Je změna klimatu dalším strašidlem, které zotročí lidstvo?

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The flood disaster is literally grist to the mill of climate apologists. The current “consensus” is that global warming is due to man-made greenhouse gases and that immediate action is needed, otherwise the end of the world is inevitable. The correlation between CO2 and all weather phenomena attributed to it is still waiting to be proven, but nevertheless politicians and the media are constantly recapitulating that any debate based on it is over. Whether raging hurricanes, forest fires or monsoon-like rainfall, all capers are acute side effects of “climate change”, they say. But meteorologist Andreas Friedrich of the German Weather Service stated shortly after the flood disaster: “The claim that climate change is to blame is not tenable.

A Global Eco-Dictatorship

Could it be that once again a natural phenomenon is being exaggerated and instrumentalised (and perhaps also helped a little) in order to once again invoke the citizens’ fear of impending doom, in order to once again impose logically coercive measures on them and to be able to justify renewed drastic curtailments of fundamental rights?

The human psyche is quite simple. Scare the citizens with terrorists, killer viruses and climate change, and offer them the only solution that seems to make sense: a few sacrifices in personal freedom for security and general well-being. After all, one knows very well how “reasonable people” react to certain information. To determine the desired reaction, one only has to control the type of data they are presented with or the type of circumstances they find themselves in – and as rational people, they will do what you want them to do.

If there really are people who aspire to a global dictatorship (and there is no doubt that there are), man-made climate change would be the perfect alibi for a global eco-dictatorship. Not only would individual states be forced to surrender national sovereignty in favour of transnational entities like the UN, every individual emission of CO2 could be logged and controlled, simply our entire lives! Every single breath could be included in a meticulously kept CO2 balance!

Dystopias of this kind are depicted in many films and books. In the film ‘In Time’, for example, everyone has a kind of chip in their arm that tells them how much time they have left to live and kills them as soon as it runs out. Time is also the currency of this world and everything has to be bought with precious minutes and hours, while time in turn has to be earned through work. Since, due to genetic modification, no one ages any further after the age of 25, one’s lifespan depends solely on the amount of the currency ‘time’. The rich thus have an extremely long and healthy life, while the poor die young.

times up 1

Instead of taking the factor time, the factor CO2 emission is taken. This means that every person is allowed a certain amount of CO2 emissions and every smallest activity is controlled and registered, including every breath. Once the upper limit is reached, one is recycled and composted. (Of course, there will be “emissions trading” there too, it already exists today, and the rich will have a long life there too).

The Factor CO2 Emission

Sounds surreal and unrealistic? The course has already been set:

– Washington became the first US state to legitimise human composting after its eco-friendly governor signed a law to reduce carbon emissions from burial. The new law went into effect in May 2020. Those who die in the state now have the option to turn the body of the deceased into fertiliser for use in gardening. This process is called recycling. Přečtěte si zde.

– Microsoft patent number WO2020060606 provides for reading people’s body activity data via a biosensor, and assigning or denying cryptocurrencies to people based on that data. Přečtěte si zde.

– The Federal Environment Agency is already telling us that we should soon all eat insect and laboratory meat to save the climate. Přečtěte si zde.

– Also, just in time for the start of the plan in April 2020, business-like assisted suicide became legal in Germany. More and more countries are following the Dutch example of euthanasia. There, since 2020, even healthy 75-year-olds and depressives have been allowed to have themselves killed by doctors with lethal injections. It only takes a few cataclysmic events to turn a right into a duty in the name of saving CO2 and resources. Přečtěte si zde.

human recycling
Grandpa is recycled here

Cataclysmic Events

What might such a cataclysmic event look like? The Prophet saw already told us:

There will be three hard years before the Dajjal appears. During these years the people will be ravaged by a great famine. In the first year Allah will command heaven to withhold a third of its rain and the earth to withhold a third of its produce. In the second year Allah will command the heavens to withhold two thirds of its rain and the earth to withhold two thirds of its produce. In the third year, Allah will command heaven to hold back all its rain and it will not rain a single drop. He will command the earth to withhold all of its produce, and no plant will grow. All ungulates will perish except what Allah wills. (Ibn Majah)

Imagine this scenario: three years of drought and millions of starvation deaths worldwide! And Dajjal can make people believe that this is due to greenhouse gases! People will cry out for eco-dictatorship! And that is exactly when the world government will be formed and the person Dajjal will become the leader. “As far as I am concerned, my CO2 emissions / lifetime will be allocated to me by the state, if I am allowed to live at all,” people will think, just as they think today: “Better a gene therapy with emergency approval and unpredictable long-term consequences than being eradicated by the killer virus will.”

