Der Phönix aus der Asche - Kommt es zum großen Reset?

The transformation process of the system goes into the next round. The cabal has started the next act of the 2020 theatre. Very amusing that there are still people who actually believe that this current chaos in the world only exists because someone on the other side of the world ate bat soup. Despite the pandemic restrictions, people are taking to the streets in their thousands all over the world right now. In the US, some of the demonstrations are escalating into chaotic battles with the police and looting, leaving a trail of destruction in their wake. But what is going on right now? Let’s take a closer look.

The Murder of Georg Floyd

It all started on 25 May with the murder of African-American Georg Floyd by a police officer. During a police stop in Minnesota, Floyd was killed by white police officer Derek Chauvin, who knelt on Flyod’s neck for nine minutes while his colleagues kept onlookers away.

These pictures went around the world

Floyd is said to have said several times that he could not breathe, but when Chauvin finally got off his neck, he had been dead for three minutes. The cops were suspended the next day, Chauvin was convicted of second-degree murder and manslaughter, and his three colleagues of aiding and abetting. The incident was filmed by passers-by and the accompanying pictures went around the world. In the weeks that followed, large anti-racism and anti-police violence demonstrations took place across the US and the world. These run under the banner of Black Lives Matter, a movement funded by George Soros’ Open Society Foundation, which has been established since 2013. Wiki. The symbol of the movement is the raised fist and the slogan ‘I cant Breath’ in reference to Floyd’s last words. So much for the controlled narrative.

But some things don’t fit here.

With this saying, the cabal is making fun of its mask-wearing slaves. People really think that they can’t breathe normally, because that would be too dangerous.

It starts with the fact that George Floyd and Derek Chauvin (allegedly even Freemasons) were former colleagues. Just a few months ago, they both worked as security guards at a club in South Minneapolis. Sehen Sie hier.

They even had overlapping shifts there. Namely, at the El Nuevo Rodeo Club on Lake Street in Minneapolis, owned by Maya Santamaria for 20 years. Weird coincidence, right? Choking your colleague? Was Chauvin maybe not a cop at all? At least her neighbours didn’t know this until they saw him on the news: “We didn’t know he was a cop. We thought he worked in retail.” They also reportedly never saw him in a police uniform. Here’s the interview with the neighbours, the Youtube algorithm is trying to bury it. Sehen Sie hier.

The only picture from George Floyd’s time as a security guard at the club that the media has circulated happens to show him next to a ‘Corona Light’ sign.

There are a number of questions that need to be asked here: Why did Chauvin allow himself to be filmed for minutes during a murder without the cameramen being sensibly scared away? Why did Chauvin and his colleagues have different police batches?  Why were the paramedics wearing police uniforms? Why did these “paramedics” disregard any measures that should be taken in case of potential neck injuries? Anyone who has taken a first aid course can see that nothing is right here. No resuscitation attempts, no neck protection, no body bag – nothing. Just two policemen who bunglingly lift the corpse onto a stretcher and stress the neck even more. And disappear immediately.

And even if the murder was not just and should not have happened, I find the stylisation of Floyd as an angel a little exaggerated. After all, his rap sheet was long.

  • 1988: 10 months in prison for armed robbery
  • 2002: 8 months in prison for drugs
  • 2004: 10 months in prison for drugs
  • 2005: 10 months in prison for drugs
  • 2007: 5 years in prison for armed robbery of a pregnant woman in her home.

At his funeral he literally became an angel …

Do you remember the Illuminati card game? … nothing to see here.

Next act of the plan is being played….

Moreover: Two weeks ago, demonstrations were still considered completely irresponsible and were demonised by the media and society. Especially if they were directed against the new measures. There were strict rules on how many people were allowed to demonstrate in one place and if the maximum number and the distance rules were disregarded, the police rigorously cracked down on the mostly peaceful demonstrators. Lesen Sie hier.

