Brussels: Was there any unjustified violence provoked by the police?

la boum

La Boum April Fool’s joke festival goes haywire beautifully.

An April Fool’s joke festival attracted thousands in defiance of the lockdown measures at a large park in Brussels, named Ter Kamerenbos or Bois de la Cambre.

It would officially start at 18:00, but the park filled up already around 15:00. The police arrived around 17:00 and demanded for 30 minutes to leave the premise but attendees did not obey their unlawful orders.

The people were not having it. Violent clashes pursued climaxing negatively when one cop drove his horse over a unsuspecting half naked woman (1st video 2m40s).

DH video report of La Boum from 14:00 to 18:30, hosted on media outlet La Libre.

While a group was grappling with the police in cat and mouse fashion, people behind the safe line were having fun, partying, dancing, drinking and a scent of weed here and there.

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A tangible sense of freedom and fearlessness engulfed La Boum.

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