is also called a demiurge in other texts) confidently proclaims: “There is no God but me!”

The statement coincides with that from the Old Testament, where YHWH is known to assert the same thing, mutatis mutandis. It also appears in a recent abduction story in a dream vision where the female victim was told by one of her tormentors: “I am the one and only God, and you are my property.” The fact that the archons infest humans by occupying the human mind is also already described in the ancient texts. According to the mystery researcher John Lash, their aim is to explore and eliminate the original human consciousness of creation (Greek: ennoia) because, as artificial intelligence, they do not possess it themselves. Accordingly, they are also called deceivers and impostors in the texts. Read here.

The Gnostic creation story with the archons has run like a thread through all kinds of mystery schools, proclamations and other esoteric and religious writings since early times. A prominent example in modern literature is the American poet H. P. Lovecraft, who refers to the archons especially in his Cthulhu myth of the “Great Old Ones”. His best-known work is the “Necronomicon”. Read here.

David Icke, too, no longer speaks of reptiloids in his more recent works, but of these same entities. The modern film industry has also picked up the thread: Both a black oily liquid and a powerful, high-tech alien species as the creators of humanity form the basis of some film stories. The most recent example is the Hollywood blockbuster “Prometheus” by “Alien” director Ridley Scott. The extent to which the myth itself reaches into scientific culture was demonstrated by the 2006 “Archon Genomics XPRIZE”, which offered ten million dollars for the invention of a technique to decode the human genome.

image 19

Interestingly, the award’s logo features a black DNA helix.

As far as the Black Goo is concerned, Rachel Adams seems to be the first to have made a connection between it and the Archons. In the interview mentioned above, she talks about the Black Goo being “linked to the Gnostic teachings about the Archons […]. They too are said to have deep black eyes”. Adams assumes that the beings are filled with Black Goo or even partly consist of it. Apparently she assumes that the Goo serves the “spiritual” archons as a kind of carrier substance in order to work in the material world and to drain people of their energy. She talks about the archons – or rather the Black Goo – needing a host body with an acidic pH value and getting into it via holes in the aura or the energy body. Things like refined sugar, alcohol and other drugs, cigarette smoke, soda drinks, coffee, too much animal protein (especially sausage), chemicals, heavy metals, lack of exercise, stress, anger and fears cause the body to become over-acidic. The acids that are produced by the metabolism of these things must then be laboriously broken down again by the body through alkaline minerals (e.g. the calcium in your bones). If these are not provided in sufficient quantities by the diet, the body is forced to deplete itself in order to compensate, because it has to keep the pH value of the blood constantly neutral. Acidic blood would ultimately mean immediate death. Only the stomach and the large intestine need to be acidic. In the long run, a constant acidic environment in the whole body and this overexploitation naturally lead to many of the diseases of civilisation that plague our society today, above all cancer, which would have no chance of survival in an alkaline body environment.

image 43

Our physical body and our aura are connected. It protects us and holes serve as entry holes for demonic beings.

food energy 1

Kirilian Photography makes the life energy of food visible. This life energy is transferred to our energy body. It is weakened by pesticides and by heating.

An alkaline diet, moderate exercise and relaxation regulate the body’s acid-base balance in the right direction. The truth is always hidden in the language: whoever is angry, i.e. under archon influence, is ‘sour’. The diet should therefore consist largely of fresh vegetables, legumes, colourful salads, herbs, berries and other fruits, nuts, seeds, healthy omega-3 oils (e.g. olive oil and algae oil), alkaline herbal teas, still & filtered water and, paradoxically, freshly squeezed lemon juice (despite sour taste, these are very alkaline in the metabolism). With freshwater fish and meat, one should definitely pay attention to high quality, dairy products and cereals should be avoided as far as possible. The daily intake of two tablespoons of cloudy apple cider vinegar (diluted with water) or an alkaline powder are also very beneficial for the acid-base balance. The heavy metals stored in our body tissues (probably 99% of society carries these toxins) also react with the electromagnetic fields we are exposed to every day (mobile phones, WiFi, Bluetooth) and act like tiny antennas in our body, which in turn leads to inflammation in the surrounding tissue. To eliminate the highly toxic heavy metals, it helps to take chlorella algae powder, wild garlic, coriander, probiotics, selenium, vitamin C, glutathione, clean bentonite and clean zeolite. Make sure that you take both heavy metal mobilising and eliminating substances at the same time, otherwise you may make the problem even worse. Of course, a professional detoxification by a competent alternative practitioner would be ideal. And it helps to avoid amalgam bombs (mercury bombs!), dental crowns, non-organic food, exhaust fumes & cigarette smoke (cadmium & lead) and the excessive consumption of large sea fish such as tuna and salmon (because the seas are poisoned and the concentration accumulates up the food chain). Our Creator gave us fertile earth in which a colourful variety of healthy and protective foods grow. And a healthy body always goes hand in hand with a healthy mind – and vice versa. The Archons, on the other hand, would prefer to feed everyone with lifeless and artificial filth. Pesticides, softeners, fluoride, microplastics, aluminium, heavy metals – the poisoning of humanity is not a random development, but a programme. But it is in your hands to counteract it…

image 21

You are what you eat. If you eat badly and weaken your body and mind, don’t be surprised if you open yourself up to dark energies.

Black Goo Symbolism – It’s Everywhere

Before we go any further with this topic, I must draw your attention to all the black goo symbolism we are being showered with by Hollywood. As I’ve told you many times before, it’s a form of black magic when they package their agendas into films and music – it makes their manifestation in reality more likely, because our collective subconscious, which is being bombarded by these images by the millions, is creating our collective reality on a continuous basis. The only thing that helps against this is to become aware of it and to focus your mind on creating good things. In addition, this makes it easy for them to stop the discussion of such agendas, because people will think they are pure fictions and will not listen. Recognising obvious patterns is rationalised, if not pathologised. And on top of that, of course, they LOVE to make fun of our ignorance. In their eyes, we agree to these agendas when they show them to us absolutely openly every night on Netflix. The truth is disguised as fiction, the lies are called news.

The most famous film is, of course, Lucy. The title is already a reference to Lucifer. It is about a young woman named Lucy who is accidentally given a high dose of the drug CPH4. She then turns into black, slimy, programmable matter and gains telepathic and mind-time-travelling abilities. Lucifer gains god-like abilities through Black-Goo and our computer data. Check it out.

The film Phantoms (1998) is about a black alien slime that takes over the bodies of humans.

Spider-Man 3 is also about an alien-like black, slimy substance that seems to be alive and takes control of people. The spirit in this Black Goo is called Venom and has also been given its own films. The transformation takes place in a church, of all places.

The latest Venom movie even came out recently. In this one, the Black-Goo monster is now IN the body of its host.

In the film Distric 9, a policeman gets a black liquid sprayed on his face. It turned out that it was alien DNA and that it had transformed into an alien! After he vomited black stuff and it ran out of his nose, he slowly began to transform into one of these beings.

image 39

A black living fluid takes over Megan Fox’s body in Jennifer’s body.

The strange film John Dies at the End has this scene where he’s on the phone with a priest and injects Black Goo into his leg. Again, the liquid is alive and he goes insane. This film has some interesting connections to the real Black Goo story: one of the characters is called Marconi, like the telecommunications company (who presumably designed the trigger signal for the Black Goo).

And of course the Matrix films have their fair share of Black Goo symbolism. Every time Agent Mr-Smith (Archon consciousness) takes over someone and thus copies himself, the transformation through Black Goo takes place.

Of course, there were several X-Files episodes where a black alien slime takes over the humans, turning their eyes black.

image 40

Then there is the 2014 Syfy series Helix. It’s about a virus from Antarctica that causes people to be full of black slime and become zombies. It’s full of Black Goo/Corona symbolism. Just look at the commercials. Interestingly, Shell also came out with an oil called Helix that has Space X symbolism on it.

image 41 1

Black Goo Viruses

image 42

Shell also had an advert in which a car was being chased by a black shapeshifting oil demon. And Lady Gaga’s ad for her black perfume is also full of weird Black Goo symbolism. This witch is definitely a high priestess of Lucifer.

image 43 1 1

image 44

Billi Eilish. Popular with the youth through songs like ‘All good Girls go to Hell’. Here in a video where she drinks black liquid that comes out through her eyes.

image 45

Also in video games: Resident Evil monsters. Infected by the Uroboros virus.

Oh man, I could go on forever. But you are slowly getting the picture of it and should be able to see it for yourselves in the future. Black slime appears all the time in the media, all under their control. It is always somehow alive, alien/demonic, taking control of people and leaving the body through every orifice imaginable.

The Morgellons and Chemtrail Connection

Another who tells of Black Goo is Harald Kautz-Vella, a German “private researcher”, author and entrepreneur who tries to combine paranormal and controversial “borderline scientific” phenomena with scientific approaches. Read here.

These phenomena include the so-called Morgellons syndrome: a mysterious disease in which fibres and other foreign material under the skin of those affected cause considerable (also psychological) irritation. Among orthodox doctors, the syndrome is mostly considered a “dermatozoa delusion”, i.e. an imaginary disease; only in recent years has it been listed as a rare disease, at least in the USA. Nothing is known – at least officially – about the causes. Read here.


Morgellons disease symptoms.

Kautz-Vella concludes from the symptoms and sensations of Morgellons sufferers that the fundamental causes of the syndrome are of a subtle nature. Allegedly, it is a matter of “occupations” by non-earthly entities – the archons – who use humans as an energy reservoir. Kautz-Vella explains that Morgellions are synthetic beings that are somewhat more complex than simple fungus. It seems that they have an organ system and that there are blue and red ones as well as black ones. Kautz and others instead suspect chemtrails as the cause of Morgellons disease – although the two things are not necessarily mutually exclusive – some suspect that chemtrails are in fact demonic phenomena of a large-scale satanic ritual and that the expanding chemical streaks can even disappear through prayer (here is an exciting PDF which explains the concept in detail). This puts the statement by the late pop icon Prince, who tried to educate us about chemtrails, in a completely different light:

“…the phenomenon of chemtrails […] You know, when I was a kid I used to see these streaks in the sky and think to myself, ‘Oh, cool a jet just flew over there’ …. And now you see a whole bunch of them in the sky, and the next thing you know the whole neighbourhood starts fighting, and you had no idea why at first, I mean everybody was fighting!”(Youtube)

image 39 1 1

Chemtrails are a multi-faceted agenda that is much talked about and no one can come to a common denominator. Where does the word even come from? As with any cabal agenda, it helps to look where they think they are. For that is where these things are planned. One place, for example, would be the chemistry faculty chemtrail course at the United States Air Force Academy, where prospective Air Force officers were taught the technology behind chemtrails in October 1990. In the following few years, the phenomenon appeared more and more in the USA, until it also made its way to Europe in the early 00s. Today’s kids don’t even know a world without cloudy skies and stripes stretching across the entire horizon, especially since they have been subliminally conveyed in children’s films for years. But well, the animators are just portraying reality. There was clearly an attempt to remove the 260-page USAFA chemtrail manual from the internet – entire web pages have disappeared – but the internet never forgets. With the Wayback Machine, an internet backup database, I was able to find the PDF document to download again. See here.