This is not the case with the current demonstrations, which aim to draw attention to police violence and systemic racism. Thousands of demonstrators are walking closely together through the cities, usually exceeding the maximum number allowed by a factor of 15. In some places there were even 25,000 people on the streets and mask checks are no longer possible with such masses. The police let them go, while one street away access to an anti-Corona demonstration was strictly controlled. But surely a “virus” wouldn’t care what you were demonstrating for? Don’t get me wrong: I welcome anyone who takes to the streets for human justice of any kind and is not impressed by the ‘rules’. But there was clearly a double standard here for ideological reasons. It seems that demonstrating is not so dangerous after all… Unless you demonstrate against surveillance, control and coercive measures. That is then highly dangerous (for the cabal’s big plans).

No, these demonstrations are allowed to the extent they are because they are wanted. They have not developed by chance but have been carefully planned, like everything else in this transformation process. I already “predicted” chaotic uprisings in the USA for summer 2020 at the beginning of March. Today, as then, it is clear: this is not a revolution, this is a deliberate implosion of the American empire. It is a blueprint for the implementation of even more control measures by the state. Any time an entire country becomes so consumed with political theatre and media spectacle that everything else becomes irrelevant, and a government speaks in the language of force and coercion, one should become very sceptical. Everything is going exactly according to planan….

A few more cards from Peter Jackson’s 1995 Illuminati card game ‘New World Order’.

Ordo Ab Chao

What we see here is the cabal’s old familiar approach: order out of chaos and the synthesis of opposites. The deliberately placed, highly symbolic murder of Floyd, widely disseminated through mainstream and social media, was the spark that set fire to the previously disseminated petrol. The higher the level of chaos created, the stronger the order accepted to counteract the chaos. No one would allow a military presence on the streets just like that. However, when the whole city is being beaten to pieces by madmen while a dangerous plague is raging, the people demand a firm hand to take action and quickly establish a strict order (dictatorship). The social fabric is disturbed and shattered until the people cry out for true leadership. Humanistic leadership. To free them from their deep-seated, and in truth spiritual, sufferings. The problem of racial injustice, like all evil in this world, can never be fully addressed until it is recognised as a spiritual problem. There is no political or economic solution to a spiritual problem. Those who do not go within themselves and make friends with what they find there will always see the inner enemy in their fellow human beings.

Order out of chaos. A guiding principle of the Illuminated, often seen above their dualistic eagle symbol.

The months of quarantine and social distancing have built up inner tension in people and this is now being released in a controlled way. We are talking here again about the Heglian dialectic: thesis collides with antithesis and out of this friction comes the desired synthesis. It can be seen in everything they do. Meanwhile, so many problem-response-solution agendas are going on simultaneously, from pandemic health issues, to surveillance expansion, social restructuring, censorship/divisiveness, and protest response… everything is blending into a fractalised mind. Trauma Based Mind Control of the Masses.

Trauma Based Mind Control is a method of conditioning people using pain, suffering and rituals, thereby suppressing critical thought processes. It can be applied to individuals but also to groups of people. Pain and suffering through fear of viruses and chaos. Through isolation and separation from loved ones, colleagues and strangers. By disrupting social structures and familiar routines. Fear of punishment and suffering through financial insecurity. Traumatisation through disturbing images (Italian hospital beds, Floyd’s murder). Fear of death through illness, police violence or China. Ritualisation of procedures and conditioned, emotional reactions (compulsory masks, washing hands, kneeling, demonstrating, rioting after certain triggers, etc.).

What perfect timing to have riots and protests right now, after a period of sweeping restrictions on freedom of unprecedented global proportions. After so many Americans have lost their jobs in recent months, frustration has been building and more and more people are beginning to question the official narrative. What a perfect moment for riots…. but not because the masses are now taking to the streets to demonstrate against the lockdown, but against systemic racism. A narrative that is as old as humanity itself and that has been instrumentalised again and again at appropriate moments. By the way, always shortly before the US election…

Black Lives Matter Google Analytics

As always, it’s a polarising affair: at night there are burning cars, destruction, looting and battles with the police. During the day, on the other hand, there is peaceful protest, solidarity with the police and joint “kneeling on the ground” as a gesture for Floyd. A paradox to be solved and overcome (synthesis). But don’t forget what this actually is: slaves fighting against slaves with helmets for the slave owners.

