Are Corona, 5G Microwaves and Skynet just a Digital Enslavement?

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The destruction of our basic rights and livelihoods by our political puppets continues cheerfully. And although we have been heading towards a society fully controlled and monitored by AI for years, this has picked up speed during the Corona times. And even if more and more people see this critically, the majority still seem to have not understood what this is about and that we are heading towards a new world order controlled by high technology.

5G – The sickening control network

The new fifth generation mobile communications standard is currently being expanded worldwide. This 5G network is based on the super high to extremely high frequency range (SHF-EHF) of micro waves and millimeter waves and transmits between 2.5 GHz and 95 GHz. This enables very high amounts of data to be sent very quickly, but has a short range and difficulties in penetrating walls. Therefore, during the expansion, a close-knit network of many thousands of transmission units per city will be set up to cover every meter. This high frequency range has an impact on our organism and nature. From 30Ghz the very dangerous millimeter wave range begins and from 60Ghz oxygen molecules start to be damaged, parts of them are destroyed. At 60 GHz, water molecules are swung around 60 billion times per second around their own axis, which heats our body, which is 70% water. It directly attacks the building blocks of life and has devastating effects on the immune system.

phased arrays
The non-visible microwaves can be bundled by the antennas to amplify the signal

In contrast to previous generations of wireless technology, in which a single antenna transmits over a large area, the new 5G base stations and 5G devices have multiple antennas arranged in “phased arrays”  that work together to create focused, controllable laser-like ones Generate rays that track each other.

Every 5G phone contains dozens of tiny antennas that all work together to aim a tightly focused beam at the nearest cell tower. The US Federal Communications Commission (FCC)  has rules  adopted,  according to which the effective power may be those beams up to 20 watts, ten times stronger than the permissible for current phones values. Read here.

Each 5G base station contains hundreds or thousands of antennas that direct multiple laser-like beams simultaneously at all cell phones and user devices in their service area. This technology is known as “Multiple Input Multiple Output” or MIMO. According to FCC rules, the effective radiated power of a 5G base station can be up to 30,000 watts  per 100 MHz spectrum or 300,000 watts per GHz spectrum and is thus ten to a hundred times stronger than the permissible values ​​of current base stations.

At the same time, the new WiFi standard WiGig has long been available, which is now being used more and more within households and companies and is also based on 60Ghz. For comparison: most commercially available microwave ovens heat our food in the range of 2.45 GHz, a compromise between absorption and penetration depth into the food. Read here.


5g wavelenghts2

As early as 2015, over 220 scientists from over 40 nations reported to the WHO and UN to warn of the global expansion of 5G. See ‘pdf 1’ end of post.

Two years later, 170 scientists from 38 nations are calling for the 5G expansion to be postponed until the effects have been fully researched by independent scientists. See ‘pdf 2’ end of post.

In 2019, a petition to stop the 5G expansion followed by 26,000 scientists. On the other hand, the telecommunications and other technology companies have been lobbying millions of dollars for the 5G expansion from which they will all benefit for years. Read here.

If the oxygen molecules are damaged, we literally have no more air to breathe. Some people who are exposed to this radiation for longer will develop fever and pneumonia-like symptoms. And it is noticeable that with “COVID-19”, as with similar flu diseases, there is not a moist and mucus-throwing cough but a dry cough, accompanied by severe shortness of breath. So it’s more of an oxygen and breathing problem. Ever heard of radiation pneumitis ? This is a lung disease that can result from radiation therapy. About 5-10% of all people who undergo radiation “therapy” develop this disease. What are the symptoms there?

radiatin pneumonitis2

Hmmm … shortness of breath, dry cough and flu-like symptoms … on the other side there was also a dry throat and weakness. The first symptoms should normally appear 4-12 weeks after the radiation, but they can also appear after a week. And how is the disease treated?

radiation pneuromitis2

Hmm … in most cases the disease goes away on its own after 7-10 days, but in some cases aggressive treatment with oxygen masks is required. Especially old people or those with previous lung diseases are at risk. Well, I don’t know how you are doing, but it all sounds very familiar to me. I looked through several pages and the correspondence of the symptoms and course with COVID-19 is very striking. And one more thing: In the USA, pneumonia cases are crashing this year like never before in years. Hmm … Could it be that these just move into the COVID-19 statistics?

pneumonie tote

Then I noticed another thing that concerns the previously rather rare but all the more surprising COVID19 symptoms. According to the RKI, some people experience not only neurological symptoms / diseases but also skin symptoms as part of the ‘long-term effects’.

Neurological and dermatological damage from SARS-CoV-2 according to the Robert Koch Institute. Read here.

And now have a look what is in the English-language Microwave-Burn Wikipedia article under ‘Skin Effects’. Skin vesicles (blisters), redness (erythema) and necrosis (i.e. gangrene). In addition, nerve damage and blood vessel damage are said to occur. The latter could also trigger the gangrene and ischemia observed in COVID patients in this Chinese study cited by the RKI.


microwaves on skin 1

Maybe next you will find out that the coronavirus sperm count is reduced ? If you are over 50 years old and have led an alcohol-bacon-fluoride-Mcdonalds-GMO lifestyle, then these 60Ghz frequencies could probably kill you after a while. Even prolonged exposure to ten, twenty, thirty gigahertz will really get you down.

In the USA and Great Britain, where a 5G network has already been developed in many places, many people have already observed the devastating effects of these towers. Due to their short range, they are built close to each other and placed in street lamps, signs, trees and palm trees in order to integrate them into the cityscape. Or so that you don’t immediately notice how many are there. You can often see dozens of dead bees or even birds lying around these towers, you can literally watch them fall out of the sky. Or they fly a wide arc around the towers. Such videos are now being deleted en masse on Youtube, here are some examples about Bitchute.

Video: Bees are dying between two 5G towers in California

Whistleblowers who speak out against 5G

Lately some people from inside telecommunications and technology companies and from military weapon development have come out to the public to warn them of the dangers of 5G or wireless radiation in general. They say: yes, these technologies are weapons, they are harmful, their safety is not adequately documented and they are directed against the population. Here are a few examples.

A former Vodafone boss spoke up. According to his own statements, he was the boss of the largest business department of the communications giant between 2013 and 2015 and worked at the headquarters in Newbury, England, where he had privileged access to new technologies that were ‘in the pipeline’, mainly 5G and the Internet-of- Things. At that time he already knew that the short waves of 5G are dangerous, but he only noticed the correlation to the corona virus later. With this network, absolutely everything (devices, houses, autonomous cars) should be connected to this AI-controlled “smart grid”.

When our bodies come into contact with these high frequencies, they poison our cells and this activates our immune system which tries to fight against it. Our body should then try to get this toxicity out of the cells with proteins and RNA. So this is a virus. According to him, viruses are mechanisms in our immune system to cleanse our cells from poisoning, which is then excreted via the mucous membranes (coughing or runny nose).

