German Chancellor Angela Merkel has spoke of a phased plan to ease the lockdown. At the same time she says Germany is in the third wave. An opening thus still seems a long way off, according to WELT reporter Michael Wüllenweber.

A representative survey commissioned by the Bertelsmann Foundation shows: A significant number oppose the restriction of liberties in the Coronavirus pandemic. And by no means all of them want to be vaccinated.

According to a survey, there are clear reservations against the restriction of civil liberties in the pandemic and against a COVID19 vaccination. A third of the citizens in Germany (33 percent) rejects “quite a lot” or “completely” encroachments on civil liberties to fight the pandemic. And 34 percent do not want to be vaccinated, according to the representative survey commissioned by the Bertelsmann Foundation and published on Wednesday.

For the survey, the Norstat Institute interviewed more than 1,000 adults at the end of 2020. According to the Gütersloh-based foundation, the rejection of vaccination and restrictions on freedom is above average among people who are particularly performance- and success-oriented. The coronavirus crisis exacerbates conflicts of values that were already simmering, said Yasemin El-Menouar, co-author of the study “Between Individual Freedom and the Common Good”.

Around 45 percent of those surveyed were also convinced that the crisis could also have positive effects – with regard to climate protection and social coexistence.

And 82 percent agreed with the statement that the pandemic demonstrates the need for profound change in society.

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