Compulsory Vaccination To Save The Financial System?

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Do you also know the accounts of your grandparents at the time after World War 2, when very painful monetary measures were implemented against the backdrop of galloping inflation, war debts and people who had lost everything? I would like to talk very briefly about what happened then and then turn to our present day.

Enormous Financial Burden

The first step was the currency reform [1] in 1948, when the Reichsmark became the D-Mark. However, the newly created state immediately took the opportunity to get rid of a large part of its liabilities by paying only 6.50 D-marks for 100 Reichsmarks. This applied to everything held in bank accounts, government bonds, debentures, building society savings and also the assets from life and pension insurance policies. Liabilities, i.e. loans, and current payments (rents, pesions, etc.), on the other hand, were converted 1:1 and thus remained in full. Thus, in the course of the currency reform of 1948, financial assets were massively devalued.

Since the currency reform hit savers in particular and spared real estate owners, in August 1952 the equalization of burdens [2] was implemented for citizens with tangible assets, especially real estate. A burden equalization of 50% was paid to the state on all assets. This enormous financial burden was then paid to the state in 1/4-year installments over 30 years. In 1982, the Burden Equalization Act ended with the last installments. Actually.

What does this have to do with Corona and the Proposed Mandatory Vaccination?

The existing financial system of compound interest keeps running into a trap of its own making. The capital always shifts over the years to an extremely rich but small group. The rest of the people have to pay interest on this wealth of the super-rich through their labor, but this is becoming more and more difficult because the capital to be paid interest on keeps growing. Therefore, this system needs a reset every now and then. In the past, wars were very popular for this purpose. In the past, deaths and suffering were accepted for the preservation and expansion of wealth. Why should it be any different today?

So far, fortunately, there has not been a Third World War (given the large nuclear arsenals, that would be dangerous for the “elites” themselves), but the problem of the financial system exists. This was aggravated since the 1980s by the deregulation of financial markets and the emergence of highly speculative derivatives markets, which caused real capital formation to lose further ground.

Thus, the financial crisis occurred in 2008. Banks and investors were “rescued” by the states. However, at a very high price. In addition to the extreme national debts (for which ultimately the taxpayers have to pay), broad sections of the population, especially in Germany, were virtually partially expropriated through negative interest rates and extreme increases in asset prices due to a flood of money from the central banks. The high prices of the real estates do not mean that these would have become more value. The currencies (in particular euro and US dollar) are simply worth less due to the money glut. This must lead to a crash sooner or later. The later, the worse.

In 2019, it almost did. In September, there was almost another crisis in the financial markets that would have dwarfed the 2008 financial crisis. The so-called repo market (this is the part of the money market through which banks and hedge funds borrow money from each other) with a global volume of around 15,000 billion euros!!! had to be rescued by the US central bank Fed with hundreds of billions of US dollars. After the rescue of the banks in 2008 and the accompanying extreme indebtedness of the states all silverware was thrown away, a new crash would have led to chaos via worldwide domino effects. However, the public hardly noticed this. [3]

In my view, this now triggered the “pandemic” that had been discussed for some time among the “elites” in order to put the global financial and economic system on a new footing and to protect and further increase the wealth of the super-rich.

PCR Test Plays an Inglorious Role

The WHO has been brought into line for some time with a lot of money from China and private investors [4], among others, and the member states are obliged via the International Health Regulations Treaty (IHR), which is binding under international law, to follow the WHO’s instructions, especially in the event of a pandemic. This treaty was amended in 2005 in view of the increasing globalization and international spread of infectious diseases such as Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) and entered into force on June 15, 2007 [5].

In April 2009 (i.e., shortly after the onset of the financial crisis), the definition of a pandemic was significantly watered down by the WHO [6]. Whereas previously an “enormous number” of deaths was required worldwide for a pandemic, since then positive test results have been sufficient. Thus, the swine flu pandemic could already be declared on June 11, 2009. Fortunately, this pandemic could be debunked as completely exaggerated. Also at that time the PCR test played an inglorious role. On 31.10.2020 the WHO changed the definition of herd immunity, which in the future can no longer be achieved by natural immunity, but only by vaccination [7].

By the way, have you noticed that the American CDC will no longer allow the PCR test for corona detection as of the turn of the year? This cannot reliably distinguish between influenza and corona viruses [8]. Perhaps one reason why influenza seems to be extinct? This is only in passing.