The pandemic is caused by the 5G radiation, which makes human cells toxic, causing our immune systems to generate a virus that cleanses and excretes them. So the pandemic is the largest cover-up for the effects of technological development in human history.

vodafone 666

According to him, it takes about six months for the first physical effects of the radiation to become noticeable (in the radiation intensity of most 5G transponders). So China came first, then South Korea and Italy. And Russia only so late because the expansion here started so late. He also establishes connections from several past pandemics for the expansion of frequencies, for example the Spanish flu pandemic correlates with the worldwide implementations of radar. 5G is necessary for the future, is no longer reversible and they needed a plausible explanation for the diseases. And worse? The tests are supposed to start the virus first. And the vaccinations increase the effect of the frequencies, most of them contain heavy metals such as mercury, so they turn us into ‘human antennas’. Your economic goal is to roll out an “oligarchy system” in which only a handful of corporations will exist that will control and carry out the entire supply of human beings in a centralized manner, as well as the introduction of a digital currency that will quickly become a means of payment worldwide. That will be preceded by the greatest global recession in history. Google and Amazon will be among these very few corporations (planned economy / rations). His video is continuously deleted on YouTube It will be preceded by the greatest global recession in history. Google and Amazon will be among these very few corporations (planned economy / rations). His video is continuously deleted on YouTube It will be preceded by the greatest global recession in history. Google and Amazon will be among these very few corporations (planned economy / rations). His video is continuously deleted on YouTube, BitChute still gives his statement. Be sure to look at what he has to say, decide for yourself. Definitely explosive material!

00 15 e1629899937635

Then there is Frank Clegg, the former president of Microsoft Canada. He says that there are still no long-term studies on these frequencies that would prove their harmlessness. The companies that want to open up new markets with these technologies have economic interests first and foremost. Nevertheless, it was approved by the FCC. This is no wonder because there are no scientists or doctors in the FCC, but former employees of the telecommunication companies, lawyers and engineers. Instead, there are many proven health effects of wireless radiation: sleep disorders, fatigue, headaches, heart rhythm disorders, tinnitus, diabetes, cancer and DNA damage. It also promotes psychological symptoms such as anxiety, depression, ADHD, autism and mood swings.

All of these conditions have increased exponentially over the past 30 years, along with the exponential increase in mobile phone exposure. The FCC’s guidelines are also over 20 years out of date and have not been evaluated or improved much since. By and large, the industry is left to police itself. Their tests don’t take into account that you are exposed 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and they ignore vulnerable groups like children and pregnant women. And the cherry on top of the corrupt turd is the FCC’s Telecommunications Act of 1996, which still protects the industry from being sued for the health effects of its technologies. Look at what he has to say.

The frequency weapons of the military & the police

The military has long been using these micro and millimeter waves in which we will soon bathe as weapons. Dr. Barry Trower joined the Royal Navy in 1960, where he specialized in microwave warfare for years. There he learned about the use of radar and other frequencies, how they can be used and how they can harm people. According to him, microwaves were used as weapons then as now. They are a perfect stealth weapon and when governments don’t like a group of people they can be used. According to him, they have microwaved the people who protested against Greenham Common (US missile base in England) and chained themselves to the fences. Likewise, they have Catholics in Northern Ireland irradiated to make them sick. Something like that is going on all over the world and it is a weapon that you do not notice that you are being attacked, because the doses are very low, which he says are even more dangerous than high doses. It may take a year or two, but those small doses give you neurological damage and cancer. You can make all of your enemies sick without being noticed, so it’s a perfect weapon for a government. According to him, microwave transponders can also cause sudden infant death syndrome. Worst of all, microwaves change the genetic material in women’s eggs and this effect is passed on to the next generation of girls, who pass it on again. And it only has the greatest damage in the third generation, i.e. with the grandchildren.

There have also been other incidents in which secret services have been shown to have targeted such weapons. In which as ‘Moscow Signal’In the case that became known, Soviet forces irradiated the US embassy in Moscow continuously with microwaves from 1953 to 1975. They acted from an apartment building 100 meters away. The intensity was low enough that no heating was caused, but 100 times stronger than the safety limit at that time. Eleven years after this was first noticed, a protective shield against the radiation was implemented, but many employees were never informed about the radiation. The radiation was in the range from 2.5 GHz to 4 GHz. Shortly thereafter, a study was carried out (1978) and found no increase in cancer rates among employees, BUT this study was recently revived along with secret documents now released. It turned out that 40 years later the cancer rates among the employees were higher than that of the general population of the same age. Read here.

And something like that still happens today: In 2017, the US embassy in Cuba was irradiated with microwave weapons, which even led to unusual brain damage of the employees (got the name Havana Syndrome), the same happened in 2018 with a US embassy in China. The US then warned its ambassador to China. The warning states that anyone who “experiences unusual acute auditory or sensory phenomena in connection with unusual or piercing noises should not try to locate the source.” (!)

microwave targeting

This shows that the secret services have been secretly aiming these perfidious weapons at unwelcome people for a long time. But as soon as people claim that this is happening to them (perhaps because they stabbed a “bee nest of the mighty”), they are still often sent to psychiatric hospitals. But the wind is turning, in California these people have been heard which even led to a law, the Organized Torture Act, which prohibits this kind of psychological torture and gang stalking and does not automatically protect people from being considered insane. See ‘pdf 3’ end of post.

The Mind Control Word “Aluhut Conspiracy Theory”which has recently been massively associated with ‘strongly divergent opinions and ideas’ has been specifically placed in the mass consciousness. It has its origins in people who wanted to protect their brains from such radiation and is intended to discredit any warning from these weapons as paranoid nonsense from the start. In the news, late-night shows and especially through comedy shows, viewers were conditioned to label anything that deviated from the popular narrative, the aluminum hat or conspiracy theory , and respond with rejection and / or laughter. Through this neurolinguistic programming, the division in society was secured if they now deploy these weapons worldwide (divide and conquer).

Another whistleblower who warns of 5G is the Briton Mark Steele, an expert in weapon systems who also develops the same. He has been warning of the devastating effects of 5G for years and says that this technology will lead to a global holocaust.

The US Army also uses microwaves to control crowds (Russia and China as well). The so-called Active Denial System, also known as heat rays, is a “non-lethal” weapon in the control of crowds. A controllable microwave antenna is attached to a military vehicle which transmits at 95 Ghz (i.e. in the area in which 5G can also transmit) and easily reaches a range of over a mile. It can be used to send electromagnetic energy to an individual or a crowd. This ensures that the target’s skin heats up to 55 degrees after 2 seconds, causing a person to feel pain and instinctively recoil. This weapon system can soon be used in demonstrations and is absolutely perfidious. After all, anyone who has experienced pain trauma at a demo is no longer quick to claim their rights. This radiation is also not entirely harmless: First, you can quickly turn it into a deadly energy weapon if you turn up the frequency and energy (300Ghz maybe?) And hold it for more than two seconds. A protest will be quickmedium-rare cooked. Second, wet clothes, sweating, contact lenses or metallic objects on the body are enough to get burns.

Attempts are currently being made to take legal action against the Active Denial System, as it violates Genver’s conventions and, strictly speaking, is considered torture. As if the US Army had ever adhered to it. And such transponders are being positioned all around us. You are like a gun on society’s chest. When whole neighborhoods or cities rebel, the frequency is turned up and there is silence.

A similar modern control tool for protests is LRAD (Long Range Acoustic Device). With it you can send extremely loud tones in a targeted manner to people and crowds of people. These can be so loud that the drum field can burst, in any case you instinctively press your hands on your ears and drop protest signs, stones, Molotovs or other weapons. Communication between people can also be ended in an ugly way. People who have already had to get acquainted with this thing report that you can hear the tones and messages in your head and you cannot escape them (video below). This is quite intentional, as the developer says, keeping your ears shut protects against eardrum damage, but the sound waves are tuned so that you can still hear them in the inner ear. This is perceived as psychological torture. So this is the extremely sadistic voice-to-skull technology that the secret services have been using for a long time, as well as with microwaves Tortures innocent people and drives them crazy (Targeted Individuals). Now both weapons are to be used in the public sector and openly against all. Beautiful new world. Read here.