The whole thing is also an extension of the rituals. After the ritualised clapping and thanking for the Corona heroes, we now kneel together, 1.5m apart and wearing masks. We can’t touch each other, we can’t breathe – but at least we can kneel together. We can bow. To whom, actually?

The cabal knows exactly how important thoughts and words are for manifestations, especially when they are focused on by a large crowd at the same time. They have long practised this ‘magic’ on us by directing the focus of our intentions and words in desired directions. Now, crowds of people shouting ‘I cant breathe’ in a radiation pandemic that takes away your breath, I find a very unhealthy affirmation.

Symbolic actions have a subliminal effect. The idiots actually lie down on the ground for their rulers. A subliminal show of force by the Cabal. The elites laugh at us in so many ways….

But how spontaneous are the violent uprisings? The answer: Hardly.

Provocations – Who will Throw the First Stone?

The cabal needs violence and chaos to flip the switch from ‘martial law light’ to real ‘martial law’. With success, by the way: not only are many governors now calling for National Guard intervention, but also President Donald Trump. Lesen Sie hier.

Trump has already mobilised the military for mass vaccinations. Lesen Sie hier. According to Alan Dershowitz, a very important and decisive lawyer in the USA, citizens also have no right to refuse vaccination and, according to him, should be forced by force if necessary. No wonder, he is also the darling of the cabal and defended rapist Harvey Weinstein and child sex ring trafficker Jeffrey Epstein in court. Of course, it’s no surprise that Dershowitz also flew to his sex mansion on Epstein’s private jet, Lolita Express. I’m beginning to wonder why this scandal didn’t make more waves. Lesen Sie hier.

In some cities the National Guard is already in position. In Minneapolis, entire streets are being cordoned off from them.

The Militairy Police are already working against their own people.

And those bastards in Minneapolis don’t take long, they yell at citizens on their own property and shoot them with Fab rounds just because they didn’t close their front door right away. I tell you, the Americans are heading at the speed of light towards really dark times. Sooner or later these national guards will violently attack everyone who doesn’t want to let them impose a NWO on them.

In the last few months, the necessary mood of discontent has already been created. Millions of Americans have lost their jobs, in Nevada even more than during the Great Depression. Some 54 million Americans could go hungry and are dependent on food stamps. Lesen Sie hier.

All that was needed was a catalyst to turn discontent into violence. Whether Floyd’s murder was “simply” one of the hundreds of racist police killings that take place every year in the USA, on which the media attention was only focused at the appropriate moment, or whether the whole thing was deliberately faked by Crisis-Actor, is ultimately irrelevant. Either way, the effect is achieved. There are dozens of cases of police brutality in the USA every single day – whether this becomes an urgent problem for the average citizen depends solely on the arbitrariness of the mass media. Whether they focus on it or not.

And just to make sure that people in Europe were also outraged, a police murder was also committed in Paris on 28 May, three days after Floyd, against the dark-skinned Adama Traore. This one had amazing similarities to George Floyd’s death: he too was suffocated because a white policeman knelt on his neck. C’mon, I don’t believe in coincidences.

Another tactic of the mass media and police to add fuel to the fire were these staged actions by CNN and Deutsche Welle:

And of course this includes Trump’s Twitter provocation: “When the shooting starts, the shooting starts”. All tactics to make the population as angry as possible in order to create maximum chaos. Lesen Sie hier.

In order to create the desired violence, however, provocateurs from the secret services are needed. They throw the first stone, set fire to the first car, break the first windows and from then on it becomes a matter of course and other people join in (group dynamics). This is not a conspiracy theory, but already often proven practice of the FBI and the police. Wiki.

The aim of creating chaos is to be able to crack down. Often, the intention is to muddy the intentions of the peaceful demonstrators so that the subsequent public discourse is only about the mayhem and not about the actual issue (see G20 summit in Hamburg 2017). Or just to have a justification for the full executive harshness (martial law, curfews, check points etc).

The chaos-causing “umbrella” man caught the eye of many and is said to be a police officer.

A civilian agent among the protesters.

