Rakovina a "vakcíny" proti kovidům?

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Several months ago, we had at least theoretical reservations about vaccinating cancer patients or former patients who have recovered, because of the envisaged mechanism of gene injection on immunity. Several geneticists had also expressed their concerns about the possible interference between active cancer cells, or dormant cells, and the activity of gene therapy on lymphocytes in particular.

Coincidences? The Key Word

Months have passed, and the vaccine craze has grown, leading to refuse patients without a pass in hospitals (intended, it is well known to only receive healthy people) and to require patients to be vaccinate absolutely before receiving any treatment, including cancer patients.

We are in a world gone mad and yet these stories are multiplying, like this young man of 22 years who saw the appearance of a chronic cough leading to an X-ray discovering a mediastinal mass. The two large Parisian hospitals which received him refuse to start the treatment (without it being explained in detail) if the patient refuses the experimental injection, of absolutely unknown effects on the development of cancers. The justification of doctors? None: “it is like that”, and we accepted it well!

Silence on the colleagues suspended for lack of obedience and even more on the objective reasons  which made them prefer to lose their job, their remuneration, their house, their family intolerant to these decisions too rather than submit to the presidential ukase to accept experimental drugs …

More than three hundred thousand caregivers (a figure probably greatly underestimated given the number of hospitals and clinics currently forced to close beds and postpone interventions for lack of personnel) would they be crazy, conspiratorial or delusional to the point of putting themselves in great personal, social, family, professional, psychological danger? Have the doctors who claim that it is safe to be vaccinated take the time to look at the statistics of the effects reported and accepted by official agencies? The FDA EMA MHRA are they also “conspirators when they post like the VAERS:

The VAERS of September 26, 2021

More than 726,000 Covid vaccine-related adverse reactions reported to VAERS as CDC and FDA overturn advisory committee recommendations on Pfizer’s third vaccine.

VAERS data released by the CDC included a total of 726,965  adverse event reports from all age groups following Covid vaccines, including 15,386 deaths and 99,410 serious complications between December 14, 2020 and December 17, 2020. September 2021. [1]

Or Eudra Vigilance pharmacovigilance body of the European Medicines Agency

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Or even the ANSM our French agency  which displays  more than 1,200 deaths  accepted as at least possible in connection with these experimental injections.

All therapeutic trials for fifty years were stopped after a few deaths for investigation (53 deaths stopped the H1N1 vaccine). Here thousands of deaths around the world and children are shamelessly attacked. [2] How can we continue to believe that it is a health policy?

Why this denial worthy of the most solid sects on the part of theoretically educated doctors, able to obtain information directly from reliable sources and endowed with a brain? The fear of the leader, the boss, the director, who in a few months will inevitably be questioned, since many countries are backpedaling and even Germany wants to get out of vaccine terrorism, perhaps on the occasion of the departure of Ms. Merkel . [3]

The main organizations of contracted doctors in Germany demand an immediate end to the ‘anti-corona’ measures and an end to the ‘rhetoric of horror and the politics of panic’. Obviously, French hospital doctors in Paris, and elsewhere, do not read German newspapers and are terrorized by threats from their Council of the Order, their minister, and become kapos [4]  and terrorize their patients.

More and more Testimonials are Closing to All

Whatever their unacceptable reasons, testimonies are multiplying.

A young girl accompanies her friend to her mother’s funeral … like mother, mother of a 34-year-old high school friend, in remission from breast cancer for two years who has been injected with the famous injection and is collapses a few days later in a coma and dies after three days of hospitalization … Politically correct explanation: the cancer exploded and took her away. Close the chapter and the coffin.

What would Maigret have said?

But too many coincidences shock police investigators in front of a corpse. Only doctors would not have the right to think about the coincidences of time, for example: “temporality” is their key word …

Like the misleading slogan, “the numbers are always right”. Yes if they are real and seen in the real world. But what confidence can we place in those of the rigged simulations that the government and the media shower us with without ever specifying that they are only predictions or estimates? [5]  But we do what we want with the numbers, when we choose them, or create them to justify the chosen hypothesis, and the viewer can only see fire.

