Graphene Oxide: Everything at a Glance

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Graphene Oxide Data. Everything at a glance with Attachments.

Graphene Oxiden Side Effects


Graphene Oxide is a potent Toxin that, when introduced into the body by various routes, causes thrombogenicity.



Procoagulant Effects

Graphene Oxide produces procoagulant effects in the body



Damage, Syndrome and Storm

Graphene Oxide causes mitochondrial damage, postinflammatory syndrome, pulmonary fibrosis, impaired immune system, and cytokine storm




Graphene Oxide causes inflammation of mucous membranes and as a result; loss of taste and partial or complete odor (anosmia)



Bilateral Pneumonias

Graphene Oxide spreads uniformly in the pulmonary alveolar tract and produces bilateral pneumonias


Graphen 13


Toxicity and Lung Disease

If the Masks with Graphene Oxide Nanoparticles have been “withdrawn” due to toxicity and lung disease, how is it possible that the population is being vaccinated in industrial quantities and for what purposes? 



Brain’s Neuronal Synapse

Graphene Oxide Nanoparticles cross the blood-brain barrier and influence the response of the brain’s neuronal synapse




Graphene Oxide is more potent in aerosols or particles



Графенов флагман

Astrazeneca’s Directors are also members of the Graphene Flagship



Intranasal Vaccines

They are developing intranasal Vaccines “against the flu” with Graphene Oxide Nanoparticles



Balance between Glutation and Free Radicals

COVID19 is a disease in which the balance between the natural antioxidant reserves of GLUTATION and the free radicals ROS that produce cytoxicity is disturbed.

For this reason, treatments with N-acetyl-cysteine (NAC), a precursor of glutathione, or glutathione administered directly to patients, had an effect.



The reason a drug like NAC or glutathione acts on all the symptoms of a disease is that it acts on the etiologic or causative agent.

In fact, glutathione or NAC, its precursor, reduces the toxic graphene oxide, which they demonstrated was intentionally or unintentionally introduced via various routes of administration (at least masks, PCR tests, intranasal flu vaccines, and according to the preliminary report, “anticovid” vaccines).




Since we have never had any scientific evidence of the actual isolation and purification of a new coronavirus called SARSCOV2. In this sense, the institutions that claim to have done this refer us to a “virtual sequencing” from a scarce sample in a computer that was more than 99% derived with a computer algorithm called MUSCLE. But this virtual construct DOES NOT EXIST IN NATURE.

It makes a lot of sense to claim that the causative agent of COVID19 disease is exactly graphene oxide. A very toxic chemical compound that disrupts the ROS/glutathione balance in the body, resulting in post-inflammatory syndrome, blood clotting, platelet reduction and, if the balance is not restored, immune system breakdown and bilateral cytosine storm pneumonia as a first consequence due to the uniform spread of graphene oxide nanoparticles in the lungs.

It should be noted that glutathione is also a precursor of vitamin D, so the depletion of glutathione in the “battle” against toxic graphene oxide explains the low vitamin D levels of COVID19 patients.



On the other hand, glutathione levels are usually high in children, they start to decrease at the age of 30 and drop considerably from 60-65 years, which also explains why the disease affects the elderly population independently of other pathologies that aggravate their situation and have practically NO effect on the young population.



Graphene Oxide Nanoparticles easily cross the blood-brain barrier and settle at the neuronal level. Something that can be used for certain purposes that we are not going into at the moment, but that is probably the FINAL PURPOSE where COVID19 disease is just a “collateral effect”.



The result is NEURODEGENERATION, or in other words, the well-known neurological COVID19



In short, the population was subjected and even forced to “protect” themselves with what potentially causes the disease. Finally, it should be noted that graphene oxide, like any material, has what we call an electronic absorption band.

That is, a microwave frequency from which it is excited and multiplies its frequency, oxidizes much faster, multiplying its toxicity with only the generation of specific excitation frequencies and thus breaking the ROS / glutathione balance much faster.

This explains that a person could enter a hospital center on foot and die within a few hours, something very unlikely from a biological point of view due to the so-called “incubation times “



This absorption band is implemented exactly in the third bandwidth of the new 5G technology and that began simultaneously with the “pandemic”. It should also be emphasized that the world’s first trial of this technology took place in November 2,019 in the city of Wuhan (China), which coincided spatially and temporally with the development of the pandemic.



We hope that you, as health professionals, will take note of this important information, study it, and make it known to your entire health care team, because it represents only one essential part of a much broader and deeper work that only confirms what has already manifested itself here.

Regarding the contents of the vials that are inoculated as “vaccines,” we note that: “There is no biological material in them to help the body develop some kind of immunity”, but that most of them contain a considerable dose of this potent toxin graphene oxide, which can also be stimulated by external electromagnetic microwave fields from cell phone bands, considerably extending its cytotoxicity to destroy the ROS/glutathione balance and produce the well-known COVID19 disease.

Soon comes the technological activation whose delicate frequencies coincide with the electronic absorption band of graphene oxide. Our estimated result lets us foresee as soon as this happens, in the order of tens of thousands of deaths per day in our country alone.



When they did the technological trial in March/April 2020, we limited to a maximum of about 1,000 deaths per day, mostly in nursing homes that had their nearby antenna (we studied observationally and statistically more than 179 cases) and their substantial dose of graphene oxide in flu campaign 2. 019.

Our elderly did not die from a new coronavirus or biological agent, they were probably poisoned with graphene oxide in the vials in this flu campaign 2,019 because of the possibility of using it in flu vaccines as an “adjuvant”, but this information never appeared or appears in the adjuvants of the actual contents of the “vaccines” by the pharmaceutical companies, although in their analysis this is confirmed.



But taking into account the increase in power due to 5G technology, the proliferation of these antennas installed more and more during the pandemic, and especially the significant number of vaccinated or “graphenized” in the population, we assume an average of tens of thousands of deaths per day caused by the introduction of the toxic graphene oxide in their bodies and the interaction with the 5G ignition and emission of specific qualities, with a COVID19 forecast.

Therefore, they incomprehensibly announce new variants and strains (Delta, Delta Plus, Beta, Alpha, Eta, Lambda, etc.) This information has been shared and widely studied with the help of the media by hundreds of thousands of people who not only know how we can protect ourselves and prevent COVID19, but also from the MASSIVE deception that for some reason subjected the entire world population. the “official” communication within the framework of the so-called AGENDA 2030 of the “sustainable” development of society, the implementation of 5G technology and the introduction of artificial intelligence.