In 2010, the Rockefeller Foundation described in its report “Scenarios for the Future of Technology and International Development” [9] the scenario of a “lockstep” in case of an influenza pandemic. This involved considering what political and social opportunities and challenges would be created by the fear-inducing pandemic. As a result, it became apparent that a worldwide lockstep combined with totalitarian measures would be promising in order to install surveillance states in the wake of the pandemic.

Other elements of our current life were also prepared before Corona, such as a digital vaccination certificate in the EU since 2018 [10] [11]. The Global Vaccination Summit in Brussels on 12/09/2019 under the auspices of the EU Commission and WHO is also very informative in this regard [12].

Then, on 10/19/2019, “Event 201” (translated as Event January [20] was held in New York under the auspices of the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security (founded by the Rockefeller Foundation) and support from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and the World Economic Forum (WEF) [13]. The exercise addressed the fictitious case of a global pandemic triggered by a novel coronavirus called nCov-19. In addition to the lockdown and travel restrictions, the exercise dealt in particular with pandemic communications and how to deal with fake news.

In the then actually taking place “pandemic” from January 20, the Johns Hopkins University via the Corona Dash board provides worldwide the numbers with which the abolition of fundamental rights is justified worldwide, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation via its investments (among others invested in BioNTech since fall 2019) the vaccines [14] and the World Economic Forum with its founder Klaus Schwab and his book “Covid-19 – The Great Reset” [15] the ideological framework.

“Social Compensation”

However, crucial for my contribution are two amendments to the law by the German Bundestag in the fall of 2019, i.e. also before Corona: amendment of Article 21 of the Law on the Regulation of Social Compensation (Lastenausgleichsgesetz) of 12.12.2019 with effect from 01.01.2024.

In this amendment, the purpose of “war victims’ welfare” for which the Burden Equalization Act was created is replaced by the term “social compensation” and reference is made to the Social Code Fourteenth Book, which was also amended. Amendment to the Social Code Fourteenth Book (SGB XIV) of 07.11.2019 with effect from 01.01.2024.

“The new 14th Book of the Social Code (SGB XIV) regulates the compensation of injury-related needs of … persons who have suffered a health injury as a result of a vaccination or other measures of specific prophylaxis in accordance with the Infection Protection Act.”

So let’s briefly summarize: The state can carry out a burden equalization (a nice word for expropriation) in the assets of the entire population for the compensation of vaccination victims from 01.01.2024.

The leaked contracts with vaccine manufacturers state that they bear no liability [16]. This is incumbent on those willing to be vaccinated, who themselves bear the risk of participating in this medical experiment by consenting to “the proposed vaccination.” Why do you think the Covid vaccines, with their only conditional approvals, are the only vaccines where you have to sign anything? [17]. One is ultimately participating in a medical study for which the manufacturer assumes no liability. The vaccination victim can only turn to the state and hope for compensation.

A general obligation to vaccinate is important for the state, because only in this way would it be possible to justify sharing the burden among all citizens. Otherwise, all those who have not been vaccinated could rightly ask why they should be liable for the damages of others who have voluntarily taken the risk of experimental vaccination. In addition, of course, it is also a question of no longer having an unvaccinated control group, which is actually absolutely necessary for a medical study, but which might raise questions about the personal liability of individual protagonists.

Almost 1 million Vaccination – Side Effects

For a regular approval without specific obligations, vaccine manufacturers have to fulfill further study results and other specific obligations within a certain time [18]. Conditional approvals are extended on an annual basis until then, in the case of BioNTech/Pfizer, Moderna and AstraZeneca recently done by the EMA.

By the end of 2023 (assuming a 6-month cycle), each subject/citizen will have received 7 shots of the experimental gene-based vaccines. Incidentally, this also fits with the incredible quantities of vaccine doses ordered by the EU. Already at the start of the vaccination campaign, 2.3 billion vaccine doses were ordered, with only about 450 million inhabitants [19], i.e. 5 vaccinations per inhabitant of each age. Meanwhile, even more doses have been ordered, including another 1.8 billion doses from BioNTech in May [20]. Those who believe that is it with the current boosters then also believe in the asymptomatically ill and the PCR test.