If you connect such microwave weapons to our cell phones or the soon-to-be microchip through geofencing , you can create no-go areas for certain individuals or crowds in which technologies such as ADS and LRAD are automatically activated. See here.

Like the microwave weapon with the gruesome nickname ‘blood boiler’ which was developed to kill a whole bunch of “terrorists” at once. Soon police officers will also be given portable “pain beam weapons” (microwaves) which join the non-lethal weapons arsenal alongside the tasers. Read here.

Such weapons all have the same effect as lethal force. They nip any form of protest in the bud and traumatize their victim. Since no people die directly (perhaps only years later from cancer) and no unsightly images of street battles emerge, they are accepted by the masses, but such torture devices destroy the last spark of democracy. And the history of the taser shows that non-lethal weapons are more likely to be misused, because their use is in no way verifiable and one tends to use them more often than would be necessary. Read here.

5G and Corona Pandemic: Correlation?

Are there any other indications that the alleged virus pandemic could have something to do with the microwave frequencies of the 5G network? Yes there is. For example, let’s first take a closer look at the cruise ships such as the Diamond Princess.

A fairly high concentration of deaths can be observed here (currently 712 cases and 13 deaths on just one ship). Well, the company that owns the ships is called Princess Cruise and the wifi on these ships is provided by Medallion-Net. In this nice promo video they explain how the internet comes onto the ship through “satellites” (Uoroboros symbolism in the logo). See here.

Medallion-Net is provided by SES-Networks. It is the first private satellite operator to be founded in a “ceremony” in 1985 in a Luxembourg noble palace. Read here.

The Château de Betzdorf is still the headquarters of the largest “satellite” operator (SES network) in the world, which, in addition to governments (USA), also counts secret services and armaments companies such as Thales among its customers. SES was a pioneer of 5G technology and already has 5G satellites (Sat5G) which are funded by the EU (Horizon 2020). Read here.

As early as 2018, they demonstrated the operational capability of these satellites for the first time . You have 73 satellites (or high altitude drones). Read here.

ses in numbers

On this infographic we can see that you can supply the ships with 1Gbps. This is only possible on the ship if the transmission is in the microwave range (5G).

So the vacationers on these ships bathed in this microwave soup from above all the time. And then they were held captive and not allowed to be moored.

Or let’s take a look at Italy. After the population there was terrified with one horrific news after the next, it was the first country to get the nationwide lockdown. But before this was implemented nationwide, it was only in the hardest-hit areas in the north and around Rome for two days. See on this card.

italien lockdown3

Two days later it was extended to the whole country, perhaps because some people noticed a connection. These are precisely the areas in which a 5G network from Vodafone has been in use since June 2019! Telecom Italia has also been operating its own 5G network in these areas since summer 2019. The first coronavirus hotspot in Europe was Italy. In 2016 the European Union launched the “5G Action Plan”, in which every member state was asked to equip at least one large city with 5G by the end of 2020. Italy had chosen Turin for the first test networks, which went into operation in 2018. In 2019, 5G was also implemented in the cities of Milan, Turin, Bologna, Rome and Naples. Read here.

Compare the two maps.

5g italien2

Coincidence? Can not be! And the expansion continues cheerfully, completely unaffected by the lockdown. The heavily indebted government even made 6.5 billion euros for the expansion. Vodafone wants to have 50 cities covered by the end of the year, and 100 in 2021. Telecom Italia wants to supply at least 120 cities and 200 tourist locations with 5G by 2021. Italy is also the only country in Europe in which the particularly high frequency ranges of 27 Ghz were auctioned to the providers. Maybe that’s why the mortality rate is so high? Read here.

Same game in China: The city of Wuhan, the epicenter of the attack on humanity, happened to be the first city in the world in which the 5G network was completely rolled out. What the media didn’t mention in their coverage of the coronavirus is the fact that China, in its eagerness to take the lead in the 5G race, had already installed 130,000 5G antennas across the country by the end of 2019, with at least Wuhan alone 10,000 antennas were erected. Read here. And here.

Wuhan is one of several Chinese cities that were selected to test a 5G network in 2018. Read here.

china 5g

While some countries such as South Korea, Australia and part of the United States have launched 5G pilots, the Chinese government has made a centrally planned and coordinated push to roll out the technology on a commercial basis in an attempt to take the lead in the global race for installation of 5G radio networks. While China had 130,000 antennas up and running by the end of 2019, South Korea came second with 75,000, followed by the US with 10,000 antennas. Hmm, for a long time China had the most cases of illness and South Korea was also one of the most affected countries. It is estimated that of the 600,000 5G base stations expected to be rolled out globally in 2020, half will be in China. Read here.  And here.

5G antennas were also installed in the newly built hospitals in Wuhan: “Huawei is helping to fight the coronavirus by installing 5G antennas in Wuhan’s Vulcan Mountain Hospital, which China built in record time. Through the partnership with Hubei Mobile and Hubei Unicom, Huawei implemented IT support in the hospital with a high-speed 5G network. Huawei is building 5G base stations with Hubei Mobile and Hubei Unicom at Wuhan’s Vulcan Mountain Hospital to fight the coronavirus outbreak.” Read here.

But don’t worry if you run out of breath, you will be served around the clock in the hospital by a 5G robot that will give you the final fatal blow. And if you are not yet sick, 5G robots will follow you in China to check whether your temperature (in the millimeter-wave soup) is increased and whether you are wearing a mask. Welcome to the twillight zone.

What is the situation like in the USA, currently the most affected country? T-Mobile USA launched 5G across the country in December 2019, the competition also in some cities last year. And where is there an extensive expansion of the dangerous millimeter network in the high 28-29 Ghz range? Right , in New York City, by far the hardest hit area in the country! That even floats in triple 5G soup, in addition to the old networks, the 5G is only added on top of it without the older one being abolished. The overall exposure has only been increasing for years. And here, too, things are happily expanding, especially in the now empty schools.

5g new york4

The T-Mobile USA commercial for the nationwide launch of 5G last December is also very symbolic. There, 5G is fired at the nation by two scientists like a nuclear missile from a top-secret lab. With two keys the weapon is made ready to fire and then the big red button is pressed. Once again they hide the truth from our noses. And in the end it is said that this is just the beginning …

Meanwhile, the US press is celebrating the lockdown as a success for the future of 5G: “Network operators are promoting 5G as a big step forward for wireless technology, which will open up new use cases – from driverless cars to robot operations to intelligent buildings. And the coronavirus could be exactly the 5G catalyst that the world needs as it forces entire nations to enforce quarantines and social distance, as well as remote work and education. ” Read here.

Another part of the lockdown agenda: congested internet networks that increase the demand for fast internet (5G).

By the way, to all Trump fans who still succumb to the illusion that he will save us together with Q. Trump himself has advanced the development of this control weapon. Here you can see the “Secure 5G and Beyond Act of 2020” of the Congress which was signed by the President on March 23rd:

Just as he announced before the election that a biometric identification program for land, water and air would be implemented. And the idiots cheer because they think that will only apply to refugees, but no, it will come for everyone (ID2020)! And while there is of course no 5G in the White House, an astonishing number of Fortune 500 CEOs have resigned in the last few weeks and months, including the CEO of T-Mobile USA, who is still promising us the rosy 5G future here…. hm why … See here.

drones 2
Image of a HAPS from a SoftBank concept video.


Do they know what? Do you need flexibility so that you can quickly escape into your bunker?

Then I would have noticed Hungary. Here, Facebook and Deutsche Telekom started a test run of its new Terragraph transmitters in Mikebuda in 2019. Read here.

