Do COVID-19 vaccines have side effects?

Human skeleton and covid 19 coronavirus vaccine. Conceptual image of dangerous side effects of vaccination or very long waiting time for vaccination. 3d illustration

Many European hospitals are suspending vaccinations for their staff due to side effects.

Health authorities in several European countries are confronted with vaccine resistance. Apart from the numerous side effects of vaccines and even controversial deaths that may be linked to them, the main problem is something else.

It turns out that after vaccination, a significant percentage of those vaccinated test positive or have other symptoms such as fever, headaches, etc., and then, after being quarantined, are unavailable for work.

In particular, with regard to Astra Zeneca’s vaccine, which was the most recent to be introduced, the French health authorities issued guidance on the staggered administration of the injection after several hospital staff in Brest and Normandy suffered adverse reactions and were eventually forced to stop vaccinating medical staff with Astra Zeneca’s vaccine.

Two regions in Sweden have also stopped vaccination, and in Germany some key workers are refusing the vaccine.

In Sweden, two of the 21 regions stopped vaccinating employees last week after a quarter called in sick after receiving Astra Zeneca’s vaccine.

It has been reported from the regions of Sormland and Gavleborg that about 100 out of 400 vaccinated persons had fever or fever-like symptoms after vaccination.