This document first proves that chemtrails exist and are a military technology, but does not necessarily prove anything about their use. This course is about spoofer sprays, the spraying of small metal particles to hide military aircraft from enemy radar. This technique is well known and has been used in some NATO manoeuvres and exercises for many years. The other half is a bit more complex and probably involves “spray pyrolysis”, i.e. the production of crystalline nanoparticles in a combustion process. This process is also often used by industry to produce certain nanoparticles. For example, a few nanoparticle substances are approved as food additives, although it is now increasingly being found that they can cause cancer in the body. Read here.

Because of their small size, they can penetrate cell walls, spread throughout the body and cause inflammation in the cells, which often leads to cancer. The Federal Institute for Risk Assessment has been sleeping for four years and is in the process of “assessing the situation”, while in France they have already been partly banned. Read here.

It is better to avoid these additives… you will find them very often in toothpaste, chewing gum, packet soups, sweets, cheap food supplements, medicines, waterproofing spray and other household products. Soon, however, they will also be in our car tyres and thus, through abrasion, in our air. Read here.

  • Titanium dioxide (E 171),
  • iron oxides and iron hydroxides (E 172),
  • silver (E 174),
  • Gold (E 175),
  • silicon dioxide (E 551),
  • calcium silicate (E 552),
  • magnesium silicate (E 553a) and
  • talc (E 553b).

Back to the chemtrail document. One way of spray pyrolysis is to take mineral salt in water and run it through an ultrasonic nozzle which turns it into millions of very small droplets and these droplets are put into a flame. And then the water from the small droplets evaporates and forms small dust particles. And depending on the size of the droplets and the temperature of the flame, they can produce crystalline particles or amorphous particles. Another option is to use directly combustible liquids like methane. You can also use the ultrasonic gland that is already used to create the steam that is burnt in the aircraft engine. This is the technical background of chemtrails according to the Air Force paper.

But I have already shown you the 20-year-old NASA paper “Future Warfare of 2025”, which coincidentally has the tongue-in-cheek subtitle ‘The Future is now’.

As I said, technological progress takes place in the Black Budget programmes and is immediately used in intelligence operations, while it is sold to us as ‘future music or science fiction’, until many years later it transmigrates from the military/intelligence sector to the public sector and we hear again ‘Wow, science fiction is catching up with reality’. That is, the ‘weapons of the future’ have been in use for some time. They will just be used more widely and openly in future wars. And since there will be no more nations in the future, these ‘wars’ will take place between the world government and (parts of) the population. The presentation talks about sensor swarms like the Smart Dust (microscopic sensors in the air) and nanotags that identify everything and everyone and send status information. There is also talk of co-opted insects.

image 57

Harald Kautz Vella believes that the morgellions spread by chemtrails are these ‘nanotags’ and they are “self-replicating transparent fibres that can read the light fingerprint of your DNA and convert it into an electromagnetic signal that can be registered by satellites and ground stations”. These tiny fibres are in the air by the trillions on some days and are inhaled by people. They are only visible in the dark if you use a UV light torch (but not every day). They settle like a fungus in people’s bodies and multiply, but at first they are completely harmless. Although in Europe probably 100% of people are infected, 99.99% do not get sick from it and remain completely asymptomatic. For the time being, the Morgellions only serve as an antenna. However, a small part of the population gets the Morgellions symptoms on their skin, which is because their body rejects them and they exit the body through the skin. When these Morgellions are examined in the skin wounds, it is noticeable that they have taken on a red or blue colour. They are somewhat more complex than classical fungi and have something like small organs in them. They also multiply in a petri dish.

image 58

image 8

But if these nanotag fibres really exist, they had to be invented and developed somewhere, so let’s look again where they think no one is looking anyway. In 2013, scientists around Jakob G. Woller published a paper on “Self-assembled nanoscale DNA-porphyrin complexes for artificial light collection”. Read here. The description fits very well with fibres Vella suspects in chemtrails:

“Here we present artificial, self-assembling, light-collecting complexes consisting of DNA scaffolds, intercalated YO-PRO-1 (YO) donor dyes and a porphyrin acceptor anchored in a lipid bilayer that conceptually mimics natural light-collecting systems. A model system consisting of 39-mer duplex DNA in a linear wire configuration with the porphyrin attached in the centre of the wire will be primarily studied.”

Another candidate could be the study on “Aqueous self-assembly of an electroluminescent double-helical metallopolymer”: Read here.

(1) Single double-helical strands appear to further aggregate by entangling their side chains to form well-defined superstructures such as nanoscale loops and macrocycles that can be imaged on a surface. (2) The copper(I) ions of the material underwent reversible electrochemical oxidation in solution, whereas analogous model compounds were observed to decompose upon oxidation: The greater length of the polymer appears to stabilise oxidised states by delocalisation or entrapment. (3) Photophysical measurements show that this material is photo- and electroluminescent. It has been successfully used for the fabrication of electroluminescent devices and shows weak emission of white-blue light with CIE coordinates of (0.337, 0.359). This study further demonstrates the usefulness of the technique of subcomponent self-assembly for the straightforward generation of materials with useful properties.

Just like the photonic crystal fibres, produced by the US Naval Research Laboratory, i.e. the Department of Defense: Wiki.

“Photonic crystal fibre (PCF) is a class of optical fibre based on the properties of photonic crystals. It was first researched in 1996 at the University of Bath, UK. Because of their ability to confine light in hollow cores or with confinement properties not possible in conventional optical fibres, PCFs are now finding applications in fibre-optic communications, fibre lasers, nonlinear devices, high-power transmission, high-sensitivity gas sensors and other fields. More specific categories of PCFs include photonic bandgap fibres (PCFs that confine light through bandgap effects), Holey fibres (PCFs with air holes in the cross-section), hole-assisted fibres (PCFs, which guide light through a conventional core with a higher refractive index modified by the presence of air holes) and Bragg fibres (photonic bandgap fibres formed by concentric rings of multilayer films). Photonic crystal fibres can be considered as a subset of a more general class of microstructured optical fibres in which light is guided by structural modifications and not just by refractive index differences.”

image 22

These Morgellion fibres are also somehow related to the millimetre waves of the 5G network and the currently developed 6G and 7G. I think they react with each other: Send status information, send DNA identification, send location. And if the social credit score drops you will be tracked down and sent to a re-education camp. Anyone who still rebels will be made ill by the waves and ‘connected to the system’ or disposed of for the good of society. What is the purpose of these networks? 6G will be even faster and will probably transmit in the completely insane range of 100Ghz to 3Thz and with them it is possible to locate devices with millimetre precision and therefore it is also supposed to replace GPS. The identification and three-dimensional mapping of every person and every object will be even more accurate. In addition, 6G is said to be very important for artificial intelligence: Recent academic articles have conceptualised 6G and new features that may be included. Read here.

AI is included in many of these predictions, from 6G supporting AI infrastructure to “AI developing and optimising 6G architectures, protocols and operations”. In November 2020, the first 6G satellite was already launched by China. This decade we will be irradiated with these millimetre waves from everywhere in the air (Space X). Many countries like Germany and Finland want to be fully connected to 6G by 2030. Escaping the dystopian nightmare will then hardly be possible. Finland of course promotes this technological horror with cheerful up-beat music.

The Bible tells us who is behind this technology. What does it say in 6 Genesis?

“When men began to multiply on the earth, and daughters were born to them, 2the sons of God saw how beautiful the daughters of men were, and took them wives of their own choosing. 3Then said the Lord, My spirit shall not be in man for ever, because he is flesh. I will give him an hundred and twenty years to live. 4There were giants in those days, and also afterward upon the earth. For when the sons of God entered into the daughters of men, and they bare children to them, they became giants. These are the heroes of old, the highly renowned ones.”

It’s about the sons of God, aka. fallen angels, who mixed their genes with humans to produce the Nephelim (giants).

But 7G is the absolute kicker… Leading wireless technology company Parallel Wireless has already announced their vision on 7G. They have not given a timeframe for implementation, but some see 7G in use in 2032, some say as late as 2040. It includes the following key points:

The 7G vision will first explore the following areas: Watch here.

-Eliminate transmitters to remove radiation, reduce power consumption and increase connection density millions of times.
-Using humans as receivers to eliminate the need for separate receivers, increase data rates and reduce latency from ultra-low to uber-low.
-Use negative energy and pollutants as a transmission medium, thereby converting them into positive lines.
-Designing a 7G logo that connects with end users and increases their desire to use technology both consciously and subconsciously.

So it’s using us humans as antennas and our negative energy (negative emotions?) as a transmission medium. On top of that, they are putting a strange amount of emphasis on developing the 7G logo, which is also supposed to subconsciously increase our desire for this technology. Just sick. And I believe that these red and blue Morgellions somehow respond to one of these frequencies. Blue and red are popular symbols for their opposites and purple is a colour of synthesis of opposites (mixture of red and blue). I went into this in detail in the article Illuminati Religion: Dualism and the Great Work. And now check out this 5G commercial from T-Mobile. The mad scientists launch the 5G frequency, purple/pink chemtrails follow. And the next thing you know, they’re saying, “We’re just getting started. Wait for what’s next!” “Soon my friend, very soon” (6G and 7G?).

Vella claims that in his research he was able to work with a Morgellion victim who had remote viewing abilities and could thus visualise and draw the Archons skinned to the Morgellions, who are not visible in our perception spectrum. Read here.

And what he could see there corresponds to the 2500 year old descriptions of the Archons. They look like parasitic spider-creatures, sit in the body and suck out its energy. According to Vella, there are male and female forms.

image 60

The drawing of the Archon, also with black eyes

When I saw this for the first time, I immediately thought of a scene from the film Matrix. This is no coincidence, the Matrix trilogy is a gnostic work and the Wachowski brothers are clearly students of gnostic teachings such as the Nag Hammadi Codex writings. Wiki.

And the Archons are, after all, an integral part of Gnosticism. In the scene in question, the main character Neo is freed from the reality construct Matrix, of which he knows nothing at this point. But before this can happen, the team of Morpheus and Trinity must first free him from a large technological parasite in his body, which serves as a GPS transmitter for tracking (something like a nanotag).

Or does anyone remember the film Alien from 1979? Again, it’s about an otherworldly parasite that infests humans and has similarities to the drawing above. It was designed by the well-known Swiss artist H.R. Giger, who also designed many heavy metal covers. His works stand out because of grokestke creatures, sexual depictions and the connection between the biological and the machine. And Giger is not just anyone… He is an occultist and is held in honour by Satanists all over the world. When he died in 2014, for example, the Church of Satan commemorated him. Read here. His works are very dark and some believe that he actually gets his inspirations, similar to H.P. Lovecraft, from the Abyss and contact with demonic beings. One of his major works is the Necronomicon.

image 61

Giger’s creation for the film ‘Alien’ (1979). A visual representation of the invisible archons/demons?

image 62

HR Giger… obviously also a fan of Aleister Crowley (picture behind him). Triangle hand gesture at the top right.

image 63

“Just an artist”

image 65

And it is noticeable that ALL of his works of art are black and some seem to be covered in black goo.