Here is a video of the Provocateur agents at the current protests. Sehen Sie hier. You can also see that “by chance” there is a pile of bricks placed in front of a Louis Vuitton shop, inviting them to smash it. As soon as the windows are open, the materialistic sheep run into the shops to get the latest sneakers. Imagine that you as a shop owner have been fighting for your survival for months because the state has banned the customers and as soon as you open again for a fortnight, your shop is completely destroyed and looted by a bunch of maniacs. The financial death blow for small shopkeepers. But one person is happy that the competition is taking an even bigger hit than usual: Jeff Bezos.

Small Joke

So lockdown – no unrest. Destroyed livelihoods – no riots. Central banks printing a few trillion to buy assets we have to work for – no riots. Chemtrails for years – no riots. 5G masts being installed everywhere – no riots. And a criminal scum sells himself out for a psycho operation and the whole world goes crazy. Seriously? Look at this, it looks like something out of an apocalyptic zombie movie …. and that’s exactly why we’ve been brainwashed by Hollywood with scenarios like this for years …

The next phase of escalation in the USA will most likely be attacks by armed patriot militias. Some of these have already defended their property from the rioters. There are indeed highly armed militias that have been preparing for these New World Order plans for years, but there is also evidence from various intelligence operations of how these militias have been infiltrated by the US state to carry out targeted attacks so that the justice system can destroy them (Operation PATCON). At least the flags of relevant militia groups have already been seen at the demonstrations. This is bound to explode in the next two-three months. But this is exactly what the cabal wants.

The yellow rattlesnake flag is the most common symbol of the dozen or so active militant militia in the United States.

A few years ago, a film was made to warn the American people. It was financed by donations and was not under the control of the big (cabal) Hollywood studios. Grey State’ portrayed the FEMA camps and riots. As well as the struggle of US soldiers against their own citizens on the heels of a pandemic. Unfortunately, the film was never released and could not be completed because the director and screenwriter David Crowley was killed along with his entire family. After that, the project was scrapped. Officially it is considered a suicide, but it raises many questions. The irony: He came from Minnesota, the city where exactly what he wanted to warn Americans about is now happening, and paid for it with his life. The rest of the people involved in the film know that he was killed because he wanted to spread the truth. He is a hero who died for the truth! Unfortunately, it is precisely such heroes who are forgotten…..And unfortunately, only this trailer still exists, but it says a lot. Watch out for the executioner in a Masonic apron.

And of course there is the film ‘The Purge – Election Year’. The picture at the beginning of this article is also from this film. Only it is not a truth but pedagogical programming to make people freak out. In one American city, the police even announced the curfew with exactly the same siren sound from the film. Sehen Sie hier. In the film, however, this sound means that there are no more laws for 12 hours and everyone can happily murder.

Synthesis of Ethnic Groups – The Ultimate Goal of Identity Politics

Divide and rule. As long as the slaves bash each other’s heads in, the slave owners have an easy game. As the saying goes, when two quarrel…the third rejoices. Dividing us humans into as many small groups as possible and inciting us against each other is both the oldest and most effective control method of the cabal. It unfortunately works better than ever today thanks to the mind-control cyber-weapon of social media.

It is interesting to note that Ford and Rockefeller and the other foundations with strong CIA connections began giving grants to study race and gender in the early 1970s. It was a sudden move towards identity politics by these organisations and the theory is that they did this to balkanise the left and prevent them from doing any kind of class or economic analysis. Instead, they focused more and more on diversity and sexual and ethnic identities, rather than on a more just economic system.

In other words, the rise of what we call “identity politics” was orchestrated to drive a wedge between the left and the working class, who now saw the academic left as concerned with “diversity” rather than economic justice; and this alienation also made it easy for the right to woo white workers by playing on their racism and sexual fears (which had already begun under Nixon and subsequently helped put Ronald Reagan in the White House).

By now, of course, the Left’s race/gender reflex – what the Right calls “political correctness” – is so well established that no one even thinks to ask how it came about. The point is that focusing on identity rather than class brings differences into focus rather than commonalities. And that leads to more hatred, more racism, more sexism and above all it leads to more division in society and that is exactly what a rich class wants to have in order to exert subtle influence on that society. Divide your enemy into many small and therefore weaker groups and spike them against each other.

