Conspiracy of the conspiracy (Oh, the good people!)

That there is and has been a conspiracy is undeniable. History is full of intrigue simply because people are not crazy. So our time is the only one exempt from it?

Conspiracy against Reason

What a conspiracy against reason! What an arrogance of modernity, once again! The plot is the mystery. Nothing more. And secrecy is often necessary. When the individual believes that his project may meet with determined opposition that will jeopardize his project, or that the consequences of his action may eventually turn against him, he chooses to keep it quiet (or concealed) for the time being.

What could be more natural? We’re all like that, on a personal level. Sometimes, to be effective, we need to act without revealing to the other what we are doing. Parents often conspire against their children. When we are sure we are acting for the good of the other, all the locks are broken. The best interest…

The word “conspiracy” is a powerful trap that works in a flash. It paralyzes. It is a spell that paralyzes the person who receives the word. It is the ink of thirst. The brain freezes immediately. Reflex. Stunned. I think it’s worth drawing a parallel with the charge of “fascism,” which Stalin understood very well. I immediately notice the smug grin of the man who says, “I don’t believe in the plot”. When he says this, he feels smarter.

Nobody wants to be the paranoid in history. Everyone is caught up in this system. Everybody. Even my best friends get involved in this diabolical alternative without hesitation. To conspire or not to conspire? It’s lonely.

There are forces at work

We must refuse to accept this view of things. There are forces at work: we can see that. Whether these forces are conspiratorial in the strict sense or not is irrelevant. The effect is the same. The consequences are the same. The Great Reset was probably not decided and planned by a few people sitting around a table, but its effects are visible and its consequences are real – even in people’s minds. No doubt no one has asked, “What if we destroyed the school?” yet that is exactly what has been happening for forty years.

But every time we hear the same refrain: “That’s ridiculous, there can’t be a Great Reset, because that would mean there’s a conspiracy. Nobody wants to destroy the school, you’re crazy. I don’t care if someone decided to do this, planned all the steps of this process in his sick brain and shared his design with other crazy people of his kind who helped him to implement it.

IT DOESN’T MATTER! There are interests at stake, very powerful interests, and these interests are clashing, as they have since the beginning of time. This is a real scoop!

If I were Bill Gates, I wouldn’t tell you what I think. Not because I would be ashamed of it, but for the sake of efficiency. You have to understand that these people want the good of humanity. When Bill Gates is called a philanthropist, that is the truth.

They are not evil people who want to do evil. The communists firmly believed that they would bring heaven to earth. And even the Nazis did what they thought they could do to improve the human race. Corruption comes afterward, once the system takes hold. But the believers who want good are pure of heart.

It is about saving the world

If they hide their designs, it is because they are convinced that we are not intelligent enough, not developed enough, not smart enough to understand them. You can’t want the good of humanity, the world, the planet, and be nice to your neighbor at the same time. Our neighbor doesn’t count anymore when it comes to saving the world. Moreover, we can see this clearly. Radical environmentalists and radical animal rights activists have long since shown their ugly side. All means are good. Do you hear? And among those means are lies, manipulation, deception with numbers, conspiracy.

But I can already see the outraged virgins stamping their feet in front of their screens and accusing me of comparing Hitler to Bill Gates. Calm down, my darlings. Bill is nice, that goes without saying. And Adolf was a very bad painter, that goes without saying. Calm down, calm down…. But I’m not a nice guy. That’s why I take the liberty of saying what no one else says.

That’s how you recognize me. I am not a philanthropist. Not at all. For example, I don’t want to contract heart muscle inflammation under the pretext that I’m participating in a grandiose experiment to save humanity. I will have my stroke when the time comes! Right now, for example, I’m in very good shape.

I’m ready to get the world-shaking coronavirus up my nose every morning at breakfast. More than that doesn’t scare me. Don’t worry. I’m not even that big of a philanthropist that I don’t have a problem with it if you want to inject yourself with Pfizer. Go ahead and do it. You can tell us all about it. I can tell you about a bad flu I had a few years ago. I thought I was going to die. Fifteen days in bed. Alone. Did I get a flu shot? Certainly not! But you don’t care about that, I know….