There is another recent film showing these ‘spiritual archon parasites’. The film was released four years before the pandemic and is called “The 5th Wave”… wait a minute: the 5th wave?! The term was given a new meaning a few years later by the pandemic. Which wave are we actually in at the moment? The fourth? I don’t know any more. The film is about an attack by aliens while the earth is plagued by earthquakes, tsunamis and diseases (Project Bluebeam Propaganda). But the ‘aliens’ also use parasites whose true form cannot be seen with the naked eye. And their true form looks like the one described by Kautz Vella (a year before the film was released). Be sure to watch for understanding.

And to return to the co-opted insects in the NASA document. Vella sees here a point of connection to the spider-like bodies of the Archons, which are outside our spectrum of perception. However, since his statement in 2015, some new developments have happened that fit much better with the co-opted insects. We are talking, of course, about the completely insane project, co-funded by Bill Gates to the tune of $1.3 million, to release a billion genetically modified mosquitoes in the USA. Read here.

Japanese scientists already succeeded in 2010 in turning mosquitoes into “flying vaccinators” that spread vaccines rather than diseases through their bites! Read here. But the naïve scientists who developed this at the time filed their development under ‘cool, but not usable anyway due to ethical problems’.

Fast forward 11 years to May 2021 and the British biotechnology company Oxitec is releasing the first 12,000 genetically modified mosquitoes into the wild in the Florida Keys, despite protests from local residents. Read here. Hundreds of millions more are to follow later this year. Only female mosquitoes can transmit diseases like dengue fever, yellow fever and Zika virus to humans. So male mosquitoes have been genetically engineered to pass on a gene to the next generation that kills females before they mature to mate. When it becomes a male, it now also contains the gene and can pass it on to the next generation. Effectively, the aim is to eradicate the non-native, but disease-carrying, mosquito breed. And three guesses how the experiment is monitored? By giving the mosquitoes luciferases so they can glow like fireflies. Where do we know this stuff from? Right, from the QuantumDot vaccine patch and the DARPA/Profusa biosensor. I keep stumbling over HIS name with this agenda! I’m not saying that these mosquitoes in Florida are transmitting the COVID vaccine to unknowing humans, but I am saying that this would have been possible since 2010 and ‘the ethical concerns’ are not taken that seriously in this safety-over-freedom plandemic anyway. If everyone is forced to do it anyway, why not release a horde of replicating vaccination mosquitoes to catch even the last “vaccination opponents”?! After all, such things are scientific progress and that is always good and must never be questioned! And now, despite protests, genetically modified mosquitoes with a programmed death mechanism are being released into the wild….  Perhaps as a test of how people react to such things? Or is there more to it? In any case, the local population doesn’t want to be part of an experiment.


It is not too far-fetched that the state uses insects as weapons against the population. For many years, the theory has persisted that the Lyme disease-carrying ticks in our forests were created by a US weapons programme (perhaps even the TBE ticks). On behalf of the Department of Defence, the CDC had to come up with original ideas for biological weapons in the 1950s-1970s that could be secretly used against the Soviet Union. Among a few other things, they developed ticks that transmitted Lyme disease and released them in the Soviet Union.

According to the book Bitten: The Secret History of Lyme Disease and Biological Weapons by investigative reporter Kris Newby, there is a lot more to this common tick disease than most people think. First, some background information: The tick-borne infectious disease Lyme disease was first identified in 1975 in a group of children in Old Lyme, Connecticut. Joint pain was the predominant symptom, and the disease was originally confused with juvenile rheumatoid arthritis.

Six years later, a research biologist, Willy Burgdorfer, whose speciality was tick-borne diseases, discovered that the bite of a deer tick carrying a particular bacterium of the Borrelia family was the cause of Lyme disease. The bacterium was named Borrelia Burgdorferi in his honour. (Today there are a whole host of other tick-borne diseases in different bacterial families, some of which are quite dangerous). Burgdorfer was a Swiss citizen who was invited to the US in 1951 to join a team developing vaccines and drugs against insect-borne diseases. He was hired by the US Public Health Service (renamed the National Institutes of Health/NIH) at the Rocky Mountain Lab in Montana. Their goal was to develop vaccines against the many diseases transmitted to humans by insects. Burgdorfer also worked at Fort Detrick in Maryland, the US centre for biological warfare development.

image 20

But in 1955, Burgdorfer’s job changed. From then until President Nixon signed the Prohibition of Chemical and Biological Weapons Development Act in 1969, Burgdorfer worked intensively on the use of ticks as weapons. He learned how to use hair-thin glass tubes to feed numerous pathogens to ticks, diseases you’ve probably never heard of, like Q fever, leptospirosis and typhoid. Millions of ticks could be bred in the lab. Often, researchers released tens of thousands of disease-free ticks tagged with radioactive markers like carbon-14 to determine how they spread through a population.

Because the first Lyme disease cases had occurred in such a relatively small area of the US, some epidemiologists felt that this cluster had all the signs of a biological accident. And although biological weapons had been banned six years earlier, in 1969, Burgdorfer himself believed that the Lyme disease outbreak was somehow related to the release of biological weapons, either by accident or by the theft of NIH materials by a foreign power.
When Burgdorfer died in 2014, among his papers was a note that said, “I wondered why someone didn’t do something. Then I realised I was someone.” He could have been a whistleblower, but when it was also revealed that he had Swiss bank accounts with balances that far exceeded his government salary, it was speculated that he had been paid to keep quiet.

The clear takeaway from Bitten is that our current global Lyme disease epidemic originated in US government laboratories, with the organism named after a researcher whose specialty was using ticks as biological weapons. For decades, the CDC downplayed the number of Lyme disease cases, and the medical community did not take the severe case of chronic Lyme disease seriously until 2018.

Over the next decades, Lyme disease and TBE-carrying insects spread across Europe and the US, so that today the population is larger than ever before in pandemic times. Read here.

This shows how dangerous such interventions in nature are! A mistake can usually no longer be reversed. If this story is true, the US government should be held responsible for every Lyme disease patient and every Lyme disease vaccine victim! Wiki. We truly live in the world of co-opted insects described in this NASA paper from 2001… The Future is now.


Black Goo: The Black Awakening and Alchemical Transmutation

Is there a connection between the current largest vaccination campaign in human history, the Black Goo, and Russ Dizdar’s Black Awakening hypothesis, which I have reported on before? I think so. As a reminder, the pastor Russ Dizdars wrote a book in 2009 about the end-time scenario of the ‘Black Awakening’. In it he postulates the thesis that the establishment of the New World Order will be preceded by a phase of worldwide chaos (Ordo ab Chao). These are people who live normal lives but are in fact sleeping MK-Ultra super-soldiers who will awaken by a certain signal, change their personalities and then murder indiscriminately to cause maximum chaos. Dizdar has had a lot of contact with victims of satanic ritual abuse and in my article “MK Ultra 2” I went into detail about the cruel concept behind it. How trauma can turn a person into a remote-controlled doll. A second personality that only takes control through a trigger and carries out its programmed task. According to Dizdar, an ancient demonic summoning practice is at work here with modern scientific precision. Through Sara Rachel Adams, however, we also know that Black Goo is often administered to victims through injections during these rituals. Similar to what is shown in the paediatric programming of this mobile phone provider advertisement from 2013. Black stuff injected into the arms, altering DNA and neurons, thus “upgrading” the human being – once Verizon and co turn up the frequency? As always, they show us what they are doing, you just have to look.

Rachel Sara Adams also told me that this Black Goo can come from all orifices. Now in the summer of 2016, Max Spiers, who I mentioned two years ago, passed away. He is a British MK-Ultra whistleblower and told of being part of a top-secret super-soldier programme. Like all MK-Ultra victims who went public, his memory of the programming gradually came up in flashbacks. He died in Poland on 16 July 2016, shortly after writing to his mother ‘your boy is in trouble. If something happens to me, do some research’. Wiki.

The peculiar thing about his death: he choked on black liquid he vomited. If the mainstream media ignored him completely before, his death was widely reported after the ‘autopsy’ in 2019. Strange. Of course, the cover story is a UFO conspiracy theorist who died of an overdose. Read here.

image 29

The film Gray-State would also have shown the Black Awakening if its maker had not been murdered before completion. The film would have been based on a pandemic leading into a military justice system and a mark on the forehead. And again, you see the Black Goo in the trailer. A person ‘wakes up’ and gets black eyes with black goo running out of them. Watch here.

image 27 1 1

Triangle mark on the forehead, Black Goo

Does this Black Awakening affect all people who, to use the current propaganda word, give themselves a ‘prick’? Who knows? A lot of people are reporting that their skin becomes magnetic right at the injection site! So magnetic that you can hang a fridge magnet on it. How can this be? The mainstream and Big Data are trying to suppress this information, but the wave has already been started. Which nanotechnologies enter our bodies and how, and how they work together synergistically is difficult to judge. Only one thing is clear: we have entered the decade of neuro-nanotechnology, biodigital convergence, digital tracking ID and the ‘Internet of Bodies’. And your participation in this development is not up for debate. That is as long as you don’t DECIDELY oppose it! Unfortunately, most people just want their temporarily taken freedom of travel back and are willing to give up all freedom and bodily autonomy forever for that. Most people today do not even know what the terms ‘freedom’, ‘privacy’ or ‘bodily autonomy’ mean, what their implications are and have thus completely forgotten that our freedom is not a gift. It must be defended through mindfulness. One year of no parties and no holidays was enough. A short moment of shock followed by a year with a small loss of comfort. That’s all it took. They simply held a few basic freedoms over us so that stretching and hopping just couldn’t get at it. And it was enough that people FREELY joined this biological control network of the new world.

For the sake of completeness, I would also like to show here again the predictive programming of the youngest of society in which such shit is to be normalised. Here the world is awakened and remotely controlled by a radio signal after the ‘smart mark’ has been administered. The woman at 0:39 also makes a devil’s horn hand gesture while saying: “The Smart Mark brought order to my life.” Watch here.

I believe the technologies and spiritual undertones of the chemtrail programme that Vella describes here are, just like the gene-therapeutic (COVID “vaccine”), an important part of the transhumanist and spiritual transmutation of humanity. The alchemical transformation of something impure to something noble – from lead to gold (remember the third DNA strand of gold through vaccination?). At least in the eyes of the purveyors of this ‘great work’. It is interesting to note that mercury, with which we are all poisoned, has a deeper meaning in the alchemical process.