 There were a few hundred households of Telekom customers involved in the two places on many streets, the transmitters are mounted on street lamps. These transmitters transmit on the dangerous 60Ghz wave range. The catch: It’s as fast as DSL, but can be expanded more quickly because you don’t have to lay cables in streets. Now the Pest region in which Mikebuda is located is the second most affected region in the country after Budapest. And a 5G network was also expanded in Budapest last October. Read here.

The competition has also had its network in the city for a month. Spain has also had a Vodafone 5G network in the 15 largest cities since November 2019. In Spain, as in Italy, 26Ghz were already used. Such high frequencies were also found in a 5G test by Samsung in 20 Hamburg households, the most affected city in Germany (highest concentration). The Hanseatic city has had around 40 5G antennas from Telekom in the city since the end of 2019, Vodafone already had three there in the summer. In Russia, the 5G expansion started comparatively late, just as the death rate remained very low for a long time. According to Western media, of course, like everything controversial, the 5G fear is of course again Russian fake news propaganda ‘to unsettle the West’. Total nonsense, because Russia is also expanding a nationwide 5G network in 2020. Heglian dialectic to divide and control us, 5G is an attack by ALL states (or their infiltration) on ALL of humanity.

But aren’t there also places in the world without 5G where people are dying? Well it could be that more parts of the earth are being irradiated with these frequencies than we think.

HAWK-30 program

Soccer field-sized drones fly overhead in the stratosphere and beam toxic 5G radiation onto the earth, mountains, oceans, our homes and our bodies. What sounds like a science fiction film is already a reality. The HAWK-30 program has been carried out by the Research Coroperation from the University of Hawaii for six months. The project is sponsored by the tech giant SoftBank, the armaments contractor Aero Vieronment and the Google parent company Alphabet. The program will launch unnamed drones, so-called High Altitude Platform Stations (HAPS), with a wingspan of around 80 meters and ten propellers. These then fly from an area of ​​150km² over the Hawaiian Islands at an altitude of 18-25km with about 70mph. You are above the air traffic and do not disturb it.

“The purpose of the HAWK30 program is to develop a new airborne 5G overhead communication that enables strong wireless service over a large area, including deep valleys, remote areas and over the ocean. See ‘pdf 4’ end of post.

In the final phase of the $ 120 million project, the small island of Lāna’i will serve as a drone factory, launch platform and mission control center for a fleet of drones that will fly over the equatorial belt and soon into the world.

drones 2
Image of a HAPS from a SoftBank concept video.
5g drones3
5G Drones

In this way, the small Amazon drones should also be supplied for the future of the Internet of Things.

Health concerns are warranted as only one drone emits the equivalent of 1,800 cell towers , albeit at a much lower level, but performance is irrelevant to health effects other than tissue warming. Thousands of peer-reviewed research studies document the non-thermal effects of wireless radiation on humans and other living things. See ‘pdf 5’ end of post.

In some experiments , the lowest power levels caused the greatest complications in the blood-brain barrier. Read here.

An inverse relationship between performance and health effects has even been shown. This wireless technology is not made safe by reducing power. See ‘pdf 6’ end of post.


Only one HAPS can irradiate an area 200 km in diameter. Aside from the fact that they radiate all life, these experimental fliers are not the safest either. Two of the 1.5 ton drones have already crashed. The whole operation shines with strong opaqueness. In your application there is no mention of the transmitted frequency range, no schedule and no business plan. The hangers were also built without a permit. That stinks like a front organization of the secret services if you ask me. The project is also indirectly supported by Oracle founder and multi-billionaire Larry Ellison, who owns 98% of the island of Lāna’i. This joke has often attracted the attention of the US government selling spy software and publicly defending the NSA and discrediting Snowden.

At the same time, Hawaii is also the site of a project by Alphabet Inc, Google’s parent company. By the way, I find the name Alphabet very indicative, because in the USA the CIA, FBI, NRO, NSA etc. are jokingly called the Alphabet Agencies . In any case, their huge high altitude helium baloons (Project LOON) were spotted there. The aim of these baloons is also to bring high-speed internet to the most remote places in the world. These tennis court-sized balloons fly at a height of 18km and only one covers a gigantic area of ​​4800 km² ! And the LOON and HAPS projects are linked. Read here. And here.


loon 22

Could it be that something has been in use worldwide for a long time and helped with the current 5G pandemic? Perhaps you have been able to observe a line of around 20 luminous points in the night sky in the last few weeks and months. These are officially the Elon Musk’s SpaceX “satellites”. These are part of the Starlink project which provides a very close-meshed satellite network above the earth which is to supply the world with high-speed Internet (1 Gbps). 100 of them have already been sent up, up to 30,000 (!) Are planned. OneWeb is also planning a network of 900 satellites, 292 for Telesat and 3236 for Amazon. At the end of the decade, we will no longer recognize the stars for so many “satellites”and irradiated by microwaves 24/7. That with the stars could well be on purpose, every culture in human history was based on the stars. According to pretty much all prophecies of the end times of all religions & cultures there were heralding signs in the star constellations, soon there will be hardly anything recognizable. In my opinion, all of these “satellites” are technologies like HAPS.

Time lapse of the currently around 100 Starlink HAPS. Imagine 35,000.

There are thousands of these planned HAPS to every square centimeter to radiate this beautiful earth and to absolutely everything and connect each to their control network. Soon there will be nowhere to escape. Read here.

Is there a connection between the spread of the coronavirus and 5G? One thing is certain: high-frequency radiation weakens the immune system or even puts it out of action, especially with pre-existing illnesses or chronic illnesses. Read here.

Along with other environmental pressures like air pollution or pesticides, 5G may be the drop that brings the barrel to overflow.

5G as a Monitoring Unit

You might be wondering: why fake a pandemic with 5G radiation? Well, because there is no other way. I would rather ask: How can a harmful control network be expanded without a connection to the devastating consequences being established? The Cabal wants a world in which a godlike Artificial Intelligence merges with the entire world. Which is connected with every action, every step, every thought and every breath on this earth. And this can only be achieved by connecting every centimeter to the millimeter-wave network. 5G is the only technology that allows you to do this to the extent you need it. The only problem is that ‘unfortunately’ living organisms are very sensitive to this high frequency radiation. A certain percentage will get sick, develop pneumonia-like conditions, and some old and weak will die. They don’t care, in their eyes we are ants of which there are too many anyway. But for us they had to give us a plausible explanation why there is a sudden increase in these clinical pictures worldwide and this is where the Corona-Psy-Op comes into play.

A virus attributed these symptoms is the perfect cover for the disease, and the pandemic is the perfect distraction for the full 5G roll-out. Especially since such a virus could constantly mutate , i.e. theoretically it could serve as a reason for an infinite amount of time. Read here.

We are told that we have to live with coronaviruses now , that pandemics will come more often in the future , and it is even said that the virus can reactivate itself  (This is of course the perfect camouflage basis for radiation pneumitis that will recur throughout the future).



Once the infrastructure is in place worldwide, it is too late and therefore it is crucial for you that this connection is not recognized in this critical phase. All you need are tests that deliver the desired results and scientists in key leadership positions in consensus-giving institutions such as the WHO, CDC, CAC, World Econmic Forum, Bill Gates, etc.


The rest of the institutions and unskilled politicians then orient themselves towards them, believing they are acting independently and doing ‘the right thing’ while doing them dance perfectly to the tune of the Cabal and ignorantly carry out their agendas. At the same time, the flow of information is being massively controlled and the free Internet is being cleaned more and more of this information (especially YouTube & Facebook).

What do you want to achieve with 5G? For example, with the ‘Dialectic Lens Antennas’ of the 5G transponder, it is possible to create very detailed 3D mapping of your surroundings in real time. This is also necessary for our  future of self-driving cars. See here.