Since Trump was elected, many African Americans have again felt like second-class citizens and reminded of darker times in the nation’s history. Under Obama’s presidency, the first black president, many white Americans felt like they were losing control. By having their hard-earned money taken away by new taxes and given to those who don’t work for it. Although none of these things are entirely true, the media played a crucial role in confirming their fears. Do you think it was a coincidence that two such different presidents were chosen in succession? Their task was to further divide the ethnic groups.

The fact is: this is all humbug. We are one big family. A unit that is very diverse, but all have the same human desires for cohesion, growth and love. The political pigeonholes from right to left were artificially created to break our unity. The enemy is not your neighbour and fellow slave but our rulers who are controlled by negative forces. The cabal is incredibly afraid of us realising our true power. If only we would just stick together and all pull together. Their party would be over in a day. To keep this from happening they keep us apathetic, divided and crack down on anyone who might mobilise the masses against them. A children’s film by Pixar has shown an ingenious allegory of truth for this:

Now that the cabal has divided us into several groups for decades and reinforced them through the echo chambers of social media, the point has come for them to push the hatred between the ethnic groups to the maximum. Friction is created between the two sides to create synthesis. Until the pain of division is greater than the pain of unity. The dissolution of all human distinctions (transhumanism) which is then presented by the cabal at the appropriate moment as a pain pill.

This thing can only be spit in the soup if we remain peaceful and stick together and don’t fall for their divisive bullshit. Violence and chaos is exactly what they need. Here are some refreshingly true and sensible words on the subject from the Australian mainstream media (warning: some harsh images):

The big reset of the system

But why the uprisings? What is the purpose? Well, they serve as support for the economic and social transformation at the end of which will be transhumanism. The order that will emerge from this chaos will be a complete system restructuring. Socially, economically, politically and in the end also spiritually. But it will take some time until then, we are just at the beginning of phase 2 of the process. What could this restructuring look like in the next few months? Well, let’s ask Klaus Schwab, Bilderberger and founder and chairman of the elitist World Economic Forum in Davos.

An article on the World Economic Forum website discusses a complete reset of the capitalist system. Klaus Schwab is quoted: Lesen Sie hier.

“The pandemic represents a rare but narrow window of opportunity to reflect, rethink and realign our world.”

“We need to create entirely new foundations for our economic and social systems.”

The level of cooperation and ambition involved is unprecedented. But it is not some impossible dream. In fact, a silver lining of the pandemic is that it has shown how quickly we can radically change the way we live. Almost instantly, the crisis forced companies and individuals to abandon practices long considered essential, from frequent air travel to working in an office.”

Klaus Schwab

“We need a“ big reset of capitalism ”.

The big reset agenda would have three main components.

The first would steer the market towards fairer outcomes.
Depending on the country, this could include changes to property taxes, the withdrawal of fossil fuel subsidies and new rules on intellectual property, trade and competition.

The second component of a Great Reset agenda would ensure that investments promote common goals such as equity and sustainability.

Instead of using [US, EU, ASIA] money and investments from private individuals and pension funds to fill cracks in the old system, we should use them to create a new system that is more resilient, equitable and sustainable in the long run.

This means, for example, building “green” urban infrastructure and incentivising industry to improve its track record on environmental, social and governance (ESG) metrics.

The third and final priority of a ‘Great Reset’ agenda is to use the innovations of the ‘Fourth Industrial Revolution’ to support the common good, particularly by addressing health and social challenges. During the COVID-19 crisis, companies, universities and others joined forces to develop diagnostics, therapeutics and potential vaccines, establish testing centres, create mechanisms to track infections and provide telemedicine. Imagine what would be possible if similar concerted efforts were made in every sector.”

Once again they announce their NWO plans. By now only black on white, clearer than ever. And above all: What the hell do all these changes have to do with a virus pandemic? NOTHING! Naive people would claim that a crisis is being exploited here, but no, it was g-e-n-a-u created for this purpose!

The Great Plan of the Rockefeller

Thus, as early as 201o, the exact plan for the worldwide shutdown and the transformation into the highly technological NWO was prepared by none other than the Rockefeller Foundation. Down to the smallest detail, already publicly visible at that time. My jaw dropped when I read it. In the Rockerfeller Foundation paper entitled “Scenarios for the Future of Technology and International Development” they talk about different future scenarios.

