Are Lies, Aggression and Occupation Part of the German Reason of State?

A dangerous development is in the air and comes within reach. In times of enemy images, a German “war minister”, A. Kramp-Karrenbauer, is actually threatening the “path of deterrence” against Russia, with all the consequences of NATO strategies, which do not exclude nuclear weapons.

Germany on a Dangerous Course

I thought I had misheard when I heard these tones in the Dlf interview with AKK on the morning of October 21, 2021. There, a minister who has failed all along the line and who will fortunately soon quit, only 76 years after the end of the war of German aggression against Russia with 27 million war dead, a country to which we inflicted great suffering such as the terrible blockade and starvation of Leningrad, which affected almost every Russian family, including that of President Putin, dares to threaten not to rule out nuclear war if necessary. And this to a country that liberated Auschwitz and to which we owe so much. (1)

Germany has meanwhile embarked on such a dangerous course, seeking and finding enemy images entirely in accordance with NATO and U.S. requirements. Our “leading media” have played a major role in this dangerous development and are working almost meticulously to brainwash these enemy images into our heads. It is an almost missionary zeal with which they try to avoid any doubts, let alone criticism of this approach. Anyone who dares to do it anyway becomes a pariah.

There is no shying away from blatant lies and false reports that are supposed to suggest to us what dangerous countries we are dealing with when it comes to China, Russia or Turkey. Meanwhile, the Zionist nuclear-weapon-toting state terror regime is already arming itself for “the real thing” and practicing for a possible attack against Iran and its alleged nuclear facilities – while still using the time to build illegal settlements for the Jewish terrorist settlers.

Let’s take Russia and the Nordstream-2 gas pipeline, which, if the Greens have their way, should be prevented with all their might. With this kind of Green confrontation policy, we have already slid into a war in violation of international law under a Green foreign minister.

Why interfere in Turkey’s legal system?

Let’s take Turkey as an example. How hypocritical it is to get so worked up about Turkish President Erdogan’s more than understandable announcement of his response to the diplomatic provocation of the joint statement issued on October 18 by the ten top diplomats of the United States, Canada, Finland, France, Germany, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, and Sweden calling for the “urgent release” of Osman Kavala, the “philanthropist” who has been in prison for four years. He is accused of funding nationwide protests since 2013 and of being involved in the failed coup attempt in 2016. After all, many Turkish citizens were killed and more than 1,400 injured in the process. The verdict of the trial, which will be heard next month, is still pending.

And of all things, the interference of countries like the U.S., which so far has not thought of closing its Guantanamo prison camp in Cuba, which violates human rights. There, prisoners without charges are still sitting behind bars after almost 20 years, denied any rights and not even due process. In its worldwide “war on terror”, the U.S. also violates European airspace and uses European countries for kidnapping and torture, for secret camps, while the Europeans turn a blind eye to this and remain silent. All this is obviously part of the always praised “western values”.

So why do we interfere in the legal system of Turkey, the country that has shown so much compassion and generosity in accepting refugees under Erdogan? Where would the countries with the “brave” diplomats be without this Turkey? Why is it that Turkey in particular is finally being denied the promised EU membership with ever new demands and concerns? Turkey is also one of the few countries that are working for the freedom of Palestine. Turkey has now become one of the most important players in Qatar, Somalia and Afghanistan. All of this seems to be forgotten by NATO partners and signatories when they act in such a short-sighted and hypocritical manner. This “group bullying” is not courageous, but only shows to try to do with Turkey what one would never allow oneself to do with other partners.

In the meantime, a clarification was achieved in that the ambassadors assured to adhere to diplomatic practices and expressed their attachment to Article 41 of the Vienna Convention, will act more cautiously in the future and will respect the sovereignty of Turkey, its laws. Erdogan was pleased to see this statement as a retreat and a concession, and to refrain from any interference with our judiciary in the future. This settles the matter for the time being.

Why interfere in Turkish but not in Israeli affairs?

So why are Europe, the USA, Canada and even New Zealand interfering in this case? Have they ever interfered, for example, was it about Israel, Egypt or Saudi Arabia, etc.? Do they turn a blind eye to the disappearance of thousands of Egyptian opposition members or Muslim Brothers after show trials or arbitrary raids? Neither public beheadings in Saudi Arabia, nor torture even of children in the “Jewish state” were taken by these Western diplomats as a reason to protest against it, let alone demand releases.

