Australia: The strictest Vaccination Regulations in the World?

Many workers in Australia’s Northern Territory must receive their first Corona vaccination before Nov. 12 and their second dose before Dec. 24. This was announced by Premier Michael Gunner at a press conference on Wednesday.

Workers who do not get vaccinated before the deadline must stay home and risk a $5,000 fine.

You must get vaccinated if you come into contact with vulnerable people at work, if the risk of infection at work is high and if you maintain critical infrastructure or work in the logistics industry, Gunner said.

As a result, the Northern Territory is implementing the most stringent vaccination requirements in the world.

“I say again, this is not a medical dictatorship,” responds health scientist Yvonne Simons. Adds political scientist Kees van der Pijl, “Our plan to respond to this with satire is moot. The fascists are loose and Australia and New Zealand are implementing what is still being held back in our country.”