This will also be the moment when repentance will no longer be accepted:

When three signs appear, no soul will benefit from its faith if it has not already believed or has earned good through its faith: the rising of the sun from the west, the false messiah and the beast from the earth. (Muslim)


Note that these drought years are not caused by Dajjal himself, although Dajjal is certainly said to have the ability to manipulate the weather:

The Dajjal will cause rain to fall from the sky. (Muslim, Tirmizi)

So the Prophet s.a.w. clearly tells us that this is not man-made climate change! And in the second part of the hadith he tells us what we have to do:

He (sallallahu `alaihi wa sallam) was asked, “What sustains people during this time?” He said, “Tahlil, takbir and tahmid (Saying la ilaha ill Allah, Allahu akbar and al-hamdulillah). This will sustain them just as food does.” (Ibn Majah)

So this is the ultimate test for humanity, because nothing but God will be able to save you. No preparations, no survival training, no permaculture – nothing but the power of Allah himself. Which of course doesn’t mean one should make no preparations at all. In any case, one should leave the cities and go as far into the wilderness as possible.

That Dajjal is influencing the weather to steer the discussion about climate change in the intended direction may well be assumed. Already 70 years ago, 35 people died in the infamous Lynmouth flood disaster, only a few days after weather experiments by the Royal Air Force over southern England. This was reported by the BBC (Rain-making link to killer floods) and The Guardian (RAF rainmakers caused 1952 flood), among others. How many deaths and environmental devastation can be attributed to such experiments since 1952 will be impossible to determine. But the Lynmouth floods were not the only man-made weather tragedy. Weather weapons like HAARP are an integral part of the arsenal of major powers, even if they are internationally outlawed. From earthquakes to tsunamis to droughts and tornadoes, they can do it all today. Přečtěte si zde.

Much evidence suggests that the fires in California and Australia did not have a sole natural cause. Firefighters reported that plastics attached to metal melted completely, while stand-alone plastics withstood what must have been extraordinary heat. Other investigators observed guardrails catching fire where the metal bolts were attached to the wood. Fires at least three times hotter than an average house fire were observed; hot enough to melt aluminium and glass and turn houses to pure ash, leaving the adjacent plastic bins or nearby trees untouched. Residents also reported that the houses started burning almost simultaneously.

kalifornien feuer haarp
Houses burned, but not trees next to them.

DEWs (Directed Energy Weapons)

DEWs (Directed Energy Weapons) could cause these effects. Most of us are familiar with how microwave ovens heat and interact with food and how this differs from the effects of heat or convection ovens. We know that plastics are “microwave safe” while metals explode violently when exposed to microwaves. So the houses with their metal parts caught fire, while stand-alone dustbins and trees were spared.

Surely it would be easy for Dajjal to set things on fire here to dramatically illustrate “the consequences of climate change”, just as it would be easy for him to significantly increase the amount of precipitation in the Eifel.

Back to the question of the extent to which climate change is actually taking place and what its cause is. To this end, we would like to hand over the floor to an expert who admits to being ashamed of earlier statements on climate change.

Climate Skeptic

Meteorologist Klaus-Eckart Puls is one of thousands of scientists worldwide who now assess the situation differently from the generally accepted “consensus”. He spoke in an interview with Bettina Hahne-Waldscheck of the Swiss magazine “factum” in an unusually open manner for the subject:

Factum: You have been criticising the theory of man-made climate change for years. In the meantime, many prominent scientists are speaking out along these lines. How did you become a climate sceptic?

Puls: Up until ten years ago, I also parroted what the IPPC told us without checking it. At some point I started to check out the claims. The result: It started with doubts and then led to horror and the realisation that a lot of what the IPCC and the media say about climate change is not true and not at all covered by scientific facts and measurements. I am ashamed today of what I used to “retell” as a scientist, even in my own lectures.

In my opinion, the CO2 climate hysteria, which is obviously particularly strong in Germany, is ideologically and materially networked and enforced by a community of interests of profiteers.

Factum: What about global warming then? Does climate change exist?

Puls: Yes, because climate change is the normal, consequently there have always been “global warming” phases, which even far exceeded today’s extent. In the last hundred years there was a “global warming” of three quarters of a degree. Since 1998, however, there has been no global warming, but CO2 continues to rise. The institutes close to the IPCC have observed a slight cooling of one to two tenths of a degree since 1998; at best, one can speak of a so-called temperature plateau. Generally speaking, the climate has always changed and will always change.

Factum: The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) predicts 0.2 degrees of warming per decade or two to four degrees of warming by 2100. How do you rate that?