The alchemists gave the element mercury (Mercury) the name Azoth. Wikipedia has the following to say about Azoth:

“Because Azoth is believed to contain the complete information of the entire universe, it is also used as another word for the Philosopher’s Stone. One of the references for the theoretical preparation of the stone is Ignis et Azoth tibi sufficiunt (“Fire and Azoth are sufficient”). There are dozens of esoteric drawings depicting the Azoth and its use in the Great Work of Alchemy. Examples are the Azoth of the Philosophers by Basil Valentine and the Hieroglyphic Monad by Dr John Dee.

The term was considered by occultist Aleister Crowley to represent a unity of beginning and end by tying together the first and last letters of the alphabets of antiquity;[2] A/𐤀 (Aleph, the first letter in the Phoenician alphabet), Z (Zeta, the last letter in Latin), O/Ω (Omega, the last letter in Greek) and Th/ת (Tav, pronounced “Tau”, the last letter in Hebrew). In this way, the interpenetration and totality of beginning and end symbolised the supreme wholeness and universal synthesis of opposites as “Aufhebung” (i.e. solvent) or cohesion (i.e. medicine), thus resembling the philosophical “Absolute” of Hegel’s dialectic. Crowley further referred to Azoth as “the fluid” in his works, calling it the universal solvent or medicine of the medieval alchemical philosophers, as a unifier or union of a certain extreme instance subject to a contradictory, irreconcilable nature when otherwise sought apart from the philosophical ideal of Azoth.”

The symbol of Azoth and the planet Mercury (Mercury and Mercury are both Mercury in English) is the Caduceus, a winged staff around which two serpents coil. It belonged to the Greek god Hermes and the Roman god Mercury. According to myth, Hermes was given this staff by Apollo (Lucifer) and it has the power to make people sleep, including eternal sleep, and to turn everything into gold.

image 10

Caduceus, the staff of Hermes. Dualistic symbol of opposites (demiurge). Also strongly reminiscent of a double helix of DNA.

Today, the caduceus is often also a symbol of trade. Sometimes, however, it is used as a symbol for medicine, or medical institutions, because it is confused with the Aesculas staff. A staff without wings and with only a snake. This staff of the Greek god of healing is found in logos for medicines, pharmacies, doctors’ surgeries and hospitals all over the world.

The WHO logo. The Aesculas staff is located above the map of a flat earth. It is divided into 33 sectors.

image 13 2
Pharmacy Switzerland
image 15 2
Pharmacy Germany
image 16 1
Pharmacy Austria
image 17 1
However, US medical corps use Caduceus

But perhaps the alchemical symbolism of mercury is not a confusion with medicine after all. After all, many medicines and vaccines also contain toxic mercury – the transformative substance so important to alchemists. And the current substances play an important role in this alchemical transmutation process, which I have already pointed out in past articles. Or the medicinal symbol alludes to the awakening of the Kundalini energy, an esoteric practice in which all the chakras of the body are opened from the bottom up and a healing energy of the spine supposedly spreads upwards and brings all the chakras into harmony. Read here.

Kautz Vella has this to say about the Kundalini energy: ” While we have been working on this, we have discovered that it is these serpents that create what we experience as the MATRIX. The kundalini serpent occupies the third eye, filtering out the stimuli we are not supposed to perceive (cognitive dissonance) and adding illusions (magic). This is how they create the distorted reality we call MATRIX. The moment the snakes are removed, the mental identification point slips back into the brain stem and the third eye connects directly to the heart. It is such a beautiful feeling to see the truth directly with the heart”. At the same time, he warns against unthinking distance. Either way, an interesting connection to the global symbolism of health I came across.

image 19 1

Kundalini awakening is said to be not without danger. Do not invite the snake into your being. Some have had psychoses or strokes. Others report clarity and health.

Meanwhile, the propaganda drum is being diligently beaten for the disclosure of the chemtrail programme. It is their modus operandi: all hidden agendas shall eventually become open agendas. Once the population has been completely dumbed down through various mechanisms, they will be openly lorded over. Under the guise of global warming, chemtrails are experiencing their mainstream disclosure under the name of solar geoengineering. This Harvard University research programme involves the worldwide spraying of chemical clouds by aircraft and balloon satellites. This is intended to block some of the sun’s radiation and cool the earth. A few years ago, geoengineering spraying programmes were considered “crude humbug” and today they are so heavily promoted that supposedly 67% of people would agree to carry out such a programme. Really depressing. According to CNBC, the whole project is being financed by loving philanthropists, and of course Billy-Boy Gates is chipping in a few million. Read here.

The bright comments under the video give courage that some people can still think clearly.

It’s crazy. Without the sun there would be no life on this earth and the energies of this celestial body play a more important role in spiritual development than most people realise. Without sufficient sun vitamin D, there would also be no happy and healthy people. These maniacs really want to play God. And the whole thing makes me think of the Matrix scene where Neo sees reality for the first time. Morpheus: “We have only fragmentary information, but what we know for sure is that sometime in the early 21st century, all of humanity came together to celebrate, we marvelled at our own magnificence as we gave birth to Artificial Intelligence. A singular consciousness that gave birth to an entire race of machines. We don’t know who struck first, us or them. But we do know that it was we who darkened the sky. At that time they were dependent on solar power and it was believed that they would not survive without an energy source on the scale of the sun.”

matrix dark sky

“Welcome to the desert of reality.”

The Black Goo is supposed to be – see Rachel Adams – the carrier substance of the archonts’ consciousness. Watch here.

Kautz-Vella brings a second type of Black Goo into play at this point, which was allegedly found by Nazi scientists in ancient old oil shale. He attributes a “malevolent” quality to this second species and associates it with a primitive, “reptiloid” consciousness – but to reproduce his ideas and claims in full would go far beyond the scope of this article. Basically, they are the physical manifestation of the Archons’ consciousness, which siphons energy from our bodies & minds like parasites. Other private Morgellons researchers such as the German Marc Neumann, on the other hand, explain the syndrome more conventionally and sound quite plausible in doing so. Read here.

Morgellons resurfaced at COVID-1984 because some have found rods corresponding to black parasite-like micro-filaments in the COVID test, which react and grow in tests under the microscope to certain signals such as heat. Read here.

The mainstream, of course, is quick to dismiss any concerns of this kind. For them, the whole issue is imaginary anyway. So now, in addition to the theragrippers, the Black Goo morgellons could also join the ranks as potential contaminants of the test sticks (some even say of the FFP2 masks). Read here.

Someone or something wants this stuff everywhere and in everyone (Here’s a video to go with the picture). Don’t just take my word for it, do your own research.

image 37 1

On the Timeloops page I found the following text about Morgellons: Read here.

“Morgellons can be harnessed as a transhumanist biotechnologist. When they come into contact with quantum dots, phosphorescent red and blue nano-dyes that, according to an analysis by Harvard University, are also introduced into the food chain from aircraft, morgellons, as self-assembling nano-machines, form a technical unit with these dyes that transforms radio waves into light signals that can be read by the DNA as the body’s own signal, as well as, in the opposite direction, transforms the body’s own light into radio signals that bear a personal signature of the DNA. According to the fictionalised autobiography by Cara St.-Louis-Farrelly, which was published by Hesper Verlag in 2013 under the title “Die Sonnendiebe” (The Sun Thieves), the whole thing serves the purpose of intelligence surveillance of the entire population. The scientific publications from the field of transhumanist technologies, which describe “plasmonic antennas” and “hexagonal self-assembling plasmonic-photonic crystals” identical in construction to Morgellons or Morgellon spore bodies, furthermore suggest the possibility of extremely complex mind control, with a read and write function that basically works like a tape recorder: One reads an arbitrarily complex emotional pattern out of a human being with the help of the radio waves produced by the Morgellons, digitises it and can play it back to another human being or to the whole of humanity with the help of a reproduced radio signal. This possibility would be purely technical – provided there is a widespread infection with Morgellons and a spread of the necessary quantum dots in the food chain. In this case, a latent infection would probably be sufficient; there need not be any visible symptoms.

The convergence of aerosol-based military technologies, transhumanist technologies and the advancement of Nazi bioweapons has most likely taken place under the umbrella of Bell Labs, a government-owned research facility that was for many years under the direction of a Nazi chemtrail pioneer, and which attracted attention in 1982 with the discovery of quantum dots. Wiki.

The industrialisation of this basic research is credited to MITRE. Wiki. And the deployment of the mycelium was, according to insiders, carried out by the CIA-owned Evergreen International Airlines, which, however, discontinued this line of business in November 2013, coinciding with the surprise bankruptcy of Ryan Air and Russia’s refusal to continue to participate in the International Missile Defence Coordination Office. Wiki.

Technical aerosols for 3D airspace surveillance are sprayed around the world and are a prerequisite for any missile defence programme.”

Overall, on the subject of Morgellons, Black Goo and Archons, we are left with more questions than answers. Rather than getting lost in speculation, let’s try to unravel the Black Goo saga further. After all, “intelligent oil” was allegedly at the centre of an international conflict for a second time after the Falklands War.

Black Goo: The BP Accident

image 29 1

image 31 1

In April 2010, an explosion occurred on the Deepwater Horizon oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico, causing some 800 million litres of crude oil to spill from a damaged well. In June of the same year, an anonymous user (OP) of the conspiracy forum (GLP) opened a thread called “Something Just Went BEZERK in the Gulf of Mexico”. There he posted information he claimed to have received via an encrypted international emergency channel (“DED”) from the French government. The messages indicated that there were military submarines and ships from at least seven nations around the accident site in the Gulf. The situation appeared to be tense after a French submarine was attacked by the Americans – the reason for the attack and other minor skirmishes was apparently a mysterious cargo that the French submarine had collected and taken on board.

As the thread progressed, more and more interested users chimed in and tried to sketch a meaningful overall picture from the snippets of communication from the DED channel. Over time, the suspicion grew that the OP’s messages were part of a controlled leak – what was intended or who exactly was behind it is uncertain.

image 33 1

After the French submarine has taken a sample of the organism on board, the crew also experience psychological and physical effects that are remotely reminiscent of Morgellons disease. The situation gets visibly out of control and there are deaths: on the one hand due to the military intervention of the Americans, who try to get hold of the French cargo by force; on the other hand due to the unpredictable effects of the organism on technology and crew.

The French eventually succeed in getting the cargo to safety. How and whether the submarine warfare continues is not known. Instead, a more or less coherent picture emerges about the deeper background of the story, which coincides in some points with Alec Newald’s interpretation of the Black Goos. In one of his last postings, the OP sums up:

“The organism […] has awoken from hibernation and is doing the necessary groundwork to transform the oceans. […] [It] is speculated that it can communicate with bacteria […] or other organisms at the DNA level. […] Although the organism itself is of primeval origin, it seems to be programmed by an alien presence/race to hibernate silently and wake up at a specific solar time and position – just before their return. Unfortunately, we do not know what this ‘shortly before’ means; it could be months or years. […] I don’t think the organism is deliberately trying to kill all life on the planet. It’s just trying to make the environment a little more habitable for its masters.” Read here.