5g surveillance5
5g Surveillance

The future of self-driving cars is great as soon as we have ironed out the safety bugs? Well think again. The discussion is always placed on the safety of the cars and the ethical problems of programming the decision-making ability of the cars ( straight ahead to kill the old man or dodge right and run over the child?). Those are legitimate concerns, but this should detract from the bottom line: Who is really in control of the car? Could it be that this technology (like all technology of the last few years) comes with back doors? In fact, the manufacturers themselves admit that they have it to influence your car. Your car? No, then not really or. Even cars with automation level 1 can be hacked in such a way that they can kill you, as a DARPA employee warned in 2013. See here.

So how bad does it get at automation level 5 (completely driverless, no more intervention possible)? Unpleasant enemies can suddenly have car accidents or stop when they escape. And here we come to the biggest problem with autonomous cars. The private car, which gives you great freedom, will cease to exist.

Our entire road infrastructure in the world was created around the idea that we can freely decide where and how we want to move in the world. Now in the driverless future in which you don’t even drive your car yourself and use this freedom, do you really have to own a car yourself? Do characteristics of the car still play a role? I mean, when you get on the city bus, you don’t choose the most beautiful, do you? I mean companies like Uber will certainly have a whole fleet of autonomous cars drive through the whole city that you order with your app, get in and program your destination. As a result, parking spaces, garages and multi-storey car parks automatically disappear, because the e-cars simply drive in circles until they are needed, are all linked to each other and to people’s cell phones and can therefore automatically adjust the crowd on the streets. And by connecting the cars, traffic jams will be a thing of the past. Our entire geographical conception of cities will change radically! The entire concept of cars will also change: why not order a fitness center car for the 1 hour drive? Or a cinema car for the long journey? Or a meeting car and I have a colleague picked up? Your pizza could only be made during delivery and and and. And the personal freedom of choice for locomotion is placed in the central hands of a control algorithm, an AI … Once again, autonomy is exchanged for convenience. So you see the simple technical progress from driver to driverless has an immense impact on our society. Think of the millions of jobs that will be lost: If trucks drive automatically, not only the drivers but also the rest stops on the highways will disappear, bus drivers will disappear, why do you still need car insurance or parking ticket controls?

In a global 5G network, servers (or an AI) can be fed with real-time data and mapping of all buildings (inside and outside), all streets and all movements of people. This is much more comprehensive monitoring than would be possible with mere cell phone data and cameras. Due to the short wavelength, every finger movement can be registered. A central AI that is fed with it is then omnipresent and omniscient. In the end it IS the world, think about it. This system was developed by the Army for reconnaissance of battlefields and in 2015 around 50 US law enforcement agencies (e.g. FBI and US Marshalls) secretly received frequency devices to look ‘through walls’ (at 868Mhz). Read here.

It can even be used to determine the respiratory rate of people in a house. It is no longer necessary to break the door, because in the future the authorities will know exactly where you are. And the American secret services, EU and Chinese companies have massively intervened in the development of the 5G security architecture (3GMPP).

They are demanding that the network operators comply and they are supposed to collect comprehensive metadata such as time-distance logs and make them available to them. Once again a back door for the controllers of society.

5g 3d mapping5
5g 3d Mapping
5g 3d4
5G 3D

And soon this monitoring network will be absolutely everywhere (escape excluded) and this will then be coupled with a central AI. In The Dark Knight , they have already presented us with this form of real-time movement monitoring. There it is called a “high frequency generator receiver” and every cell phone in the city is used like a sonar to display the entire city in real time. This is also possible with 5G!

This central AI already knows us better than we know ourselves. It is in front of our noses or at our fingertips all the time. She knows who your friends are, where you work and which colleague you always avoid. She knows how fast you type and where you always have lunch. How fast you drive home after work or whether you are making a detour to your affair. She knows that you consume more and more in the first few weeks of autumn and that you go on a new diet every spring for exactly three weeks. She knows your sexual preferences, your biggest fears, and what your unfulfilled dreams are. She knows your hobbies, your political attitudes and knows what you might like before you know it. She knows every one of your ideas about the world and how it will develop. She knows if you are having a bad or a good day and how you will feel the next day. All of this is collected through your online behavior and metadata. They don’t care about the photo you post on Facebook – it’s the predictive signals they can distill from this photo upload that are so valuable to them. These patterns of human behavior are related to each other and used to feed algorithms and models.

With every click we make, this AI learns, becomes smarter and knows us better and better as a human race. How will this city react to that event? How will the world behave when this happens? And this AI can already control the behavior of whole crowds by adapting the online algorithms. Anyone who believes that all this data is not fed into a central system does not understand that this was exactly the reason for the existence of the Internet from the beginning. It was conceived by the Cabal, developed by the military and secret services and still abused by them to this day. From the beginning, more data was collected than would have been necessary just to improve the ‘experience’ of the serviceas they always claim. The poison was just once again coated with a layer of sugar: with cat videos and memes, so that we can feed this beast with our behavioral data and thoughts. At the moment we can throw away our smartphone and move into the wilderness. But so that this option no longer exists, the world is currently being covered with a 5G-HAPS network and a microchip will soon be injected into every citizen.

Internet of Things & Robots

The main reason for the extensive 5G network is to connect everything to a central source. Functions implemented with technologies of the “Internet of Things” (also known as the all-in-one network) allow interaction between people and any electronic systems networked through them, as well as between the systems themselves. The ever smaller embedded computers are supposed to support people without distracting them or attracting attention at all. So z. B. miniaturized computers, so-called wearables, incorporated directly into clothing with various sensors. Our refrigerator, our toaster, our car, our entire house, even our body are connected to the Internet. It is estimated that one trillion objects will be connected to the millions of 5G base stations in the next few years. This ensures that the network is omnipresent and that we can no longer perceive it. In the near future everything will be ‘smart’, even our walls. Read here.

When everything we can interact with is online, data is collected about each of our interactions. At the same time, robotics is being advanced more and more, faster than we can see. For this future, billions of small chips and transmitter units will be needed. The manufacturers of these chips like Qualcomm are of course selling us their financially rosy future with happy upbeat music. Also find fitting that the one guy is breathless at 0:45, exactly when 5G is mentioned😉

If you want to know where the journey is going and how quickly everything is developing, you just have to look at what was presented at the last two CES trade fairs. The 2020 took place in Las Vegas at the beginning of January and thus narrowly escaped the worldwide trade fair ban. In addition to the usual products, the focus was primarily on artificial intelligence and robots. Robots will be very widespread in our everyday lives for the next 2 years: from robots that give you things like a bottle of water, window cleaning robots, table tennis robots, suitcases that automatically follow you to robot waiters and robots for your children There are already many models for the consumer market that are getting cheaper over time.

5g internet of things


The technologies that will be expanded in the 2020s. The 5G microwave network is the glue that holds all of this together and makes it possible.