Puls: These are speculative model prophecies, so-called scenarios – not forecasts. Climate is a highly complex non-linear system, which is why forecasts are impossible. That is exactly what the IPCC report 2001 says: Nature does what it wants, not what the models predict. The whole CO2 debate is nonsensical. Even if atmospheric CO2 is doubled, this can only cause about one degree of warming for physical reasons. The rest of the warming assumed by the IPCC is based on speculative amplification processes that are not proven by anything. We can just observe that the earth has not warmed for 13 years, although CO2 has continued to increase.

Factum: What about the rise in sea levels?

Puls: The rise has slowed down more and more, and in the last two years the global sea level has even dropped by more than half a centimetre. These results have been obtained from satellite measurements over the last 20 years; sea level measurements have existed worldwide for about 150 years. The so-called “mean sea level height” is a calculated value, not a measured value. Strictly speaking, however, there is no such thing as “global sea level”. We have height differences of up to 150 metres in the world’s oceans. Sea level is also influenced by tectonic processes, such as continental uplift and subsidence, as well as by changes in wind currents, trade winds and volcanism. Climate change is only one of ten factors. We can make quite precise statements about the North Sea, for example, where regular level measurements are taken.

Factum: What is measured for the North Sea?

Puls: In the last 400 years, the sea level on the North Sea coast has risen by about 1.40 metres. That is 35 centimetres per century. In the last hundred years, the North Sea has only risen by 25 centimetres. So the rise has slowed down.

Factum: Does the rise have anything to do with the melting ice at the North Pole?

Puls: That is a fallacy. Even if all the floating North Pole ice melts, the sea level does not rise by a millimetre. Take a glass of water with ice cubes and wait until they have melted. The level in the glass is not higher afterwards. This is because water increases its volume by ten percent when it freezes, and decreases it by the same amount when it melts. Only this ten per cent of the iceberg protrudes from the water, and disappears again when it melts. This is Archimedes’ principle.

Meereis Meeresanstieg
Dubious correlation between sea rise and arctic ice here during daily brainwashing at Spiegel-Online.

Factum: And the fact that the glaciers in the Alps are melting is not only due to global warming?

Puls: There are many factors there, too. When you climb a mountain, the temperature drops by 0.65 degrees per 100 metres. So when it got three quarters of a degree warmer in the last hundred years, the average zero-degree limit shifted upwards by about 100 metres. It can be observed, however, that not only the lower glaciers are melting, but also those at 1000 metres and higher. This has another cause, namely soot and dust. Darker ice full of aerosols absorbs more solar radiation, converting the radiation into tangible heat. You notice the difference yourself when you wear a black T-shirt instead of a white one, which makes you much warmer underneath in the sun. But soot and dust do not only exist anthropogenically since industrialisation, but also in nature, for example through volcanism, dust storms, forest and steppe fires. For these reasons, there have always been glaciers melting in the history of the earth, although we know from research results of glaciologists, for example, that the Alpine glaciers were mostly smaller in the last 10,000 years than they are today.

Factum: In your opinion, the melting ice in Antarctica, where a huge iceberg broke away three years ago, is not that bad?

Puls: No, on the contrary. In the last 30 years, the Antarctic ice cap has increased in area and volume and the temperature there has decreased. This affects both Antarctica and the peripheral floating ice belt. This 30-year trend can be assessed quite well because a measuring network with about 40 stations from different countries has been there since about that time. Stations that have been measuring for longer, such as the Amundsen-Scott Station in the USA directly at the South Pole, document that the temperature has even been declining since 1957. Antarctica holds 90 per cent of the Earth’s ice, and Antarctica is about one and a half times the size of Europe.

see eis
Dimensions of sea ice June 2021

Factum: So why do we often read that it has become warmer in Antarctica?

Puls: The only Antarctic region worth mentioning that has become warmer in recent decades is precisely the area where a 100 square kilometre iceberg broke off the Wilkins Shelf in March 2008: the Antarctic Peninsula region. However, it covers barely one percent of the area of Antarctica. This peninsula lies about 1000 kilometres south of Tierra del Fuego and extends another 1000 kilometres to the south. Thus, it lies fully within the area of influence of the strongest storm zone on Earth, the southern hemispheric westerly wind drift.

Factum: What causes such break-offs?

