Geert Vanden Bossche, an independent virologist and vaccine expert who previously worked at GAVI and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, among others, is sending out a distress signal that can’t sound loud and far enough. COVID vaccines pose a public health threat, he writes in a statement. With this uncomfortable message, Vanden Bossche puts his long career at risk.

COVID Vaccines

Current COVID vaccines are inappropriate, even extremely dangerous, to administer en masse in the midst of a viral pandemic, he argues. “Pro-vaccination people, scientists, and clinical physicians stare blindly at the short-term positive effects in individual patients, but ignore the catastrophic consequences for global health,” Vanden Bossche writes.

He warns that humans are turning a relatively harmless virus into an untamable monster. “How long can we look the other way when mass extinction is about to occur?”

What’s happening right now?

As the vaccination campaign intensifies on the older population, the virus is increasingly pushing into the younger population. As the number of potentially severely ill people among the young is low, the virus will be more likely to be forced to increase its ineffectiveness through other targeted selections of mutations to make more people in this age group severely ill, he explains.

Meanwhile, a catastrophic problem is emerging among the already vaccinated population. They are increasingly confronted with infectious variants against which their very specific vaccine antibodies offer less and less protection. The more infectious variants appear, says Vanden Bossche, the less effective the antibodies become.

After some targeted mutations, the virus becomes completely resistant to coronavirus antibodies, regardless of whether they were generated by natural infection or vaccination. At this point, vaccinated people will have lost all immunity to COVID-19, says the virologist.

Massive destructive force

“There are few ways to turn a relatively harmless virus so quickly and effectively into a biological weapon with such massive destructive power. Evolution has ensured that in a natural epidemic, the damage is limited. Human intervention has thoroughly disrupted the natural course of this pandemic from the start.”

Meanwhile, COVID measures, along with massive vaccination campaigns, are leading to a pandemic situation that Vanden Bossche says is already “out of control.”


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