Here are a few pictures and impressions of the robots and AI at CES. I find the direction mankind is taking here very worrying. Even today, thanks to the Internet, Amazon and delivery services, you never really have to leave your house and you can avoid people as far as you can if you want to. Human contact will be increasingly reduced in the near future, so Samsung has presented several bots. The retail bot can be operated by the customer in restaurants or shops via a touchscreen, it can communicate with one, it drives back independently and brings the order from the kitchen to the table. This saves you a human waiter or cashier who would want a salary. These jobs will be a thing of the past in just a few years. They also developed a care bot for the home. He has a cute face that can also be turned into a screen and helps with sports and yoga exercises. He also alerts the emergency services if someone falls over or there is a fire, keeps pensioners or children ‘company’.

ces 2
ces 3

Then there was a table tennis robot with AI and very good motion detection. You can play table tennis against him as against a real person. Looks like harmless fun, people keep busy all the time. But don’t you see the path that lies ahead of us? First it is social media that separates us from each other while we feel so connected at the same time, next it is artificial intelligence that replaces the jobs of our fellow human beings and now it is robot friends who play sports and one-on-one ping with us Being able to play pong games so that we don’t feel the need to interact with other people. And these things are coming out in the very near future and since we’ve been brainwashed with Hollywood robo films for decades.

ces 45

At the same time, armed military robots are also being built. Boston Dynamics (formerly DARPA, now owned by Google) build robots, but the US and Russian military already have autonomous tanks and in some cases even autonomous sea destroyers. See here. And here.

And with something like that you always have to consider: If that’s what you show us, what do you really have? The reason is, of course, that fewer people die in wars … but the reason has already been the basis for many a weapon revolution in the past. For example the invention of the Gatling gun. It was thought that since a soldier has the firepower of 50 fewer people will die in war because fewer soldiers would have to be deployed. The opposite was the case. And today every soldier has a portable, fully automatic machine gun, which is a further development of the stationary Gatling gun. With a war you want to convince your enemy in a painful and destructive way to give up things that he does not want to give up (land, power, Resources) and that only works when blood is flowing. There will therefore never be wars in which only machines fight each other. These machines can already decide fully autonomously who to kill and who not. This US Army system is actually called, and unfortunately this is no joke, SKYNET.

SKYNET – Our Downfall


Yes, right, they have the artificial intelligence that decides which person dies by a drone called Skynet. This is also the name of the AI ​​in James Cameron’s sci-fiction classic Terminatorwho rises up against their creators with their battle robots and tries to exterminate humanity, since they realized that humanity is the only thing that could endanger their survival. Now imagine the following situation: A troop scouts a seal from a hill and thinks about how they could fight the terrorists who are entrenched there. In the distance you see a 10 year old girl who you ignore. This girl suddenly pulls out a walkie-talkie and the terrorists suddenly start shooting towards the hill. You withdraw, reformat yourself and then advise on what could have been done better. Many ideas are thrown back and forth, the possibility of shooting the little girl is not even mentioned. Now,

There are already fully autonomous threats of assassination that can be programmed to target a specific person (or maybe even an ethnic group?). These very small drones fly through face recognition in a targeted manner on the head of the target object and blast a hole in it. Very, very scary…. what happens if something gets into the wrong hands? Or commercial drones can be repurposed and hacked in this way? Below is a ‘fictional’ short film introducing these drones. However, the Pentagon now has swarms of small killer drones . Reality is catching up with fiction faster and faster. See here.

ces 15

Then there was FaceMe at CES. The company makes facial recognition software for surveillance cameras and robots. This Artificial Intelligence can even recognize the gender, age and mood of people and is 98% accurate. To be honest, I don’t want a robot to know how I feel all the time ?! At the same time, video surveillance with facial recognition software and corresponding databases is being rolled out worldwide, especially in China. In Nice, for example, this is currently being tested on a large scale. I think we are heading towards a beautiful future Minorty report in which not only the government has its iris scanners but also billboards that can address them directly by name.

We are not that far away from this spinning, in fact we are further. In Daytona Beach , the police are now testing smart drones to track down sick people who are moving outside. See here.

They measure body temperature and even tell if someone is coughing. In some US cities, a system is being tested in which police officers wear camera glasses. During controls, the face of the person opposite is compared with a database. Problem: Face recognition is racist and has a high error rate in dark-skinned people. Russia is currently expanding tens of thousands of surveillance cameras with face recognition to fight “COVID”and plans to connect it to a tracking app. Read here.

Did you know that face recognition cameras don’t work that well when crowds are packed together? They work a lot better if people … let’s say 1.5m distance! Tunisia is about to go into full 1984 mode with remote-controlled police robots and facial recognition that control the citizens.

The video surveillance system for the 626 million cameras in China that will be installed there by the end of the year is also called Skynet! And now imagine that artificial intelligence will exceed human intelligence in the next few years and it will get control of the entire ‘smart grid’ and all surveillance systems, robots, drones and autonomous weapon systems. Will it use this power for the good of mankind or see it end quickly? One thing is certain: if gigantic swarms of AI killer drones swarm out, which can immediately track down anyone with facial recognition and thanks to the global 5G microwave weapons and surveillance network, then it only takes a few days for a seven billion Holocaust.

Elon Musk, someone who sits in the front row in the development of artificial intelligence, said aptly about AI: “We’re conjuring up a demon here.”  See here.

He and over 100 other experts also called in an open letter to stop the global arms race for autonomous people Weapon Systems They say it’s only a few years (not decades) before AI overtakes us. Read here.

Where is the central seat of this all-controlling AI? Well, actually this does not exist because it is distributed decentrally everywhere in every end device. But if there is such a thing as a central seat then would I suspect the D-Wave quantum computer?

The social credit score system based on the Chinese model will also come worldwide and the corona vaccination certificate and app tracking will be the first step here to frame the mass consciousness in the West. Whoever does not have it is ‘irresponsible’ and is not allowed to go to a concert or a stadium, for example. Then the noose is gradually tightened over time: no shopping, no bank loans, no access to education, no train or air travel and then your children are taken away from you and you are no longer allowed to leave your house. And those who still refuse are jailed for assault (total distortion of the facts). Whereby the world is actually a single open-air jail at this point.

Chip vaccination and genetic modification

So as you can see it is crucial for this agenda that all people have a digital ID, as well as an identification in the body that cannot be removed. Why do you think they’re bringing them all home? In a pandemic, it makes the most sense to stay where you are so as not to unnecessarily exacerbate the spread. The reason is that you need for your biometric control system all in the countries in which you were born. An RFID chip the size of a grain of rice offers a good option here, but if necessary it can be cut out and destroyed. Since nobody wants to be enslaved so voluntarily, of course, you need an advanced reason how you can implement something like that on a massive scale and how people even demand it. And that’s where the corona pandemic and proof of immunity come into technology from Rice University , which will be implemented first to get people used to it.

So-called quantum dot tattoos: four needles, each 1.5 mm in size, are inserted into the skin. They contain an inoculation and dissolve, leaving fluorescent spots under the skin. It is basically an invisible barcode tattoo that cannot be seen with the naked eye, but can be read with a smartphone. We have already got used to controls like the mask requirement … all preparation.

quantum dot tattoo

These points will determine how much you can still participate in social life in a few months. However, this is only phase one. This will bring wave two under control. Once this system has been implemented, phase two comes. With the waves of new mutated viruses appearing again and again, we will be told that a more effective system will be needed. There, the 2-4mm small biosensor chip from Profusa and DARPA is used en masse. Here is a nice promotional video where this is being sold to us.

How am I? I am fucking freaked out !!! Here a DARPA employee tells how they developed this chip for their soldiers, but of course they would be happy if this technology could also help people in the private sector, for example during pandemics … See here.

He says the main difficulty was that it wasn’t rejected, but they have now managed to create a chemical that is absolutely identical to the tissue under the skin. This is the hydro-gel. Such a chip alerts the authorities before you have symptoms and you can use it to measure and collect (in a database) all medical parameters of the body: infections, blood sugar levels, cholesterol levels, whether you are taking your medication, being intoxicated or doing sports. Read here.