If one considers the serious vaccination side effects up to deaths, which exceed all scales of previous vaccines (see graphic based on the American VAERS database), one must expect extremely many vaccination victims and victims in the next few years.

Also in the EU Parliament, a motion has already been submitted on 23.09.2021 for the establishment of a fund for vaccination victims. In this motion, the figures of the European Medicines Agency (EMA) regarding the almost 1 million side effects at that time are revealing [21]. In the meantime, these figures are even significantly higher, and the number of unreported cases is also likely to be very high [22].

Thus, an enormous number of vaccine victims and deaths are likely to be expected by 2024, making the call for burden sharing very likely.

However, it is conceivable that compensation is only a pretext and that considerably more money will be collected via burden sharing than would actually be necessary for this purpose.

The state also needs the assets of its citizens for a new currency, the digital euro, which has officially been in the works at the ECB since this year [23]. The European states (as well as other Western states, especially the USA) are highly indebted and mostly broke. The assets, on the other hand, belong to the citizens. For the digital euro to have any value, the ECB and the euro area states must be deleveraged. Against this background, it is not surprising that EU Commission President Ursula von-der-Leyen is now calling for mandatory vaccination across Europe [24]. This could therefore be used as a pretext for expropriation throughout Europe.

New Currency Will Be Without Cash

In addition, China will already introduce an asset-backed new digital currency in 2022, which is already in the test run and is to be launched nationwide for the 2022 Winter Olympics [25]. However, China now has many more assets than Western industrialized countries, which will make the currency very strong and put others under pressure to move. The Chinese leadership wants the e-yuan to replace the dollar as the reserve currency.

Citizens in the EU and other Western countries will soon be ready for currency reform as well. The current artificially fueled inflation (generated in part by supply shortages) will continue to pick up steam [26], leaving gradually impoverished citizens clamoring for redemption.

The new currency is expected to be a purely digital one without cash, based on blockchain technology or similar. This is then likely to be linked as a wallet to a digital identity along the lines of ID2020 [27], of which digital vaccination passports will also be a component or form the basis. As a central bank currency, it is also expected to no longer be tied to a bank account. Every citizen will then have his or her own central bank account with the ECB. By the way, Norbert Häring’s publications on this subject are very informative [28].

So far, of course, there has been no talk of currency reform with the ECB’s plan for the digital euro. Moreover, it is always emphasized that the digital euro is not intended to abolish cash, but wasn’t it also said until recently that there would never be compulsory vaccination in Germany?

By means of digital IDs, fundamental rights can also be linked to the fulfillment of government requirements, as in China with its social scoring system. Today, you have to be vaccinated to have access to public life. What will come tomorrow?

More medical experiments for Big Pharma, medical measures against overpopulation, blocking of the digital wallet for products and services that consume too much CO2, like meat or travel? The citizen thus becomes completely blackmailable. No money and no basic rights in case of “misbehavior”. And who will still demonstrate if the money tap is turned off afterwards as punishment?

That lets expect badly for our liberty and our prosperity. Freely after the picture that the World Economic Forum draws for the year 2030: “You will own nothing, but be happy” [29].

A few final words to citizens, members of parliament, journalists or judges who think that this is none of their business, because they may be able to get hold of the coveted vaccination certificate without a shot, either through relationships with doctors or their current position. This is still possible, as the goal is to get as many people as possible into the covid pass system without much resistance. But there are already patents for tamper-proof biometric vaccines, such as the Microneedle Tattoo from the prestigious Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), which was unveiled on Dec. 18, 2019 [30] [31]. The noose is tightening for everyone. Is this what you want for your children and families? Everyone who participates is complicit.

As a lesson from the Third Reich, the inalienable fundamental rights and the Nuremberg Code [32] were created, according to which no human being may be forced to participate in a medical experiment against his will: “…the voluntary consent of the subject of the experiment (is) absolutely necessary. This means that the person concerned must be capable, in the legal sense, of giving his consent; that he must be able, uninfluenced by force, fraud, trickery, pressure, pretence, or any other form of persuasion or coercion, to exercise his judgment; that he must have sufficient knowledge and understanding of the field in question in its details to be able to make an understanding and informed decision.” That here already without vaccination obligation already blatantly over pressure (2G and Co.) against it was violated, is obvious. What comes next?




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