Interestingly, the Russians are said to have had experience with smart oil in the past and have developed a technique to push it back. In addition, there are said to be essentially two international competing factions: One group that sees itself as the “guardians” of the organism and descendants of its alien creators (China), and a second; an international command called ODESSA, which is considering various methods to contain the spread of the organism. Read here.

If you are interested in the geopolitical dimensions of this issue and want to keep up to date with the latest speculations and connections, you should follow the BEZERK threads in the Chani Conspiracy Forum. This is where the “hard core” of the original GLP investigators have retreated to.

Lost in the Maze?

As you have surely noticed, it is almost impossible to keep one’s feet on the ground when it comes to this topic. In addition, there is the problem that the terms “black goo” or “intelligent oil” are used in so many contexts that no one knows whether the same substance is always meant: sometimes it is slimy, sometimes it is liquid and intelligent, sometimes it is hidden in stones. Moreover, it is often not clear whether certain key terms are meant metaphorically or literally. And if literal, it is still unclear how a term is defined, i.e. what exactly is meant by it. A drug, after all, also alters our consciousness (as the Black Goo is said to do), yet one would not therefore call it a “conscious, sentient substance”; radioactive substances, like some bacteria or fungi, can alter the DNA of their host – but does that make them nanomachines?

One possible version of the story would be the following: Sometime in the distant past, an alien power – malevolent inter-dimensional beings, or the Archons – stored an organism somewhere on Earth that was to be activated at a certain time to change the conditions of life on Earth according to the specifications of its creators. Those who wanted to prevent this were caught off guard, and the substance became the focus of top-secret research projects – which, however, got out of hand, and with them the substance, which is now in the process of terra- or transforming the Earth. But in which direction? And what is it up to? Why does it give one Alistair Martin extraordinary abilities, while in others it manifests itself as a mere illness with strange nano-expansions – and in still others it only reinforces negative feelings, while in meditation it seeks the farthest? And who is to be believed at all?

Asking the Right Questions

If you want to get satisfactory answers, you have to ask the right questions first – but in view of the unsatisfactory facts surrounding the topic, that is easier said than done. Let’s break out of our usual thought patterns and look at the issue from a perspective that can teach us something beyond the Black Goo myth.

In conventional thinking, we usually divide the world strictly into material (equal to “real” or objectively existing) and spiritual (not or less real and only subjectively existing), in addition to a strict separation between “I” and “world”, which is synonymous with “inside” and “outside”.

But what if this is not true at all? What if both divisions are only artificial, constructs?

That this separation is at least problematic is shown by the fact that the outside world appears in consciousness because it is represented there; otherwise we could not perceive it at all. In addition, there is the problem that matter in the sense of the smallest particles does not exist. But if there is no matter, what is “out there”? Or is it possible that there is no “outside” at all? If there is no “outside”, there would – logically – also be no “inside”. The third possibility: both would be one. Can that be? Watch here.

This is supported by the fact that the content of consciousness can manifest itself materially. A common example are the blisters that can appear on the skin after hypnotic fire suggestions. Read here.

The so-called synchronicities can also be interpreted in this way, or C. G. Jung interpreted them in this way: as creations of the mind that materialise. In Jung’s time, this was also how the so-called ectoplasm was interpreted, a strange mass that often appeared during spiritualist sessions (and was taken up again by the Ghostbusters).

However, if the (human) spirit can manifest fire bubbles without fire, why shouldn’t that be possible with other “things” and even complete scenarios? With aliens, abductions, archons and conscious oil?

Could it be?

The aforementioned John Lash situates the Archons in just such an in-between world when he writes:

“The ontological status of the archons is dual: they exist independently of humanity as an alien species, [and] they exist as a presence in our consciousness, rather as a set of programmes operating in our mental environment.”

But how does he know that archons also exist independently of us? And who or what does a mediumistically gifted person “see” when archon-like beings, Little Greys or the Queen appear in his world-reality during occult experiments on children? Do his visions have any general validity at all or are they not rather limited to his personal frame of consciousness?

On the other hand, there are consistent elements in many fantastic-seeming reports that point to the objective existence of such phenomena, are there not?

The answer: subjectivity or objectivity only exists if one assumes separate “consciousnesses”. In that case, however, parapsychological phenomena would not (be able to) exist. And that they do exist is, after all, only doubted by very hard-bodied materialists.

Seen in this light, “interdimensional” events can also be seen as evidence for a kind of collective space of consciousness – which (don’t forget!) would be identical with the world. The modern Black Goo myth, just like its ancient predecessors, thus also teaches us something about our “inside”, our psyche: the fear of being taken over by something alien, for example, of an all-powerful technology, or the desire for a transformation, be it planetary or individual. Whether the myth – and thus the “intelligent oil” – is also part of the “tangible” reality is something you have to decide for yourself. For Rachel Adams, Alec Newald and Alistair Martin, there is certainly no doubt about this question.

Pandora’s Box – Black Goo and the Alien Phenomenon

Black Goo seems to be everywhere and connects an incredible number of topics, or has common ground with topics such as shapeshifting, nanomachines, programmable matter, chemtrails, morgellions, gene therapeutics, 5G, extraterrestrials or interdimensional beings, portals, Black Eyed Children, people reporting others’ eyes turning black, black magic, obsession, demons, the Black Awakening or the Abysoss from Revelation. Look at anything in the supernatural or spiritual realm – once you apply the Black Goo concept there is a connection point. Because the Black Goo is a substance that connects the physical and spiritual worlds. And that teaches you a lot about how creation is constructed in general. Think about it: programmable matter. We live in a construct of matter. Everything around us is programmed matter. Either things manipulated by humans, things that are already here, or things we find in nature – these things are all programmed. Complex processes of thousands and thousands of forces that follow an intelligent design. Programmed by God, the creator, he was the one who programmed matter the way it is in our world. But we also constantly create our reality ourselves through our thoughts (Please listen to ‘The strangest Secret’ by Earl Nightingdale. Life-changing!) Watch here.

And the original idea behind science was to understand its creation. But unfortunately it has evolved into something driven by human pride, selfishness and greed. YAHWEH is the creator, the programmer, of our physical reality – accepting this as truth is crucial to understanding Black Goo.

Black Goo is programmable matter, but at the same time has a consciousness and is alive. I believe he has always existed here and it also solves once and for all the question of the grey aliens. Are they spiritual beings that vanish into thin air when you pray or physical beings that leave physical traces on contact and that you can touch? Well, both. Read here.

They are archons from subtle dimensions who can manifest themselves in physical reality, and presumably take on any form to deceive us humans (shapeshifting). Similar to the film Jupiters Ascending by the insider Wachowski brothers, who were also the brains behind the Matrix trilogy. In this film, the Gray aliens are the henchmen of the Draco reptiloids, whose headquarters are on Saturn. Watch this short scene to get an idea and watch the eyes:

Even the theory that the Gray aliens are actually time-travelling humans now appears in a different light. Read here.

Space and time are interconnected and UFOs seem to manipulate the space-time continuum to move extremely fast and teleport. Could humanity soon be swallowed by the Black Goo and genetically manipulated to look like this in the distant future? And then travel back to prevent that? I think that’s very unlikely, but still an interesting idea. Or have they even been created by the cabal in our dimension, here on earth, through experiments with Black Goo and gene-splicing? The fact that the most important black magician and occultist of the 20th century, Aleister Crowley, had contact as early as 1918 with a being called LAM, which looks a hell of a lot like today’s depictions of the Gray aliens, speaks against this.

grey alien

The Gray Aliens are always described by contacts as having completely black eyes. Black Goo beings? Physical manifestations of the Archons?

Lam is considered a class of entities that can be summoned to earth by occultists through magical portals into physical manifestation. Crowley was known to specifically contact demons through rituals, he wrote about this very openly in his Memories. It played out something like this: From January to March 1918, Crowley began a series of magical works called Amalantrah Workings in unfurnished rooms on Central Park West in New York City. The Workings typically manifested as a series of visions and communications received through the mediumship of his partner Roddie Minor. The being that came through the magical portal is the one pictured below. Crowley claimed the image was actually a portrait and drawn from real life. And although this image is now over 100 years old, it does have similarities to the Gray Aliens of today’s pop culture. This being either called himself “Lam” or was called “Lam” by Crowley. Either way, he considered it to be of interdimensional origin.


Left: Potrait of LAM, drawn in 1918, Right: Aleister Crowley.

Crowley previously founded the religion Thelema. Wiki. It was based on the Book of the Law, a text written by him and his wife in 1904, but which came about through the “channelling” of an Egyptian deity (Aiwass) in the Great Pyramid of Giza. Wiki.

The name Aiwass does not appear among the names of leading fallen angels, but it can be assumed that Crowley had contact with one of these beings. According to the Henon Book, the oldest prophetic book in the Bible, which for centuries has not been recognised by the Satanist Vatican as a “real part of the Bible” (but this is bullshit), 200 angels fell from heaven, of which only a few leaders are known by name: Lucifer (also called Satan & Devil), Beelzebub, Leviathan, Asmodeus, Berith, Astaroth, Verrine, Gressil, Sonneillon and Belial. Exactly one third of all angels are said to have fallen, which is why the number 33 is highly significant for the Illuminated.

image 44 3

Unikursalres hexagram, logo of Thelema ( list of all occult symbols )

A good friend of Aleister Crowley was Jack Parson. Yep, the Jack Parson. One of the leading rocket engineers of the early days, he co-founded the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) and the Aerojet Engineering Cooperation in the 1930s, both of which formed the basis of NASA, which was founded in 1958. Some also call the JPL the Jack Parsons Laboratory, alluding to the enormous influence Parson had on the birth of the entire rocket and space industry in the mid-20th century. Parson was not only a rocket engineer and chemist, but ‘coincidentally’ also a self-confessed occultist and a disciple of Crowley’s Thelema religion. Parson regarded Crowley as his spiritual mentor and Crowley thought so highly of Parson that he appointed him to succeed him as leader of the secret society Ordo Templi Orientis.

Ordo Templi Orientis (O.T.O.) (“Order of the Temple of the East” or “Order of the Oriental Templars”) is an occult initiatory organisation founded in the early 20th century. The origins of the O.T.O. can be traced back to the German-speaking occultists Carl Kellner, Heinrich Klein, Franz Hartmann and Theodor Reuss. The English author and occultist Aleister Crowley is the best known and most influential member of the Order.