The goal of the scenarios is “rather to explore the many ways in which technology and development could evolve together”. In their vision, technology will “address a wide range of development challenges, from climate change to health care, and agriculture to housing, transportation and education.” Surely, the biggest oil monopoly, who have fought greener transport methods, care about the environment…. What is important to them for the future is global economic and political alignment, in other words a One World Order system. For the good of us all, of course. The first way they want to achieve this is called ‘LOCK STEP’, which can be seen on page 16.

On scenarios, they discuss “what the future will look and feel like in the next 15-20 years.” The following section is then about a pandemic and it is written in the past tense, but don’t be fooled: This was about the lockdown of the planned pandemic 10 years later. The scenario is as follows:


A world of tighter top-down government control and more authoritarian leadership, with limited innovation and growing pushback from citizens

The ‘painted potential scenario’ is drawn as follows:

“the pandemic the world had been waiting for years has finally broken out.
Unlike 2009’s H1N1, this new strain of influenza, which came
from wild geese – is extremely virulent and deadly. Even the nations best prepared for a pandemic were quickly overwhelmed. […]

The pandemic also had a deadly impact on national economies: The international movement of people and goods came to a halt, weakening industries such as tourism and bringing global supply chains to a halt. Even locally, normally busy shops and office buildings sat empty for months, without employees or customers. [..]

The pandemic swept the planet […].

But even in developed countries, containment was a challenge. The United States’ initial policy of “strongly discouraging” citizens from flying proved fatal in its leniency.

However, a few countries fared better – notably China. Rapid imposition and enforcement of a mandatory quarantine on all citizens and the immediate and near-hermetic sealing of all borders by the Chinese government saved millions of lives and stopped the spread of the virus far sooner than in other countries. […]

China’s government was not alone in taking extreme measures to protect its citizens from risk and exposure. During the pandemic, national leaders around the world flexed their authority and imposed airtight rules and restrictions, from mandatory wearing of face masks to body temperature checks at entrances to common areas such as train stations and supermarkets. Even after the pandemic subsided, this more authoritarian control and oversight of citizens and their activities persisted and even intensified. […]

Could this mean that Lockstep was Plan B or C?

Leaders around the world tightened their grip on power […].

At first, the idea of a more controlled world was widely accepted and approved. Citizens willingly gave up some of their sovereignty – and privacy […]

and even eagerly, as top-down management and oversight and leaders had more leeway to implement order in the way they saw fit. In developed countries, this increased oversight took many forms: biometric ID cards for all citizens, for example, and tighter regulation of key industries […] seen as vital to national interests.

Forced cooperation with a series of new regulations and agreements slowly but steadily restored both order and, importantly, economic growth.

In the developed world, the existence of so many top-down rules and norms significantly inhibited entrepreneurial activity. Scientists and innovators were often told by governments what lines of research to pursue.

In 2025, people seemed increasingly bored with having so much top-down control and leaving it to leaders and authorities to make decisions for them. Wherever national interests collided with individual interests, conflicts arose. Sporadic pushback became increasingly organised and coordinated as disaffected youth and people who had lost sight of their status and opportunities in the developing world sparked civil unrest on a large scale.

[…] this world began to become uncomfortable and constrained by so many strict rules and by the strictness of national borders. The feeling lingered that sooner or later something was inevitably going to disrupt the neat order that world governments had worked so hard to establish.”

That is the whole plan that is playing out right now! And the uprisings and anger of the citizens is an essential part of this plan. Through this chaos, they then want to push through the ‘politically and economically aligned and global system’. It’s worth reading the whole thing, I’ve also noticed twice that youtube videos discussing the document have been deleted. Other scenarios to come in the years after the pandemic are government collapses in Africa, mandatory solar panels or robots taking care of migrants. And the role of philanthropy is seen as extremely important for that time. And as we see today, their eugenicist buddy Bill Gates is taking over some parts of this plan (e.g. biometric IDs in developed countries and influence on research lines).

