Bolivia: Does President Arce recommend the use of Traditional Indigenous Medicine?

Traditional indigenous medicine has proven itself in Bolivia in strengthening the immune system and protecting against COVID-19. President Arce has the successful practices listed in the Department of Health’s catalog and recommends them to the general public.

In the future, the Bolivian government will focus more on the use of traditional indigenous medicine – to combat the corona pandemic and for the health of the Bolivian population as a whole. President Luis Arce emphasized the benefits of medical knowledge of the indigenous population at a press conference on December 31.

In his speech, Arce highlighted reports from numerous rural areas in Bolivia that actively use indigenous medical practices. These regions did not have a large outbreak of COVID-19 lung disease, such as the cities of La Paz and Santa Cruz. He recommended the use of indigenous medicine for the entire Bolivian population. Resentment against traditional methods would have to be overcome.

“We have seen in practice that social organizations have used traditional medicine, especially in rural areas – with great success. This is a fact that Bolivians cannot ignore. We have therefore asked the Ministry of Health to include the methods in their protocol. They should record exactly which of the traditional methods are exactly successful, so that all Bolivians – in the east, west, north and south of the country – can use the methods whose effects have been proven in disease prevention and which are therefore useful for protecting the entire population . “