After Crowley’s death in 1947, four main branches of the O.T.O. claim exclusive descent from the original organisation and precedence over the others. The most important and visible of these is the Caliphate O.T.O., founded in 1979 by Crowley’s disciple Grady McMurtry. It was originally intended to be modelled on and associated with European Freemasonry, such as the Masonic Templar organisations, but under the leadership of Aleister Crowley, the O.T.O. was reorganised around Crowley’s Thelema as a central religious principle. One of the most important features and core teachings of the organisation is its practice of sexual magic. Read here.

image 46 1
Ordo Templi Orientis

Jack Parsons began the Babalon Workings with L. Ron Hubbard, later founder of the Scientology sect, between January and March 1946. This ritual was essentially designed to manifest an individual incarnation of the archetypal divine feminine called Babalon (the spirit of the Whore of Babylon from the Book of Revelation, who is a high goddess in Thelema). The project was based on the ideas of Aleister Crowley and his description of a similar project in his 1917 book Moonchild. During the final sex-magick ritual, which took place in the Mojave Desert of Pasadena, Majorie Camerons was impregnated by Jack Parsons. Wiki. Some of these beings seem to need humans as a vessel to operate in our reality, or at least the life energy of a living being through which to manifest. The child born should then contain the spirit of Babalon and there is an interesting connection as to who this child might have been with the spirit of Babalon or Babylon.

Parsons wrote of his belief that in an act similar to the immaculate conception, the goddess was formed in the womb of a woman and that this woman would give birth in nine months. He wrote: “Babalon is on earth today waiting for the right hour for her manifestation.” Nine months later would have been the year 1947, when, interestingly, Aleister Crowley also died. On 31 October 1948, when the child would have been about a year old, Parsons wrote that the spirit in the child had made contact with him. The name of this spirit, he wrote this dozens of years ago, was “Hilarion”. The all-knowing cabal politician and feminist Hillary Clinton was born in 1947. If you look up the etymology of the name “Hillary”, “Hilarion” is an archaic version of the same name. What are the chances of coincidence? Is she possessed by Hilarion, the spirit of the Whore of Babylon, and is her real father Jack Parson? Just as it is suspected that the true father of Babara Bush, i.e. the grandfather of George W. Bush, is Aleister Crowley? She is also said to have been conceived by Aleister Crowley in a sex-magic ritual in 1924. Read here.

Watch her eyes here at 0:45

The Babalon works not only reopened the portal Crowley had sealed years before, but tore an even greater rift in the interdimensional or spatiotemporal fabric. A rift whose closure was not contemplated due to insufficient knowledge or neglect, unlike Crowley. In occultism, a portal can only be closed by the one who opened it. But Parson failed to do this. In the early 1950s he felt persecuted by the FBI and finally died in 1952 in an explosion in his home laboratory. Officially it was dismissed as an accident, but some suspect suicide. His wife Cameron is convinced it was an assassination attempt by enemies he had in Israel because of his Zionist aspirations. The truth about his death remains uncertain, but with him died the possibility of closing the portal.

During Parsons’ Babalon work on 14 January 1946, strange phenomena occurred. According to the biography of Ron Hubbard, who was a mystical medium during these rituals:

‘The light system of the house failed about 9 p.m.. Another magician [Hubbard] who was in the house studying with me was carrying a candle through the kitchen when he received a strong blow on his right shoulder and the candle fell out of his hand. He called me and we observed a brownish-yellow light about a metre high in the kitchen. I swung a magic sword and it disappeared. His right arm was paralysed for the rest of the night.’ (cms)

jack parson l ron hubbard

What is interesting here is the temporal correlation between Parsons ritual and the sighting of 9 silver disc-shaped craft in Washington State on June 24, 1947, by a man named Kenneth A. Arnold, which is considered the first widely reported UFO sighting. Parsons performed his rituals from Jan. to March 1946. After these rituals, a great wave of UFO sightings began all over the world, especially in the greater Mojave Desert area in the US states of California and Nevada. Of course, the world-famous Roswell incident of 1947 in New Mexico is also at the top of the list. Wiki.

As well as the sightings of George Adamskis in October 1946 and in 1947, or the huge wave of sightings in 1952, e.g. over the Capitol in Washington DC. Wiki. A whole wave of sightings of paranormal phenomena was unleashed after these rituals, hundreds of thousands of Americans reported their concerns to the authorities, so that at some point the government had to make a statement. At that time, people still trusted their government and they demanded answers. An official investigation into the ‘flying saucers’ and ‘supernatural phenomena’, as they were called at the time, began and was followed in 1968 by the large-scale cover-up project ‘Project Blue Book’ to put a lid on it once and for all. Wiki.

To keep the public quiet, a few cover stories ranging from ‘hoaxes’ to ‘fakes’ to ‘weather baloons’ were distributed across the newspapers and evening news, satisfying most middle-class people of the time. But behind the scenes, the US government had been in panic mode since 1947. They knew that these UFOs were real, controlled by non-terrestrial beings and exhibiting behaviour that could not be rationally explained. The FBI began to search for the origin of these UFOs and beings and they found it. For a few years now, an FBI document classified for over 60 years has been available to the public and everyone should read it! It is FBI document 6751 which can be found in the official FBI Vault of declassified US government documents at Read here.

The internal 69-page document is about some UFO sightings in the late 1940s. But page 22 is particularly interesting because it deals with the presumed origin of these beings. The addressee of the memorandum is redacted, but it was written in San Diego on 8 July 1947, about a year after the Babalon Workings took place in the same state. To date, California ranks first in UFO sightings with 12,000 confirmed cases. Read here. The following is a translation of this document page:

“This memorandum is respectfully addressed to a number of scientists of distinction, to important aeronautical and military authorities, to a number of public officials, and to a number of publications. The author has little expectation that anything important will be achieved by this gesture. The mere fact that the data has been obtained by so-called supernormal means will probably be sufficient to secure its disregard by almost all those here addressed; yet it seems a public duty to make it available. (The present writer has several university degrees and was formerly head of department in a university).

A very serious situation may develop at any time with regard to the “flying saucers”. If one of them were to be attacked, the attacking aircraft will almost certainly be destroyed. This could cause near panic and international mistrust among the public. The most important data relating to these missiles is now at hand and must be offered, no matter how fantastic and incomprehensible it may seem to minds not previously instructed in thinking of this kind.

Some of the discs carry crews, others are under remote control.
Their mission is peaceful. The visitors are considering settling down on this plane.
These visitors are human-like, but larger.
They are NOT excarnate Earth people, but come from their own world.
They are NOT from any “planet” as we use that word, but from an etheric planet that interpenetrates with our own and is imperceptible to us.
The bodies of the visitors and also of the spaceships “materialise automatically on entering the vibratory rate of our dense matter” (cf. “apports”).
The discs possess a kind of radiant energy, or beam, which will easily dissolve any attacking ship. They re-enter the etheric at will and so simply disappear from our sight without a trace.
The region from which they come is NOT the “astral plane” but corresponds to the loka or talas. Students of esotericism will understand these terms.
They probably cannot be reached by radio, but they can be reached by radar, if a signalling system can be devised for this appertus.

We give information and warnings, that is all we can do. Let the newcomers be treated with all kindness. Unless the discs are withdrawn [not readable] precautions with which our culture and science cannot cope. A heavy responsibility rests on the few in charge who are capable of understanding this matter.”

image 49 4
FBI Doc 6751, page 22, July 8, 1947

So the spaceships and the crew come from another (parallel) dimension that overlaps with ours and not from another planet. It is worth mentioning that the author even speaks of a plane, and puts the word ‘other planets’ in inverted commas, as if such a thing were not so real. From the way this document appears, it was written by a scientist or agent who was also very learned in Theosophist knowledge and possibly belonged to a corresponding secret society. It is also interesting that the author is said to have received all this information supernaturally, presumably through channelling a deity or direct contact with one of these inter-dimensional beings. He says that the beings come from the Lokas or Talas, two terms from the field of theosophy. Theosophy refers to gnostic spiritual movements which are, however, Luciferism at their core. They deal with esoteric knowledge (esoteric = hidden/secret), which the gods/watchers/fallen angels brought to mankind (theo = gods; sophia= knowledge). Theosophy World writes the following about talas (and lokas): Read here.

“In Hinduism, Lokas denote worlds, spheres or localities roughly corresponding to the planes of nature in Theosophy, but with marked differences. The names and number of lokas differ according to the sources. The Purānas give seven, while in the Sānkhya and Vedānta there are eight, with different names.

In the Purānas there are seven lokas: 1. Bhur-loka, the earth; 2. Bhuvar-loka, the space between the earth and the sun; 3. Svar-loka, the space between the sun and the pole star; 4. Mahar-loka, the abode of Bhrigu; 5. Janar-loka, the abode of the sons of Brahma, such as the Kumāras; 6. Tapar-loka, the abode of the Vairāgis; and 7. Satya-loka or Brahma-loka, the abode of Brahmā. The first three are destroyed at the end of a kalpa, while the last three continue for the entire manvantara. The fourth is not destroyed but is uninhabitable after the first three are destroyed.

In the Sānkhya and Vedānta, the eight lokas are the following, whose names correspond to the beings dwelling in them: 1. Brahma-loka; 2. Pitri-loka; 3. Soma-loka; 4. Indra-loka; 5. Gandharva-loka; 6. Rākshasa-loka; 7. Yaka-loka; and 8. Piāca-loka.

Theosophical literature generally adopts the sevenfold Purānic classification. In the Mahatma’s letters to A. P. Sinnett, however, three main lokas are distinguished: kāma-loka, or the world of desires; rūpa-loka, the world of form; and arūpa-loka, the formless world. Kāma-loka is the world to which the desire body of the deceased goes. The rupa- and arūpa-lokas correspond to the devachan. The letters also refer to the deva-loka, which is the abode of the various devas, some of whom are more advanced than humans, while others are inferior. Brahmā- and Pitri-lokas are where the “creators” and “ancestors” of humanity are found. These, including the deva-loka, are considered states of consciousness rather than “worlds”.

The lokas have matching talas or netherworlds, also called “hells”. They are as follows:

Lokas Talas

1 Satya-loka Atala
2 Tapar-loka Vitala
3 Janar-loka Sutala
4 Mahar-loka Rasātala
5 Svar-loka Talatala
6 Bhuvar-loka Mahātala
7 Bhūr-loka Pātāla

Geoffrey Barborka writes that each world has a spiritual or consciousness aspect (loka) and a matter aspect (tala), like two sides of a coin. They should not be considered as 14 localities, but only as seven. Neither should the lokas be called heaven and the talas hell. “The loka is representative of the evolution of spirit during the ascending arc, while the tala represents the evolution of matter on the descending arc.” The lokas can also be considered the “principle” side of a plane, while the talas represent the element side (Divine Plan).”

image 51 4
Our physical reality in the middle, above the seven talas (heaven) and below the seven lokas (hell)

The concept of multiple hells is, of course, also familiar from the most famous epic of the 14th century: Dante’s Inferno. Wiki. In it, Dante’s journey through the various realms of hell is described. Instead of the seven Lokas, there is talk of nine circles of hell. The centre of the ninth and deepest circle is reserved for sinners who have committed high treason against God, love and the warmth of people. Contrary to popular belief, there is no blazing purgatory there, but icy cold, as the warmth of God is most distant here. “At the centre of Hell, condemned for committing the ultimate sin (personal betrayal of God), is the Devil, referred to by Virgil as Dis (the Roman god of the underworld; the name “Dis” was often used for Pluto in antiquity, as for example in Virgil’s Aeneid). Lucifer, the arch-traitor, was once considered by God to be the most beautiful of the angels before his pride led him to rebel against God, resulting in his expulsion from heaven. Lucifer is a huge, terrifying beast trapped waist-deep in ice, fixed and suffering.” Maybe that’s why he needs the Black Goo as a medium to operate in our reality?

image 38 1
Lucifer, full of hatred and bitterness

In Mahayana Buddhism, the world is often depicted in Six Lokas or realms of existence. Rebirth leads to one of these realms, depending on one’s own karma. Birth in the human realm is considered to be the most precious birth, as liberation from the suffering cycle of existence (samsara) is most likely to be possible there. There are pictorial representations of the realms of existence in all Buddhist traditions. They are most frequently encountered in the wheel of life of Tibetan Buddhism.

image 55 2
The six dimensions in Buddhism’s wheel of life

The realm of the gods (devas): The form of existence as a god is not salvation; the devas are also not free from suffering and death and are still subject to the constraints of samsara. However, because existence as a god is relatively happy, it is all the more difficult to see the need for salvation; they are narrow-minded by their temporary state of happiness and therefore not receptive to the Buddha’s teaching. Their characteristic emotion is pride.