Pulse: Not only thickness, pressure and consequently slides play a role in ice break-offs in West Antarctica, but also intensity fluctuations of these westerly winds over the centuries, analogous to the circulation fluctuations in the temperate latitudes of the northern hemisphere, for example on the North Atlantic. If the westerly winds intensify, which has been observed in the southern hemisphere for more than 20 years, it becomes warmer on the west coast of the Antarctic Peninsula, for example, because the temperature difference between the winds and the sea water they bring in and the ice is more than 20 degrees. The second factor is the storm waves caused by the winds. They beat against the ice and mechanically cause the ice to break up. And a third factor: as more and more snow and ice pile up towards the top, the thickness of the ice increases and with it the downward pressure. Pressure generates heat, so that a layer of liquid water forms under the ice, on which the glaciers begin to slide. All these causes are therefore meteorological or physical in nature and have nothing to do with any climate catastrophe.

greta thunberg 666
Greta Thunberg with one-eye Dajjal symbolism is sponsored by exactly the people who also sponsor the Corona show: Rockefeller, Bill Gates etc

Factum: So there must have been ice break-ups like this before?

Puls: Yes, for thousands of years, even in the 1970s, when there was no talk of “global warming”. On the contrary: In August 1974, “SPIEGEL” still ran the headline “Is a new ice age coming? At that time, there were ice break-offs of several hundred square kilometres in diameter, so that the media discussed whether the icebergs should be transported by tugboats to dry countries like South Africa or Namibia as a drinking water supply. But then that was logistically difficult to manage.

Factum: What about the photos of the polar bears that no longer have enough ice and that like to be printed in the media when it comes to climate change?

Puls: That is one of the worst climate hysteria stories. The polar bear is the icon. The polar bear doesn’t eat ice, it eats seals. He dies when we hunt the seals or even exterminate them, not when the ice melts. He has enough land to live on, there are a lot of islands in the North Pole area, plus North Greenland, Alaska, Siberia, the whole polar fleet. The polar bear population has even increased during the moderate climate warming in the northern hemisphere! Fifty years ago, 5000 polar bears were counted in the entire North Pole region, today there are about 25 000 polar bears.

Factum: But it is true that the ice in the Arctic, unlike in the Antarctic, continues to melt?

Puls: Yes, it has been melting for 30 years. But this has also happened twice in the last 150 years. There was a summer low in 2007, but since then there has been a little more ice every summer. The ice melts in summer and increases again in winter. Researchers’ concerns in 2007 that the so-called irreversible tipping point had been reached were unfounded. The summer low of 2007 has not been reached or even fallen below for five years. Ice melts have always occurred. Between 900 and 1300 Greenland was already green in the margins, the Vikings settled “green-land”.

Factum: And what do you say about the often claimed expansion of the deserts?

Puls: It doesn’t exist. The Sahara, for example, shrank in favour of the surrounding steppes. In the last 20 years, the Sahara shrank by about 300,000 square kilometres in the north, an area almost as large as Germany. In the south of the Sahara lie the dry steppes of the Sahel belt. There, too, an increase in precipitation as well as the spread of certain trees and shrubs has been observed for more than 20 years. In the meantime, an area of about 300 000 square kilometres has “greened up”. The famine that occurred in Somalia, Kenya and Ethiopia in 2010 is mainly due to the leasing of large areas of land by international corporations and the cultivation of biofuel crops for Europe there, as well as war and terror, of course. However, it seems more convenient in affluent Europe to blame a fictitious climate catastrophe for the social mistakes and failures of this world.

global greening 1
From 1982 to 2010, despite the deforestation of the rainforests , the world’s green space increased by 2 times the area of ​​the United States

Factum: Then don’t we need to do anything about climate change?

Pulse: There is nothing we can do about it. From a scientific point of view, it is sheer absurd to want to maintain “a nice, stable climate” by turning a few CO2 adjusting screws. However, many people confuse climate protection and environmental protection. We cannot protect the climate, but we must of course protect the environment and take care of clean drinking water for all peoples. Another thing is important to me: a debate on alternative energies, which in my opinion also makes sense in many respects, is being saddled with an irrational climate debate. One has nothing to do with the other.


It should also be mentioned here that our Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) predicted that one of the signs of Judgment Day will be that the land of Arabia will again be green and rivers as it once was (reported by Muslim). This may be a surprising statement considering that the Arabs did not believe or could not have known that Arabia was once lush and fertile and had rivers.

The discovery of a unique species of elephant tusks in the Arabian desert shows that the desert land of Arabia was once indeed lush green and had large expanses of water. It’s vivid evidence, archaeologists say, that large animals once roamed lush and fertile plains where the wind-blown sands now cover the scorching Nafud Desert. There were even hippos there.

“Using satellite technology to map the terrain, we predict that there are tens of thousands of unknown archaeological sites in the Arabian desert,” says project leader Prof. Mike Petraglia. “There are over 7,000 [dry] sea beds on the peninsula, most of them in Saudi Arabia.”

The re-greening will happen after Jesus as kills the Dajjal, but it has already started. The days of the Dajjal are already numbered. So don’t lose hope!