“Yeah, well, okay, but then what’s the purpose, what’s the plan?” my non-paranoid friends ask me. I don’t know. No, really, I don’t know. Oh, I have some ideas, of course, but I don’t think it’s that important to talk about it here, they’re just hypotheses. But I think you find it very difficult to admit that things are never black or white.

You want us to say, yes, there is a conspiracy, and that is what the conspiracy is. But you can’t answer that way. I think there is a conspiracy within the non-conspiracy and a non-conspiracy within the conspiracy. Things are so intertwined that it’s impossible to choose. And this suits the conspirators who exist, I repeat, because there have always been and will always be people who plan for the long haul (Jesus was a conspirator).

Infamous and heinous measure

Are you asking me for an answer that is 100% true? Then it is impossible for me to answer you, because things are never 100% true. There will always be something that contradicts a 100% true statement. And there will always be some moron who will raise his finger and say, “You see! What you claim is false, because there is at least one element that contradicts your claim. And this idiot will be applauded. This story is as old as time. I believe that this crisis has great merit, because it has allowed us to see things that would have been kept quiet without it.

One example is the fundamental problem of digital identification. Everyone is focusing on the “health passport,” which is an infamous and heinous measure, I agree, but this “health passport” is nothing. What is worrying is what made the “health passport” possible and what will make it possible to set up something else tomorrow, and then something else…. What is frightening is the absolute control that this technology promises. Step by step, we are moving toward “surveillance and punishment,” as Michel Foucault wrote almost fifty years ago.

The steps are modest each time, but the path taken is important. Had it not been for this “pandemic,” we probably would not have seen the extra step we were asked to take. The temperature has gone up a lot since then, but we’ve gotten used to it, just a little more and more…. It’s that little bit more and more that scares me. I don’t laugh at technocrats. They don’t make me laugh at all. But don’t you see this world coming? Don’t you see them, these masked zombies walking down the street staring at their smartphones?

Don’t you read them on social media, where they express themselves like the robots they already are? What more do you need? Have you really not seen how medicine has been taken over by the pharmaceutical industry since this crisis began? How treatments for COVID, which everyone knows are effective, have been criminally shelved to make the vaccine that will save humanity inevitable? But it goes much further than that.

What this crisis is telling us is, “There is only one way to treat ourselves. Ours. Their health belongs to us. You don’t know it. Your body doesn’t know it. We know that. We will save you from yourselves. Life belongs to us now. We have the patents.

Planetary Genocide

Could some crazy people have dreamed up a planetary genocide to drastically reduce the world’s population? Frankly, I find that hard to believe, but nothing is impossible. If some people are sincerely convinced that global overpopulation – which does exist – is leading humanity to extinction, they may have decided to take matters into their own hands for the good of all (the survivors).

It’s a gamble. What seems certain to me, however, is that these COVID vaccines are not harmless. There have never been so many accidents after vaccinations (and for good reason, because this is a large-scale experiment), and I am absolutely sure that we are far from having counted all the victims of this madness. In normal times, all this would have been stopped long ago. But nothing is normal today, which is a sign of a changing world.

Transhumanism is not a hypothetical future, it is already at work in many minds. It is already in full swing, and many people are betting on it (including billions of dollars). This is where the two forms of “conspiracy without plot” meet.

The big and the small. The ideal and the self-serving. The religious and the pragmatic. The madman and the cynic. The idealist and the accountant. The visionary and the grocer. Some think transhumanism is the only viable path for humanity (they are probably not very numerous), and some (much more numerous) have a concrete interest in it, whether directly or indirectly.

The two parties meet, as they so often do, in opportunistic ways. The contingency takes the face of the idea, and the idea the face of the contingency. We no longer know who is who: In this horror, everything becomes possible. This is exactly what we are experiencing today.