● The realm of the jealous gods: They are also called asuras or titans. The jealous gods constantly quarrel with the gods and try to take their place, but do not succeed. There is a constant struggle. They have no time to practise the Buddhist teachings. Their characteristic emotion is jealousy.

● The human realm: Although subject to great suffering (birth, ageing, illness, death, grief, separation), the human realm is the most favourable realm because it is most possible for people to hear the Buddha’s teaching and live according to the teaching. The chance of achieving salvation from suffering and rebirth from this form of existence is higher than in any other realm. Existence as a human being is therefore preferable to all other forms of existence.

● The realm of animals: Animals are not capable of reflecting on their own situation and sustainably freeing themselves from their respective situation with their own powers. They can only follow their drives and instincts and are often helplessly at the mercy of other beings. Here, too, the Buddha delivers his message. Under very favourable circumstances, an animal can attain liberation. The characteristic emotion of animals is ignorance.

● The realm of hungry ghosts: They are also known as pretas. Here are those who in their pre-existence were avaricious, stingy or gluttonous, in short, those who could never get enough. Their characteristic emotion is greed. Hunger spirits are incessantly tormented by thirst and hunger. In the figurative representation, their bellies are oversized, thick and bloated. The narrow mouths and thin necks make it impossible for them to fill their huge bellies; they can never become full. To this end, in some depictions, any water they approach turns into liquid fire and food into excrement, etc. Even sleeping is made difficult for the hungry spirits. Demonic beings or the hotness of the ground prevent them from lying down and sleeping. Buddha encourages them to come closer and present their requests to him, and with the wish-granting gesture shows his willingness to help. He has nectar ready for the pretas to take at least a few drops of.

● The realm of hell: The realm is divided in two into the hot and the cold hells, these two forms of hell are in turn divided into numerous sub-hells. Horrible torments await those who find themselves in these hells. They end when the unwholesome karma that led here has been exhausted. The characteristic emotion of the hell realms is hatred.

image 53 3

This division into the various overlapping dimensions or heavens/hells is a theme that is evident in all religions (including the Gnostic Luciferism beliefs of the cabal). Do the aliens come from these dimensions into our closed physical construct? Absolutely. We are at the centre of many lower and higher vibrational beings who have been watching over us since the beginning of time and fighting for our free will. Your thoughts, feelings and actions are of great importance! Never tell yourself that this is not the case! We are the centre of a gigantic universal game. And we are now very close to a transition where the cards will be reshuffled and the ascension or descent of each soul will be judged. The question is only what kind of beings come from which Loka and which manifest in the Black Goo, the Grays and other beings. And why they first had to be invited into our vibrational reality through occult rituals. It is most likely only the lower vibrating Archons… Also the question arises: Has Black-Goo always been here?

According to Harald Kautz Vella, Black Goo has always been part of our world in a solid form and has been worshipped by various cultures on earth. Partly until today. When I talk about solid form, I am talking about black oil shale, or the resulting black rocks that contain Black Goo. According to Vella, Black Goo consists of free coal fragments in nano-tube structuring and precious metals in mono-metallic status. Wiki.

The latter term comes from modern alchemy and refers to metals that can interact with consciousness. Read here. This matter is said to be slightly above our reality and thus have contact with higher dimensions. This Black Goo is said to have the ability to run like a natural quantum computer. It is self-aware and highly intelligent. According to Vella, it is also said to be connected to the ley lines of the earth, the magnetic field and the northern lights.

Examples of the worship of these Black Goo rocks are the Baetylus rocks. Baetylus (also Baetyl, Bethel or Betyl, from Semitic bet el “house of the god”) are sacred stones that were said to have been endowed with life or granted access to a deity. According to ancient sources, at least some of these cult objects were meteorites consecrated to the gods or worshipped as symbols of the gods themselves. At least according to mainstream science. In general, it was believed that the baetyl had something in its own nature that made it sacred, and not made sacred by human intervention, such as carving it into a cult image. Some baetyls were left in their natural state, others were worked on by sculptors. The exact definition of a baetyl, as opposed to other types of sacred stones, “cult stones” and so on, is rather vague in both ancient and modern sources. Below you can see a large Baetylus stone in the Greek temple of Aphrodite.

image 47 3 1

image 54 2
Roman coin of a temple with Baetylus stone

Often these black rocks are represented in black cubes. And the cube has a symbolic significance (which is also connected with the planet Saturn). The way I interpret it: the (black) cube is a symbol for our enclosed matrix. A symbol for time, decay, ageing, control mechanisms like greed, power and deception, limitation of our being by material reality. A symbol for the prison earth in which a soul can never be completely free, we are always bound to the limits of this construct.

image 69 3

The black hexagon pole vortex on Saturn. A hexagon is a two-dimensional representation of a three-dimensional cube.

image 70 1

image 71 3

But in the cube there is also a symbolism for the exit from the material construct, the entry into a new world without the painful limitations that cause so much suffering. Which symbol appears when you open this cube ?

image 48 2

Theoretically, of course, it would also be possible to unfold the cube differently, but you get the point. Geometrically, a cross is an unfolded cube.

The most famous black cube that is worshipped is, of course, the Kaaba in Mecca, the largest shrine in the Islamic world. Every practising Muslim must direct his or her daily prayers to this black cube and is expected to make a pilgrimage to Mecca to the Kaaba once in his or her lifetime. In the courtyard of the holy mosque of Mecca, which is only open to Muslims, sits this cuboid black building, which pilgrims circle in a spiritual trance (tawaf). From above, it looks like the vortex circumference of Saturn’s pole. At the eastern corner, at a height of 1.5m, there is a black stone. It is venerated by pilgrims as they pass it by touching it, kissing it or pointing it with their finger. This black stone has been the centre of conflicts several times over the millennia, because sacred powers were attributed to it. As a result, it was stolen several times and shattered into pieces, but always found its way back to the Kaaba. There, the fragments were cemented into a silver frame and are now slowly being worn away by millions of hands. No one knows what the stone is made of, because it is not allowed to be examined, but here, too, science speculates on a “meterioite”. According to the Islamic faith, the origin goes back to Adam and Eve. According to one interpretation, the stone fell from Jannah, the paradise or kingdom of heaven, to earth to show Adam where to build the first temple. The stone was first white and shining and only became black through the sins of man. Another Islamic tradition assumes that the black stone was once an angel that was supposed to protect Adam in the Garden of Eden. When Adam ate the forbidden fruit, the angel was transformed by God into the stone.

image 52 3

image 51 5

image 49 5

According to the Muslim faith, the worshipper is also freed from his sins by absorbing them through a kiss. When Muslims slaughter their animals, they must point them towards Mecca. Because according to Vella, the black stone absorbs the pain of the animal – Black Goo, and the archons behind it, live off our negative energy. Our sin. Just one day that not a single person on earth would feel pain, fear, anger or do cruel things and they would die. These parasites would literally starve to death. Only this has never happened in the history of mankind. On the contrary, today suffering on this earth has become literally automated.

Where do we still know the black cube in worship? From the tefillin or prayer straps from the Jewish faith, of course. These black leather straps are worn by Jewish men on weekdays for morning prayer. The arm part is on the upper arm and the straps are wrapped around the arm, hand and fingers, the head part is worn over the forehead. On the head part there is a black cube and in it are four small parchment scrolls with pieces of text from the Torah.

image 55 3
Israeli soldier at morning prayer with tefillin
image 56 2
Spiderman 3 from earlier

image 61 1

But these black stones can also be found in some Catholic churches. Mostly on or under the altars. Here, for example, in St. Hedwig’s Church in Berlin.

image 57 2

This is the official prayer/meditation room in the United Nations building in New York City, frequented by our world leaders. It was sponsored by the King of Sweden in 1953. What do we find here? A black square metal stone, of course.

image 63 2

Vella tells us that there are two types of Black Goo. That of our earth and one that is not of our earth. The one from our earth connects us with the knowledge of all our ancestors. Through contact one is connected to the morphogentic field of our earth. It is the source of our instincts and our intuition. That is why, for example, birds hatch from eggs and know how to fly. However, contact with the otherworldly Black Goo has an opposite effect. It closes some chakras, especially the heart. Only the mind, the life energy and sexuality remain. The heart closes, the intelligence of the belly shuts down, one loses empathy and becomes aggressive. According to Vella, this is what happened with the SS of the Third Reich, who experimented a lot with these black stones. According to Crowley, the Nazis were also the first to have contact with the Gray aliens, probably as early as the late 1920s.

Here is some quick symbolism scattered around the world on the subject of Black Goo cubes. Black Goo cube worship is everywhere. For the Black Goo, Saturn and the spiritual energy behind it is worshipped by the cabal and ignorantly by many others.

image 59 2

Some are even so arranged that the Heexagon shape is visible from above.

image 65 1
Art project 2007 in Hamburg
image 66 2
Israeli private secret service

image 67 1

And of course the D-Wave quantum computers are also a black cube. This whole story has a lot to do with these machines too.

image 68 3

Google Cube is a film collab between Google and Semi-Permanent.

And did you notice the obvious? GOOGLE. The official story of the name is that it comes from Googol, a big number with 100 zeros. Exoteric meaning. The more esoteric meaning, of course, has to do with the Black Goo. Because Google is absolutely crucial to this agenda. They are one of the most important companies in copying humanity for AI. With every thought you type into their search engine, or their other internet services, you feed their artificial intelligence algorithms, which ultimately advance AI for the Singularity. Google’s headquarters is also just a stone’s throw away from Sigularity University, NASA Research Park and Carnegie University where Claytronics is being developed. And this is no coincidence. For example, Sigularity University founder, hardcore transhumanist Ray Kurzweil, was also the CEO of Google for many years. Oh man I could, and will, go on here about so much more. But I want to finish slowly. The connection between our Black-Cube-Saturn Matrix and what it all has to do with transhumanism and the gnostic beliefs of the cabal… I’ll write an article about that some other time. It’s all getting way too much otherwise. Originally I also wanted to write about quantum computers, which have a lot to do with this topic, but I’ll postpone that for another time.

image 72 2

What happens if you put two Apple logos (the bite of the forbidden fruit) next to each other? Our subconscious automatically decrypts this.