Reset the Monetary System

But this is not the first time the concept of the great reset has been presented to us. Chief of cable mouthpiece “The Atlantic” wrote already in 2010 the book “The great Reset – How new ways of living and working drive post-crash prosperity” or this interesting project called ‘Second Renaissance’. This sci-fi wiki wants to depict the future of the coming century as realistically as possible with a timeline of the coming events and also talks about the ‘Great Reset’ in the 2020s. Lesen Sie hier.

And part of the economic transformation of the reset will be a digital world currency. Cabal magazine No. 1 ‘The Economist’ already announced in 1988: Get ready for a world currency. On the cover you see a phoenix above a mountain of burning banknotes. He wears a Bitcoin-like coin around his neck with the year 2018 on it. At the time of this issue, Evelyn de Rothschild was the head of the magazine. And the Rothschilds, who still own 21% of the magazine, knew full well that our fiat money system has an expiry date at which it must implode. It is simply not mathematically possible to keep it going indefinitely. Wiki.

The monetary system has been crashing since 2008 and has only been artificially kept alive since then. A hyperinflation of the dollar will soon follow and then the whole thing will be replaced by a future-proof digital currency system, like perhaps Blockchain-Bitcoin, or more likely: Facebook’s Libra. Because there everything is in central control of 100 big companies that make the rules. I think Americans may be heating with dollar notes as early as this winter. The Economist predicts that Bitcoin will change the world at least as early as 2015 (right issue). The current chaos and economic damage from the lockdown serves as a distraction for the collapse that will happen either way. And the destroyed middle class further expands the powerful monopoly position of corporations like Amazon. These will then shop diligently on the bankruptcy table. Soon Amazon, Google, Facebook, Apple, Microsoft and a few other big corporations will control the entire global flow of goods and services.

Then there is the reset of the police. Everyone is angry at the police right now and are now calling for “policing reform”. Lesen Sie hier.

Does this mean we will soon be living in paradise? No, the rethink of the police will be an ever more massive expansion of surveillance measures, face recognition cameras, police drones and contact tracing so that no physical police officers are needed at all. The grid of the police state will be so tight that it will hardly be possible to transgress rules without suffering immediate consequences (social credit score, external cut-off of money flow and travel etc.). And the actual execution of executive power will then probably be carried out more and more by robots, as is already the case in some countries. Sehen Sie hier.

And a robot can’t be racist, can it? Not quite, AI and robots of course have the same prejudices as the humans they have programmed and learned from their behavioural data. For example, Amazon Rekognition’s facial recognition, which helps police work, has many false alarms for dark-skinned people. Sehen Sie hier.

That’s because there were more black criminals than white criminals in the databases it learned with. Because of the current Black Live Matter demos, Amazon has also withdrawn this product for the time being and is no longer offering it to the police. Accenture shows where the journey is going with police work of the future. Lesen Sie hier.

What’s Next?

And have you noticed that all the royal emblems and the USA Eagle have been removed under Trump? Was there a quiet transfer of power here? To whom? Have the elites long since gone to the bunkers and been replaced by clones? What does this mean?

What comes next is hard to say… What is the next act? Social unrest, martial law in the US, mass forced vaccination, global financial collapse and a world digital currency is definitely coming. But all of the following agendas are on the table as possibilities and I think very likely in the next two to three years. We will see how the NWO end-time show continues on the road to transformation into the transhumanist AI world.

Recently, the West has been doing a lot of sabre-rattling towards China and the Chinese have made it very clear that they will defend their economic interests militarily if necessary. On the world stage of power, a shift of power towards the East is taking place and the US will not allow this without a fight. But remember that this, like the Cold War, is a big show. Behind the stage, China, Russia, the USA and Europe are working together. Thesis (West) and antithesis (East) will collide and a new political world system will emerge (synthesis/NWO). A great struggle of kingdoms and peoples (ethnic groups) was also prophesied in the Bible for the end times. As well as a very strong deception – that could be the fake alien invasion. I have already started an article about the fake alien invasion (Project Bluebeam). It will be the last card they play (religious synthesis).

We will see. Don’t be tempted to hate and anger. Stay healthy and focused. Do not trust in human leaders. Live the truth and you make it stronger in the world. Trust in it and you will get through the next 10 years in one piece.