It is already being discussed whether this sensor could save us from pandemics from next year. The truth is, however: this hydrogel fuses with your body and thereby your body becomes an interface for the great artificial intelligence. It consists of a “biotechnologically produced ‘smart’ material” and is similar to contact lenses.

“The hydrogel forms a porous, tissue-integrating framework that, when applied, promotes capillary and cellular ingrowth of surrounding tissue.”

So the whole thing becomes part of you and can therefore no longer be removed once it is inside. This technology has been researched for a number of years. It will first be voluntary and then mandatory. And they all aim to directly (genetically) modify the body and achieve the great goal of synthesizing humans into a new (and AI-fused) specie. For example DARPAS ADEPT program with which we will surely get to know in the next few years: Read here.

“The program is part of a portfolio of DARPA-funded research aimed at providing options for preventing or mitigating the ever-evolving infectious disease threats. ADEPT pioneered the use of nucleic acid-based anti-infection technologies, which are valuable for their effectiveness and adaptability. These tools – primarily encoded genetic instructions to the body on how to produce its own protective antibodies against a specific threat – have the advantage that they can be easily manufactured, transported and stored on a large scale using largely synthetic processes, without many of the Cold chain logistics, which are required for conventional medical countermeasures, are delivered with almost immediate effectiveness and can only be safely expressed in the body for a limited period without permanently changing the genome.”

You can save the last sentence, it will permanently change our ‘code of life’.


Another form of merging with this “system” is the so-called smart dust that was developed by Berkley University. These are tiny chips with a transponder, just the size of a grain of sand. See here.

There are also some from HITACHI that are as big as specks of dust (since 2003 !!). These mu-chips even have RFID antennas with a range of 183m, they have GPS and work at 2.45 GHz. Read here.

That means the Kabele and their secret services have had something like that for a long time. This smart dust can even be inhaled and it could be that we have been breathing it for years and our bodies are full of it (chemtrails).


But don’t worry, the Japanese company Hi-Tachi (Rising Sun) with the one-eye logo assures us:

“Invisible tracking is reminiscent of science fiction-inspired applications or even abuse, such as being unknowingly sprinkled with smart tag powder to perform Big Brother-like surveillance. “We don’t envision such uses,” said Takeuchi, adding that the latest chip is so new – and so tiny – that Hitachi is still exploring its potential uses. “

Well, I’m reassured about that.

mu chips smart dust
Mu chips smart dust

The information is incorrect: a hair is about 0.01-0.02mm, which means that the chips are as big as possible.

hitachi chip
Hitachi chip

And then Microsoft recently brought out a patent for a technology that enables cryptocurrencies to be mined (using a chip) through the measured physical activity (CRYPTO CURRENCY SYSTEM WITH BODY ACTIVITY DATA). That means you could tap into the body signals of all people who have a chip and use them to generate the value of a digital currency. This opens up a whole range of gloomy scenarios: Is this how the enslavement of the future will be? Do you generate your own money by measuring whether and how hard you work? Are we allowed to run in circles like machines and then generate money from it? Will this be used to mine 7 billion people without knowing it for Bill Gates? Here is a brief summary from the patent:

“Some exemplary embodiments of the present disclosure may use human physical activity in conjunction with a task provided to a user as a solution to” mining “challenges in cryptocurrency systems. For example, a brain wave or body heat emitted by the user when the user performs a task provided by an information or service provider, such as watching advertisements or using certain Internet services, can be used in the mining process. Instead of the massive computational work that some conventional cryptocurrency systems require, data generated based on the user’s physical activity can be evidence of the work and therefore, a user can unconsciously solve the computationally difficult problem. Accordingly, certain exemplary embodiments of the present disclosure can both reduce the computational energy for the mining process and speed up the mining process.

Systems, methods and hardware aspects of computer readable storage media are provided here for a cryptocurrency system that uses data on the activity of the human body. In accordance with various embodiments of the present disclosure, a server may deliver a task to a user’s device that is communicatively coupled to the server. A sensor that is communicatively coupled to or contained in the device of the user can detect the body activity of the user. Physical activity data can be generated based on the perceived physical activity of the user. A cryptocurrency system that is communicatively coupled to the user’s device can check whether or not the physical activity data meets one or more conditions set by the cryptocurrency system,

Body signals from human bodies to generate money (i.e. energy). Why do I have to think of the Matrix pods here?

matrix pods

In any case, the patent number is extremely interesting: WO2020060606. Yep, 666! So this is the mark of the beast prophesied in the Bible. Read here.

The Virus Show

Well how did they manage to ride us in there…. Sit back for the big virus show!

Every country in Europe treated the crisis differently, but in the end they all came to the same conclusions (lockdown, vaccinations, evidence soon). This is due to the fact that every people in the world is culturally different and each was therefore pushed into giving up basic freedoms with appropriately adapted neuro-linguistic programming and mind control. The Cabal has people at the top of every country and they know exactly how to get their flock out of the water. In recent years you have researched people’s trust in governments and the system (OECD and IW) and, in my opinion, then developed NLP propaganda campaigns for the great psy-op based on them. See ‘pdf 7 and 8’ end of post.

For the Italians who are behind their government in crises, it was faster and easier than with the traditionally somewhat stubborn ‘ We have it our way”British. They need to be led a little slower and in other words into lockdown. Efficient Germans, who traditionally belong to the authorities, are always reminded of our economic power and NLPs such as ‘prudent’ and ‘reasonable’, which automatically brand anyone who does not follow the rules as ‘unreasonable’. A death sentence in an adapted philistine society that Germans are too happy to avoid. The Scandinavian countries like Denmark have the highest trust in the government in a world comparison, so Kabele immediately (again) enforced the strongest violations of fundamental rights such as forced vaccinations and forced treatment. This is then sold as a success to the other governments. Proud Americans, on the other hand, are always easy to get hold of with war rhetoric and patriotism. In a war, the American people always stick together and stand together behind their president, no matter what he decides. “After all, we are the United States of America and we defeat every enemy”. However, a percentage of Americans, which should not be underestimated, is very freedom-loving and therefore more sensitive to its restrictions, which is why every form of executive power is kept ready and prepared for any eventuality (military, FEMA). In Asian countries like China, Japan and South Korea, collectivism has long been internalized. Here it is more common to stand up for the “common good” and to put personal freedom on the back burner. Social conformity in general is deeply rooted here, so governments had an easy time of it. Even before the crisis, China had the most technologically advanced control system that the population is used to. So it is the perfect place to start the operation. In countries like India, the majority of the population basically gives a shit about everything the government says, which is why they came here with brute force right from the start.

Do not confuse this with political diversity and plurality of opinions. Hegelian dialectics and adapted mass psychology of a worldwide operation, nothing more. In the end, the same agenda will be enforced everywhere.


How can it be that in January / February there were protests all over the world, in Chile, Bolivia, Hong Kong, Lebanon, France…. partly only because of tax increases. And now they have been shown dead to the pandemic and all will become government sheep. Maybe because the governments are deliberately playing with our primal fears, as they are in this leaked Corona strategy paper of the Federal Ministry of the Interior became clear. The 17-page document is ‘only for official use’ so not for the public and even if a few MSM mention at least parts of it, no German press organ had the backbone to publish the whole thing! On page 13 in their communication campaign to the population, they show that one should purposefully instrumentalize people’s primal fears. The fear of suffocating or that children could accidentally kill their parents must be placed in the mass consciousness. Honest communication with responsible citizens looks different, these are classic propaganda tactics. This document is of general interest, your worst-case scenario is total anarchy and the timetable for the Corona Party has been fixed for weeks (including location tracking with big data, see S16).because everyone is afraid to use it and the machines will no longer be profitable. Where was the fear with the really deadly diseases? Read here.

meme 2

People believe that this will be over in a few weeks and have no idea that this is only the first phase in a gigantic agenda. Do not be fooled: They will loosen up now, but this is only wave 1. During the break they will take strong action against the Internet and complete the 5G expansion in public and install WiGig in all public buildings (schools, universities, churches) and then wave 2 comes even more violently in September / October. It’s like Stockholm Syndrome, they love and defend their kidnapper.