Closing – The End Cannot be Far

I don’t know about you, but the Black Goo concept puts everything in a clearer light. It has been in front of our eyes all the time and yet so well hidden. It’s like a slimy glue that holds everything together. And I believe that the poisoning of humanity, the Morgellions, 5-7G, genetic manipulation, internet tracking, A.I. and nanotechnology are all working together and heading for something really bad. Dark forces have had a firm grip on humanity since its inception and they have been working for centuries towards what will come to pass in our lifetime. All agendas ultimately culminate in this – this completion of the great work – the synthesisation and virtualisation of human beings, reality and nature. The synthesisation of all consciousnesses of humanity into an archonic biotechnological hive-mind – the black awakening. I know only one thing – it will be evil. And it will be chaotic – because many other things will happen too and without chaos they cannot implement a strict transhumanist order. And with Black Goo it makes more sense what Revelation 14 says. At a certain point my work will stop, because from then on there will be no human being left to save. If Black Goo is connected to the mark of the beast, it makes even more sense that these people have no chance of salvation. Because they are no longer human, they no longer have the DNA that connects them to God and therefore he can no longer save them. They are then part of the darkness, part of this biotechnological collective consciousness of Lucifer.

“And a third angel followed them, saying with a loud voice: If any man worship the beast, and his image, and receive the mark upon his forehead, or upon his hand, he shall drink of the wine of the wrath of God, which is poured out without mixture into the cup of his indignation; and he shall be tormented with fire and brimstone in the sight of the holy angels, and in the sight of the Lam. And the smoke of their torment shall ascend for ever and ever: and they have no rest day nor night that worship the beast, and his image, and whosoever receiveth the mark of his name. Here is the patience of the saints who keep the commandments of God and the faith of Jesus!”

And the agenda seems to be moving forward at a dizzying pace at the moment, as if there are only 16 hours in a day.

“And if those days were not shortened, no flesh would be saved; but for the elect’s sake those days will be shortened.” (Matthew 24:22)

The end will involve all of creation. Another passage that is very pertinent here:

“For the anxious waiting of creation waits for the children of God to be revealed. For the creation is subjected to corruption – without its will, but by him who subjected it – but in hope; for the creation also will be set free from the bondage of corruption to the glorious liberty of the children of God. For we know that all creation groans and travails until this moment. But not only they, but also we ourselves, who have the Spirit as our firstfruits, groan within ourselves, longing for adoption as children, the redemption of our bodies.” (Romans 8 19-23)

image 26 1 1

All agendas are pushed without end, as if they have to achieve everything in a narrow time window. While the gene transformation campaign is already very far advanced, vaccine passports are being banned in Alabama and Florida. Read here. In these states they know the Bible very well and know what Revelation 13:17 means. Read here.

Recently, the alien agenda has also been pushed further. The invasion of these beings described here and the Project Bluebeam light show is being massively prepared. I think it will arrive in the next two to three years. For example, the mainstream media is now reporting very openly about the monoliths that have suddenly appeared all over the earth (now 87). Read here. The video footage of triangle UFOs from the US military getting the attention of US senators and declassified UFO documents from the CIA. Read here. And here.

On top of that, UFO sightings by the general population are said to be at an all-time high since 2020. Read here. Even 60-Minutes now confirms that UFOs are real. Watch here. Heck, even professors at the University of Oxford are now saying that aliens are currently mixing their DNA with humans through abductions to protect us from climate change! Read here.

Don’t be fooled, if it’s mainstream, that’s what they want! If it is to reach the masses through the media, then it is part of an agenda and a big fat lie. The long prepared “revelation” to welcome our supposed “creators”. Presumably the current DNA change of humanity is also a basis of this narrative. Just look at our children, you all have our (Black Goo) DNA in you. We are your gods. Biblical history is repeating itself – Project Bluebeam… I warned you.

Elsewhere, chaos also continues to escalate. On the geopolitical stage, China is making more and more enemies. Relations between the USA and China have not improved since Biden, on the contrary. Read here. Japan is now also threatened by China and the situation in the South China Sea is deteriorating. Read here. Tensions on the Sino-Indian border remain very high, according to the Council on Foreign Relations. Read here.

The violent confrontation in May 2020 was followed by several threatening gestures from both sides: India moved one of her warships to the South China Sea and banned 51 Chinese apps in her country, including Tik Tok. China then attacked Mumbai’s power supply with a cyberattack, causing blackouts. Meanwhile, Vladimir Putin threatened the West ‘not to cross a red line’ or there would be an ‘asymmetric, swift and harsh response’. Read here.  Russia has also recently become the first country to start mass production of fully automated war robots. Tanks and submarines that will be controlled by an AI and kill fully autonomously. Read here. This summer, a highly classified ‘war game’ will also take place in US bases around the world. The main focus of the scenarios will be – how the US should respond to aggressive actions and unexpected moves by China and Russia. Read here.

The war game is designed to equip top US military leaders to deal with a fictional global crisis erupting on multiple fronts. Participating forces must deal with constantly changing scenarios and compete for military resources such as aircraft carriers and bombers. Just a reminder: before every major false-flag terrorist attack, there was also an exercise simulating the exact same scenario. The Biden administration’s rhetoric has become more and more acute since China and Russia have been cooperating more and more closely. Read here.


It’s going to bang here soon. I hope I’m wrong, but my prediction from last year for the start of the war at the end of October 2022 looks more likely with each passing day. All that is needed is a strong trigger. And that trigger could be in “cyberspace”. Remember ‘Event 201’, an exercise where governments, military, media and infection experts came together in October 2019 to simulate a virus pandemic of global proportions? So exactly what ‘coincidentally’ happened in reality two months later? Well, the World Economic Forum, with which we are all familiar, made its ‘Cyber Polygon’ simulation public for the first time in the summer of 2020. Read here. A simulation in which a major cyber attack and corresponding reactions to it are simulated and discussed. It talks about cyber attacks by globally acting hackers that endanger the world community. Cyber Polygon simulates these hacker attacks and discusses them with well-known people such as Klaus Schwab, Tony Blair, Vladimir Posner and other representatives of institutions such as the World Economic Forum (WEF), Interpol, Sberbank and others. They talk about how, due to the pandemic, more and more people are exposing themselves to hacking attacks through home offices and home schooling.

image 35 1

And they are right, because since March 2020, cybercrime has exploded worldwide. As more and more of our lives take place digitally, our world has become more insecure. Because there is no such thing as 100% secure data systems. It is a constant cat and mouse race between those who exploit security gaps and those who close them. And today, even critical infrastructure is vulnerable to hack attacks, as the ransomware attack on the Colonial oil pipeline in Texas on 7 May 2021 proved. Wiki.

The pipeline went off line for several days until the operators paid the hacker group DarkSide $4.4 million. This led to a major shortage of gasoline in the US, a gasoline hamster buy and masses of gas stations running dry. As of 18 May, 10,600 gas stations were still without petrol. The hacker group DarkSide is believed to have extorted over $90 million through ransomware attacks in the last 1.5 years. I think this was just a taste of what is to come and I see more on the horizon. Governments like the US, UK, China, North Korea and Russia have been waging a hot cyber war behind the scenes for years. And China has already proven in India that they can also cause blackouts. That is why we should listen carefully when Klaus Schwab ominously warns us:

“Compared to a major cyber-attack, the COVID-19 crisis would be considered a minor disruption in retrospect.”

As if he would know of more than we do, again. We’ll see. Well, at least it doesn’t hurt to broaden one’s knowledge on the subject of data security.

And the rumours that the financial market will crash very soon are getting louder and louder. Read here. The consequences of inflation will be unstoppable. Why do you think Bill and Melinda Gates divorced? Come on, people, think. The two are actors, like any of the cabal on the public stage. They have roles to fulfil and a script to follow. Why did Jeff Bezos and his wife divorce two years ago, yet remain close friends and business partners? Read here.

These people want to keep their dough safe! Liquidate their shares. Move billions back and forth. Swap into hard assets. Without anyone asking. Why did Gates buy land for $690 million? Read here. Why does Jeff Bezos own 420,000 acres of land and is one of the largest landowners in the US? Because it can’t lose value. Read here.

These people know full well that hyperinflation is knocking at the door and their billions will be worth nothing. They want to get their sheep in the dry beforehand and then make an exit to get good seats in the bunker for the coming chaos show. And a divorce is the perfect prerequisite for shifting billions without the public putting one and one together. And of course the press is happy about the gossip and takes the bait. Because it brings ratings. Recognise the signs people, when the rich leave the sinking ship, you should do the same. Meanwhile, Bitcoin, according to an insider believed to be from a Chinese company, has been purposefully crashed to $30,000 through market manipulation.

I would like to end this article with a beautiful poem that fits very well with the current times, and with which I resonated very much. Read here.

Who Would You Be

A lot of people wonder: if I’d been alive at the time of World War II, who

would I have been?

Would I have been one of the self-interested sycophants, unquestioning

in compliance, perhaps even cowardly so, against my better knowing?

Or would I have been one of the feeble-minded, willing to turn a blind eye

to ensure my own comforts?

Would I perhaps have been one of the power-hungry, ready to perpetrate

humiliation, cruelty, and violence against others? Or would I have been

one of the brave and just resist, risking everything for a justice that2

served others more than myself?

We all know who we like to think we would be, but would we really?

Now is a good time to ask yourself.

Would you be a person who risked career, income, credibility, friendships,

respect, comforts, and social visibility if you could bring light to something

terribly, terribly wrong?

Would you risk unfair treatment, slander, ridicule, and ostracism to speak

out? Would you risk even prison or death?

And what about the people who have done so or are currently trying?

Would you be one of their accusers, judging them and attacking? Would

you simply dismiss them as irrational or as succumbing to some

character flaw?

Or would you listen and offer support, or at least hold the questions they

are bringing forth with curiosity?

Now is a good time to ask.

zitat 1

I admit that the whole issue of nanotechnology, millimetre waves and demonic attacks can be very worrying and I am not immune to them. But we must never forget that there is someone who is always watching over us. Ultimately, this is an eons-long spiritual war. The only thing he asks is to carry faith in your heart and he will protect you. After all, we can see the dangers and that is the basic requirement to protect yourself. Get your house (body, mind, soul) in order and throw everything out of your life that does not move you forward. Always ask yourself how you can help others. Nourish yourself well, strengthen yourself, clear your mind, go deep within yourself, ask the right questions and everything will work itself out.

Was haltet ihr von der ganzen Black-Goo Sache? Sind euch noch mehr Zusammenhänge aufgefallen?