Who is Dr. Chinda Brandolino?

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Dr. Chinda Brandolino studied Medicine in La Plata, Argentina and is now a Medical Examiner; with specialties in Medical Clinic, Phlebology, Lymphology, Occupational Medicine and Legal Medicine. She became a specialist who gives us her vision from the point of view of faith and ethics.

She is the director of Profamilia, an Association for the Promotion and Defense of the Values and Rights of the Family and Life, a NGO that upholds “respect for human life from the moment of conception”.


The doctor has a strong position about “gender ideology”, and for her, contraception, abortion and other population-diminishing practices are promoted from the highest centres of power.

She is also member of “Doctors for Truth” (Médicos por la verdad), an international organisation that was born in Germany, strengthened in Spain and expanded in Latin America. It’s a movement of health professionals who reject the measures implemented during the pandemic and denounce whatever is hidden behind the official Covid-19 narrative.


She is one of the speakers at the WFF, the World Freedom Forum, a meeting of conscious Beings, who with their expositions in their fields of knowledge bring us the “Torch of Knowledge”. A knowledge through which to grow, mature and choose. This forum gives us the opportunity to awaken a social debate that goes beyond the restraint that some maintain in certain selfish watchtowers.


Regarding the pandemic, Dr Brandolino argues that it is false, that the numbers of infected cases are no higher than for other diseases and that the SARS-CoV-2 virus was created in a laboratory.

Chinda Brandolino spoke out against the restrictions and questioned the effects of vaccination as “they are prescribing a drug that is a secret”.

It’s been a long time she is claiming that vaccines are made from aborted foetuses and that they produce autism, but now she shares a lot of informations regarding the dangers of the COVID-19 vaccines.

She made a special emphasis on the fact that they are an experiment that seeks to transhumanize us, explaining the transhumanist agenda ranging from genome modification to the incorporation of nanotechnology into the body through ‘vaccines.’

“They are not vaccines per se. They are transgenic substances. They use ribonucleic acid (RNA) that will modify the genome, the genes, of the person who receives it. They are going to manage the person’s genes, their thoughts, their feelings, their physical expression”.

mRNA vaccines herald a depopulation process because with them we will develop proteins that the body will detect as not its own and that can destroy the producing cell, killing our immune system.

In the case of the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus, the messenger RNA vaccine triggers the production of the S protein on the surface of the virus and thus trains our immune system against the coronavirus before infection occurs.

The doctor claims that the goals of the vaccination strategy are genocide (planned more than 30 years ago) and the tracking of inoculated people through antennae. The antennae will be able to track citizens thanks to a “metallic solution” inoculated with the vaccine.

“We’ll be transhuman, and we’ll not enjoy human rights”.

Brandolino also claims that the messenger RNA technique in the vaccines can render males sterile and that it is capable of modifying the human genome, a transformation that would be inherited by the descendants of a person inoculated with one of these vaccines.

“Your child is going to have that modification; we don’t know if he’s going to be a psychopath, if he’s going to have long ears, if he’s going to be depressive. We don’t know what modification they have made, because we don’t know the sequence of the human genome where the messenger RNA that is inoculated and marked will act,”.

Some of her most important videos (in Spanish):