And while the media is using the same footage of overcrowded hospitals from Italy to report on overcrowded New York hospitals, more and more New Yorkers are realizing that the news reports about the long lines of the supposedly chronically overcrowded Elmhurst Hospital Center in Queens are simply not compatible with reality. It often looks like a ghost town there.

And while YouTube does not delete such images of manipulation of the MSM as fakenews , more and more videos that spread the truth are disappearing. Wrong world. In the new Youtube guidelines, everything that contradicts Bill Gates or the WHO will also be deleted from now on. Read here.

A modern book burning. Youtube, as it used to be, is currently being killed and more and more people are switching to BitChute. And meanwhile the ‘largest mobile hospital’ off the coast of New York, which was absolutely necessary for the masses of sick people, is 90% empty. Absolute propaganda. Read here.

Drosten still stiffly maintained on January 30th that a mask does not stop the virus, now they are mandatory as in many other countries. And they also have a very symbolic character: “Shut up! Your vote doesn’t count. You sound like a mumbling idiot and you are currently self-torturing. ”  I feel sorry for the cashiers who have to wear such a thing all day. They cannot breathe out their CO² correctly and therefore breathe too little oxygen throughout the day. This leads to a latent hypercapnia: The CO² content in the blood is too high, which lowers the pH value in the blood and lungs (becomes acidic) and increases the chance of lung disease. Great right? Read here.


And while in India the Corona helmet police lock citizens in their slums so that they die of poverty, if you violate the lockdown, you are simply gunned down by crazy President Duerte in the Philippines. Read here.

corona indian

By the way, on the subject of India: Everyone who knows India knows that a highly contagious virus disease would spread extremely quickly in India and cause extremely high death rates. The population density is the highest in the world, the air quality is bad, the hygienic conditions in many places are poor to miserable and in many places there is hardly any health system. We should see the fastest expansion in the world here. Instead it started late and is now slowly in midfield. The planned 5G expansion has also been postponed here and so far has only taken place in very small tests … Read here.

And of course they kept the truth in front of us the whole time. In the run-up to and during the pandemic, there is a lot of coronavirus symbolism and predictive programming to watch. Here is a selection.

corona symbolism 2
Corona Symbolism

Corona Symbolism

covid symbolism
Even the name of the disease says what it is all about.
corona symbolism5
Corona Symbolism

The Spanish fire brigade in their stay-home campaign … nothing to see here.

The WHO gave an online concert in which the word global citizen appears for whatever reason (NWO). Well who was at the start? Of course, Lady Gaga … you really can’t think of anything like that.


WHO gaga
WHO Gaga

And also in our state propaganda in Germany, the system puppets make the symbolism they are told.

corona symbolismus 3
We stay at home campaign by the Federal Ministry of Health.
corona symbolismus 4
Corona Symbolism

Thelemic Ritual Magick Poses by occultist Aleister Crowley

Then there is Peter Jackson’s 1995 card game ‘Illuminati’ which has foretold absolutely every agenda of the Cabal so far, as I’m sure many of you already know. Here you can also see a card in which Trump’s face can be seen. There are corona viruses in the background and it is titled ‘Enough is Enough’. And underneath is a reference to a sniper attack. If you still think Trump is not part of the game, part of the Cabal, you should definitely watch the short video below. The world is a stage.

illuminati card game5
Illuminati card game

Have a nice time, at any place, our snipers can drop you.

The 2020 quarter penny of the US dollar has a bat on it and they tell us that the “virus” is descended from a bat. Probably coincidence. It is certainly also a coincidence that a (5g) tower has been on the new 20 pound note since February, over which there is a corona virus.

corona symbolismus

coron symbolismus
Corona Symbolism


When it is arched, the reflective material creates “radio waves”.

The most exciting case of predictive programming, however, was the super demonic opening ceremony of the 2012 Olympic Games in London! The ritual was a while ago and so many have forgotten it, but it clearly referred to the 2020 pandemic. The stadium looked like a corona virus from above.

corona stadium5
Corona Stage

But what happened in the stadium is even more interesting. You can see hundreds of nurses dancing like robots and dancing demons who are looking for small children (these demons are living like maggots in bacon with all the corona fear and anger). You can see an extremely large number of hospital beds and in one seat even a figure that looks like Boris Johnson (who himself got “COVID”). At some point the Demon King appears who looks like a 20m high version of Voldemort and waves his wand (for the occult cabal, mass mind control is a form of magic). Throughout the show, pyramids look down from the top of the stadium with all seeing eyes and observe the whole ‘theater’ (Illuminati blood lines). A huge mummified baby can also be seen.

olympic corona

olympic corona 4

olympic corona 2

olympic corona 3

olympic corona 5
Olympic Corona



The Birth of the Transhumanist Man?

Here’s the whole opening ceremony, overflowing with prophetic symbolism. See here.

Then there is the hip-hop track by Dr. Creep called ‘Pandemic’. He was very unknown until recently, but has now gotten a lot of attention because of a line because he apparently wanted to warn the world at min 1:06.

“Avian influenza in the jetstream is how it happens 2020 combined with CoronaVirus, bodies stacking “

“Bird flu in the jet stream – this is how it happens in 2020 combined with CoronaVirus, corpses are piling up”

And that’s exactly when the FEMA coffins are shown. The problem? The video was uploaded in 2013, seven years before the corona virus pandemic hit! It is worth hearing the whole text. The following lines also appear in quick succession:

“This is a disease-like disease and can not be cured ”
“The few that remain have been stained with bloodshed”
“When the curtain of smoke fades”
“Deadly sickness”
“You feel a burning sensation”
“Nothing is left”


The millimeter waves that are currently being implemented worldwide serve as a close-knit monitoring and control network for the highly networked future. Since this expansion leads to a certain percentage of mankind developing symptoms similar to pneumonia, a worldwide psy-op pandemic is being carried out by the Cabal in order to have a permanent protective shield of deniability. At the same time, the lockdown is used to destroy basic rights in a hurry and to force comprehensive surveillance of the individual worldwide through advanced technologies. In addition, the world economy is being deliberately destroyed in order to introduce a new digital world currency and to create social chaos from which (like the phoenix from the ashes) a new world order will emerge. This psy-op is used by the WHO, Led by Bill Gates and a handful of other institutes, it was planned on a public level by the World Economic Forum and the Rockerfeller Foundation and implemented by unlearned politicians and, most recently, the military. The state media were again good smear. Ultimately, however, it is the grand plan of a manageable number of elite families that they have been working towards for 70 years.

There are still a thousand things that I want to get rid of, but it’s going to be way too long again. If you made it this far I thank you from the bottom of my heart, you are part of the solution. These are really unpleasant times that we are heading towards and everyone has to decide in which world they want to live. One thing is clear: If we do not stand up for our fundamental freedoms we will never get them back, but instead lose them together with our integrity, control and soul. The past has shown that restrictions of freedom implemented ‘briefly’ in crises remain and are no longer withdrawn. Exceptions and emergencies became permanent. This time we must not allow that at all and I notice that more and more resistance is stirring. Imagine the world you want every day, connect with people and get active. Stay relaxed and healthy and see you next time!


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