What about Mohammed El-Halabi, the head of the area program of World Vision, a global Christian aid organization, who was kidnapped in June 2016 while driving between Jerusalem and Gaza by thugs of the Jewish “Defense Army” and has been detained without trial ever since. He was falsely accused of diverting millions of U.S. dollars of World Vision funds to Hamas. Internal investigations by World Vision and the Australian government, one of the organization’s major donors, produced no evidence to support these allegations. However, $7 million spent on an audit firm’s investigation into the Israeli false accusations again proved Halabi’s innocence. There was also no hesitation to use torture against him in detention. Only recently was he provided with a lawyer, but he too was systematically denied access to witnesses or inspection of evidence. Most of the hearings were held in camera. This so-called “evidence” was in fact produced by Israel’s internal intelligence service, Shin Bet.

Why turn a blind eye to Israel’s Racist Apartheid?

With this kind of legal and judicial system, can one still speak of a democracy and demand its “right to exist”? When Palestinians in the occupied West Bank are tried in military courts where the conviction rate is 99.7%, a rate that only dictatorships and their jurisdictions have. In fact, the majority of Palestinians are tried and convicted by Israeli military courts, or worse, directly killed or executed “extrajudicially.” While Jewish Israelis are tried in civilian courts, if at all, and face lenient sentences. If this is not racist apartheid!

The defamation war against World Vision, which is particularly committed to humanitarian aid programs in the Gaza Strip, is going on completely unchallenged by the “value West”. Nothing should disturb the occupying power, nothing should come to the public when they commit their crimes. By the way, the same applies to the new case of Zionist despotism. The new Zionist “state terror regime” and the order issued by “War Minister” Gantz, classified six of the most prominent Palestinian human rights organizations as “terror organizations”, which are affiliated with the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP), which is classified as a “terror group” by Israel, the US and the EU.

More than aptly, therefore, the Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions (ICAHD), headed by Jeff Halper, judges: “It is not without some irony that a state that routinely uses terrorism against a civilian population that is held captive, that is deprived of its human and civil rights, that is deprived of its land and its life, that is the victim of a relentless policy of house demolitions, labels a legitimate part of a liberation movement as ‘terrorist’.” (2)(3)

Israel’s Crimes must not be Silenced

Palestinian human rights groups will not be silenced as long as the illegal occupation and its crimes continue. Not even by the Palestinian Authority and President Abbas, these Palestinian human rights organizations are a thorn in his side too.

So who defends and protects Palestinian human rights organizations that are attacked by the Zionist regime, which has long since moved away from international law and the international rule of law? At least not the worthy Western diplomats, who also do not protest loudly against this screaming injustice!

Where are these “brave” “value-western” top diplomats when it comes to Zionist occupation forces that detained more than 1,300 Palestinians in the last three months alone, according to a report by Palestinian human rights groups such as Adameer and Wadi Al Hilwah, among others. This report covered the period between July and September and noted that 525 arrests were made in Jerusalem alone. Among those arrested are also 160 children and 37 women. This brought the total number of Palestinian detainees in arbitrary Israeli custody to 4,600 by September, according to the report, including another 35 women, 200 children, and 500 people in administrative detention, held without charge or trial.

Reason of State: Due for the Palestinian Struggle for Self-Determination

Who stands up for the Palestinians, from whom years of their lives are stolen by the “Jewish state”, this inhuman racist-Zionist project, this European-Jewish settler colony built in the heart of the Arab world, fully under the protection of the German reason of state. Unique in the world, as there is no other state in the world whose government’s reason of state is the security of another country. Not even the most important ally, the USA, have proclaimed this monstrosity of “reason of state for the security of Israel”. It is to be hoped that after Merkel’s departure this unspeakable passage will also disappear, showing neither a written concept of law nor any sign of understanding democracy. But unfortunately, this cannot be assumed with this new traffic light coalition, whose “central pillar” is the transatlantic alliance and NATO. At most, a reason of state would be due for the Palestinian struggle for self-determination, justice and dignity in a Palestine freed from the shackles of colonial rule.