In any case, with regard to “cancer and gene injection”, the vagueness unfortunately dissipates in front of the multitude of terrible stories. Of the colleague who sees appearing multiple “balls” under her armpits, which assessments in all directions at the hospital do not explain … Obviously no possible link with the vax. And yet the lymph nodes which appear some time after the injection are a frequent observation after these vaxes.

So clearly there seem to be three situations:

  • The appearance of cancer quickly after the injection (two weeks to a few months) and very progressive, in a person hitherto free from known carcinological pathologies.
  • The progressive resumption of cancer in a patient in complete remission for several months or years.
  • The rapid, even explosive, evolution of a still uncontrolled cancer.

Beyond the testimonies that flow from relatives or their friends and on social networks, a Swiss newspaper has finally addressed the subject in a broader way.

Here are some excerpts from their article [6]  and their references [7] :

Can covid vaccines cause cancer?

“In some cases, the answer seems to be yes. Granted, there is no evidence that the covid vaccines themselves are carcinogenic. However, it has been shown that in up to 50% of vaccinees, covid vaccines can induce  temporary immunosuppression or immune dysregulation (lymphocytopenia) which can last for about a week or perhaps longer.

In addition, covid mRNA vaccines have been shown to “reprogram” (i.e. influence) adaptive and innate immune responses and, in particular, down-regulate the so-called TLR4 pathway, which is known to play an important role in the immune response to infections and cancer cells ”.

Thus the authors conclude that it is quite possible that these immune modifications could lead to unforeseen consequences on the condition of the recipient of the gene injection. A matter of common sense in fact!

“So if there is already a tumor somewhere – known or unknown – or if there is a predisposition to a certain type of cancer, such a state of vaccine-induced immune suppression or immune disruption could potentially trigger sudden tumor growth and cancer in the weeks after vaccination. It should be noted that lymphocytopenia has also been frequently observed in cases of severe covid ”.

It has also been observed post-vaccination reactivation of latent viral infections, in particular the herpes zoster virus, EBV (Epstein-Barr) and hepatitis virus.

“Temporary vaccine-induced immunosuppression is also a factor that may contribute to the post-vaccination peak in coronavirus infections seen in many countries .”

Frequency of Vaccine-Related Oncinology Events: Unknown

There are already a few thousand observations in official adverse event reporting reports and in online patient groups. There are certainly real coincidences or diagnostic delays due to a delayed diagnosis related to containment. But we should not wipe out with the back of the sleeve the huge problems that these real affected people pose in their daily lives and even more so the responsibility that oncologists take by forcing the injection before any treatment or any continuation of protocol. Their main argument: “we did it well, without arguing” does not seem worthy of a once thoughtful profession.

In August 2021, Dr. Ryan Cole, [8] American, pathologist for very long years described a significant increase in certain types of cancer (eg endometrial cancer, uterus) since the start of the vaccination campaign mass covid. More recently, German pathologists have also noted the problem of post-vaccination immune deregulation and sudden tumor growth in some patients.

On French networks, several testimonies coincide with the reappearance of vaginal bleeding in women over the age of 85, leading to the diagnosis of endometrial cancer and rapid death … The spike protein produced by the body as a result of the injection is particularly attracted to the genitals, and this would be another demonstration.

So while waiting to find out more, let’s be careful, both doctors and caregivers, and don’t play the sorcerer’s apprentice!

Caution is required with all experimental treatments and even more when they are the result of a technique never used before in infectious pathology. First, do no harm must guide the decisions of any doctor who is faithful to his Hippocratic Oath.


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4. Thus were called the deportees who, in exchange for some advantages, became accomplices of the Nazis and sometimes showed themselves as inhuman as their executioners.


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