On Sunday evening, the spontaneous gatherings of the coronavirus deniers continued to spread. The police union (GoP) is now severely criticising the fact that demonstrations have been approved. The police were on duty at the central market, but allowed the demo to go ahead.

Criticism of the police

In view of the criticism of the police and their deployment concept, the Bavarian police union (GdP) is now taking a stand on the events in Nuremberg. It is not the deployment tactics of the police that are the problem, states GdP state chairman Peter Pytlik. “The cause lies in the first place in the fact that such gatherings and demonstrations are approved, and that bans that have been issued are lifted again.”

All protests under claimed

The GoP asked, as for Christmas and New Year’s Eve, to prohibit any demonstration during the lockdown. The police would then be able to intervene in a consistent and lawful manner due to the clear legal situation. Pytlik: “It is simply not understandable that there are bans on reunions in the family environment, but on the other hand hundreds of people are allowed to gather in public.

“Networking services across borders”

A thorn in the eye of the GdP is furthermore the newly founded association “Policemen for Enlightenment”, which participated among other things in Nuremberg on Sunday in the demonstrations against the coronavirus measures. The GdP association in Schleswig-Holstein has recently reported this lateral thinking group to the State Security in the State Criminal Police Office in Kiel. The “Policemen in Germany” association has reportedly announced on its homepage that it will take expansive action and “network offices across borders”.

The association is based in Tangstedt, a municipality in Schleswig-Holstein. The head of the association, however, comes from Bavaria. The chairman is the retired chief inspector Karl Hilz, formerly employed at the police headquarters in Munich. His deputy is Bernd Bayerlein. He was until recently head of the service group of the police inspection Weißenburg in Middle Franconia. Bayerlein caused a big stir in the summer of 2020 when he spoke as an active police officer at a rally of opponents of the coronavirus measures in Augsburg in early August. With “Attention, attention, this is the police”, he introduced his speech at that time.

“Concerned and dismayed”

“Due to the seriousness of the offence in question and in particular the persistent continuation of their behaviour contrary to their official duties”, there were “considerable doubts about his loyalty to their employer”, Elke Schönwald, head of the police press office in Middle Franconia, told the Weissenburger Tagblatt at the beginning of November.

The GdP of Bavaria is also “concerned and dismayed” by the appearance of the “Policemen for Enlightenment” on the net and at the gatherings. “The fact that both main functionaries of this association based in Schleswig-Holstein are well known coronavirus deniers and police officers from Bavaria, concerns us as the largest police union in Germany,” it says in a statement of the GdP Bavaria.

Police officer is suspended

The association opposes the daily efforts of the police force, especially in this pandemic period, when caution, reason, sense of responsibility and solidarity from population are required. “Whoever feels called to support the “Police for Enlightenment” in an active or even ideological way, does not conform by his membership to the democratic values of our police union.”

Further it says: “A membership both with the GdP and in the association, which was announced on initiative of the GdP Schleswig-Holstein besides to the state protection with the LKA Kiel for observation, is incompatible.”

Bernd Bayerlein has been suspended since last fall. On Sunday, he was already more cautious in his choice of words. He did not begin his contribution on the main market with the words: “Attention, attention! This is the police”. He now introduced his speech like this: “Everything I say is my own opinion.”


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